Prayer Summary for August 5


The following commentary to Acts 4:31 is taken from The Revival Study Bible:

Filled With the Holy Spirit and Spoke the Word of God With Boldness

Acts 4:31

Evangelist Andrew Gih provided valuable insight on the need to be filled with the Spirit of God:

Before we can start to speak of spiritual gifts, a person must have been born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. Only after this has happened does the Holy Spirit impart His gifts to men as, and when, and to whom He chooses. Anyone not filled with the Holy Spirit is powerless in God’s service, and this is a terrible predicament to be in if we claim to be followers of a victorious Lord. If all the Lord’s servants were filled with the Holy Spirit, the ailing Church would soon bear fruit and be transformed, and a worldwide revival, for which we all pray, would surely be the result.

Gih on preaching the message of the Holy Spirit without fanaticism:

If the Christian Church is going to pray for a revival, then it is only on the understanding that the Bible, being the Word of God, stands at the central point. First of all, you must read the Bible, emphasize the Bible, teach the Bible, preach the Bible, revere the Bible, and practice the Bible, before you can be expected to be filled with the Spirit of God.

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Father, it is our determined purpose to know You and Your resurrection power
We thank You for Your grace and mercy, Lord
Calling for a fresh fire, a determined purpose, and a clean slate, Father
It is our desire that You and You alone would be seen and glorified
No, we will not compromise!
The blood of Jesus brings light and life to us today
Declaring that our prayers would pierce and penetrate, that they would remove blinders and roadblocks
Shaking off those limitations and calling down those hindrances that try to hold us back
We take hold of Your Word and will not let it depart from our hearts
No member of the body of Christ will lack any good thing
You, Lord, who began that good work in us will see it through to completion
We are looking for a fresh revelation and a fresh determination
Entering into a new way, an outpouring of Your precious Holy Spirit
Calling for all the parts to be aligned, renewed, and reenergized
We are powerless without You, Lord
Our eyes are on You—all of our trust and dependence is in and through You
Looking for a fresh touch from Heaven
Casting down those plans of the enemy and calling forth the plan of God
Thank You, Father, for the equipment to walk out Your will
We repent for being ashamed of the Gospel
Calling for redeemed sons of God to stand up!
No, we will not water down the Word of God
That Word has power to transform and change lives
We need to be about the Master’s business—planting the Word of God in the hearts of man
Rain, come down and water those seeds; stir them up, Father
Calling us back together—nothing missing and nothing broken
Each and every one called to shake off and stand at attention—use me, Lord!
We will not get over into fear; our eyes are fixed and focused on You
Fires of revival—be ignited!
Wind of the Holy Spirit—breathe on us, today!
Yes, Father, we will answer Your call
You, Lord, are not a man that You should lie and Your arm is not too short
Thank You that You are calling the body of Christ to take its place
You continually bring us a supply of Your Holy Spirit
We refuse to allow depression to hold us down, but we declare freedom in Jesus’ name!
Reaching and calling for more of You, Lord
Breaking those shackles of the enemy—be free!
Keep moving forward and pushing ahead
There is more than enough room to step up and take your place
Through the blood of Jesus—hindrances have been cleared up and out!
We speak to those lying and seducing spirits and we say, “Get out in Jesus’ name!”
Weariness, oppression, depression—there is NO room for You in the body of Christ
Praying that the blood of Jesus would be over every key decision that needs to be made
That every decision would be made correctly and in alignment with Your Word, Father
Declaring for the full plan and purpose of God to come forth in Jesus’ name!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over those who are in positions of authority
Lifting them up before You, give them clarity in every decision they make, today
Calling those things not as though they were
Hallelujah, to the Lamb of God

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