Prayer Summary for December 11


Lord, our souls magnify You and our spirits rejoice in God our Savior
We say “Holy, Holy, Holy!”
Thank You for the wonder and majesty of Your Son
He gave His life up for us
Thank You that You are merciful toward us
You will be glorified forever and ever!
Father, thank You that You saw it fit for us to live now
We know that the darkness will never take over the light
Today, we come to work with You and say, “Have Your way!”
Let us be vessels in this day
Father, let us be faithful to the call, to be light and to be salt
We pray as the Church that we would cooperate with You in what You are doing
That we would not frustrate Your plan, but cooperate with You
Help us to give more of ourselves to prayer that we may prepare a way for You
In all of these preparations, let our eyes be focused on You!
We pray for there to be such a touch of hearts in this season that they would run back to You
Help us to seize every opportunity to minister You and Your love
It is about You bringing hope to the hopeless
Invade the hearts of entire families
That lists would be set aside and You would become the greatest gift!
Come and invade even office parties
We are looking for signs to come that would draw men in a special way to You
Expecting dramatic change in hearts, businesses, and ministries
Complete turnarounds and great restorations taking place
Calling for a great awakening to You, Lord!
Pleading the blood over every gathering where there would be a believer
For the Holy Spirit to move and minister through them
Move in the hospitals, neighborhoods, and airways
We are looking for Your glory to reach into the dens of iniquity
Father, visit the bars and clubs
Touch those who once were with You and are now found in those places
Bring them back to their families
Let Your sons and daughters shine with Your glory and walk in Your wisdom
We pray for every church and assembly—let there be a divine invasion of You
Apprehend the preachers with new mantels
Touch the choir and the congregations
Minister to the homeless and hopeless
It cannot stay the same—there MUST be dramatic change in our hearts!
Lord, let us fall on our knees and worship You with our lives
We are expecting Your glory, presence, and the anointing to be on earth as they are in heaven!

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