Prayer Summary for August 20


Father, we ask for more of Your presence; saturate us today in Jesus’ name.
We acknowledge our need for more of Your presence in these last days because more must take place.
We open our hearts, Father, so we can receive more of You; fill, restore, equip, recharge us with Your very presence.
It’s in Your presence we are in Your will.
We receive more of it today.


The following excerpt is taken from Hosting His Presence by Bill Johnson:

Perhaps the greatest understatement of this book is that the Presence of God is discovered in prayer. And while that is an obvious truth, many people learn to pray without the Presence thinking their discipline is what God is looking for. Discipline has an important part in walking with Christ, for sure. But Christianity was never to be known for its disciplines; it was to be known by its passions.

Prayer is the ultimate expression of partnership with God. It is the adventure of discovering and praying His heart. So many spend their life praying to God, when they could be praying with God. This partnership, with its answers and breakthroughs, is supposed to be the source of our fullness of joy.

But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit (Jude 1:20).

With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit (Ephesians 6:18).

One who speaks in a tongue edifies himself (1 Corinthians 14:4).

When we pray anointed prayers, we are praying the heart of God. His heart is being expressed through words, emotion, and decree. Finding the heart of God is a sure way of locking into His Presence. This privilege of co-laboring is a part of the assignment given for those who would give themselves to carry His Presence well.

Praying in tongues brings us edification and personal strength. In that kind of praying, the Presence of God washes over us to bring great refreshing. I think it’s a bit sad when people emphasize that tongues is the least of the gifts, which seems to give them the right to ignore it while they pursue the greater gifts. If one of my children took the birthday or Christmas gift I gave them and refused to open it because they discerned it was one of lesser value than the others, they’d hear a sermon from me they’d not soon forget. Any gift from God is wonderful, glorious, and extremely necessary to live in His full intentions for us. This particular gift is brilliantly useful for living in the Presence continually.

William Seymour

The Spirit began to fall in Los Angeles, as people were radically filled and walked out into the streets speaking in tongues. Crowds began to grow at these home meetings, where Seymour was living with a host family. Before long, they were preaching from the front porch as people filled the streets to listen. Eventually, they moved into an old horse stable at 312 Azusa Street.

It was in this stable in 1906 that the Pentecostal movement was officially born.

People would fall over and weep. They would speak in tongues. They would laugh, jerk, dance, and shout. They would wait on the Lord for hours, sometimes saying nothing. Seymour would often preach from his knees.

“No one could possibly record all the miracles that occurred there,” writes charismatic historian Roberts Liardon. John G. Lake said of William Seymour that, “He had more of God in his life than any man I had ever met up to that time.”

Prayer lasted all day and all night. Firemen were even dispatched to Azusa Street, because people saw a “fire,” which was actually just the visible glory of God resting on the exterior of the building. Similar occurrences have happened in a number of revivals, like the Indonesian revival, as recorded by Mel Tari in the 1970s, where firemen were also dispatched to a “glory fire” that was visible to everyone around.

Missionaries began coming to Azusa Street from around the world to catch the fire. People would fall over, get saved and begin speaking in tongues blocks away from the building, even though no one prayed for them, and they had no idea what was going on in the Azusa mission. Parishioners would also hit the streets, knocking on doors with little bottles of oil and asking to pray for the sick.

Seymour sought first and foremost to cultivate the presence of God in his meetings. If someone felt led, they would stand up and begin to pray or preach. If the anointing did not seem to be on a particular speaker, that person would sometimes get a gentle tap on the shoulder to hush up. Truly, the Spirit of God was the leader of those meetings.

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Continued Praying…

Father, help us increase our expectation for more of Your presence in our lives everyday
That Your presence would be with us in all our prayers
We lift those in leadership positions within the body of Christ and ask that more of Your presence be manifested in their lives
Holy Spirit, in every part of our lives we welcome You, honoring and making room for You
We take comfort in Your presence; yielding to Your direction
Father, we lift up an emergency situation that must take place
We speak stability, correction and a turn in the right way in Jesus’ name
An open plan, idea, step!
Father, we purpose to not stay in the same old place but to move out in Your direction avoiding situations that would lead to emergencies!
Stepping out into the new; out of the shadows and into the brightness of God’s call
We ask You, Father, to give us deliberate words and actions that bring about Your change today
There is some kind of alarm going off – wake up and get on the alert and watch and pray
Father, we thank You for entering into a greater seeing and knowing as we pray
Clear up, clear up, clear up all the way up!
We declare inaccuracies and false ways to be revealed by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father, that You have done it all through Your son on the cross
We call people who are stuck in the old ways to SUDDENLY come out into the new – Come forth now in Jesus’ name!
Father, we ask that You help us to step out more and more in faith trusting You completely to reveal everything in time
We boldly declare that we are led and directed by Your precious Holy Spirit every day!
Thank You, Father, for the ease of moving in Your precious Holy Spirit
We purpose to watch and pray and plead the blood every day in Jesus’ name
Shining bright – into more of the glorious light!
Staying up high in the glory, moving into the power
Praise God – steps have been prepared, bridges have been built, the way for the future has been prepared!
Mighty, precious Holy Spirit of the living God fall fresh on this body today in Jesus’ name
Refresh and renew – it’s new, glorious, beautiful, and powerful!
Father, thank You so much that Your glory and surprises are coming our way today
We give you all the glory and praise in Jesus’ name

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