Prayer Summary for August 19


The following excerpt is taken from The Seven Wonders of Prayer by Armin Gesswein

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

How far along are we with Christ? How large is our development? Our growth? Our stature? Our Christian maturity? This is shown by our prayer life. For our real discipleship is in the school of prayer. Likewise, most all of our dealings and disciplines of the Lord are registered there. We are not further along with Christ than we are in our praying. Prayer, for the Christian, is a life. We should speak of the prayer life. That is the exact measure of our spiritual growth. It is the exact level of our power. Satan need not attack our power; only our praying.

As they went on, the disciples began to learn that the Lord Jesus’ great secret was in prayer. They also discovered that He was in dead earnest about the fact that His big prayer secret must become theirs; and that—by His promises, His precepts, His parables, and, above all, His own tremendous practice—He was passing it on to them.

By the time our Lord was ready to depart for heaven, whatever His disciples had not learned as yet, they really did know how to pray. The secret had become theirs. Now He could depart, for He had gotten them so well-schooled in prayer and faith that they would fully trust His Word, and He could therefore trust them. They graduated. It was their “commencement.” From then on they advanced, chapter by chapter through the Acts, on their knees.

Everything was by prayer. The main reason for this is that their entire life and ours is to be on a constant miracle basis. It is His one way of getting right into everything, and doing it, by having us proceed “in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. JJ Then He is All in all, and gets all the glory.

“Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11: 1).

The following excerpt is taken from Personal Spiritual Revival by Zacharias Tanee Fomum

Some Thoughts On Prayer

• Prayer is very hard work.
• Prayer is the thing that puts the devil’s kingdom into confusion most.
• God’s ablest soldiers are those who pray.
• Prayer is the priority of spiritual men.
• Prayer is the way to God’s heart.
• All things are possible to the one who prays in faith.
• Character is more easily changed by prayer than by preaching.
• Praying is more important than preaching.
• The prayer chamber is the place of victorious warfare.
• The most important preoccupation of Satan is to stop believers from praying.
• Heroes of God convert sleeping time to prayer time.
• Prayerlessness is a disaster.
• Prayerlessness opens doors for the committing of many other sins.
• Watch and pray so that you may not enter into temptation (Matt. 26:41).
• Pray without ceasing (1 Thes. 5:17).


Thank You, Father, for always leading us into all truth
For free access to come before You through the shed blood of Your Son
Thank You, Father, for the seat of authority you have prepared for us in heavenly places in Christ Jesus
You, Father, are our all and all and we give You all praise and all glory
By the Spirit, we pray to position ourselves to walk out our callings in Jesus’ name
We thank You, Father, that no weapon fashioned against us will prosper; for the overcoming power of the blood of the Lamb!
Thank You, Father, that you sent Your Son to shed His blood for us all
Father, we ask for those that have never heard the Gospel, that anointed words would break forth bringing them into the light in Jesus’ name
There is no border that can hold back Your presence!
Thank You, Father, for the great outpouring of Your Spirit that will flood the whole earth
Lord, we praise and magnify You for the blood that causes us to never be the same
You have made a way for us to go all the way through in victory!
We praise You, Father, that You made us to be continually rearranged; thank You for the new!
Jesus, Your name is above all names!
Thank You, Father, for all the gifts in the body in operation
Bodies healed; pain has to leave!
Prosperity – body, soul and spirit!
We thank You, Father, for the reign of Your Spirit in the body of Christ
New anointings; more faith and more expectation!
We loose ministering spirits to draw those people who need to get into their place
Details, answers, and solutions
Thank You, Father, that one Holy Ghost change can rearrange everything!
Restoration – wholeness!
Lining it up and moving it in the right way by the Spirit
Steady, steady
We thank You, Father, for Holy Ghost transfers in Jesus’ name
We purpose not to lean unto our own understanding but to trust and follow after Your Holy Spirit plan
Increase, momentum, grace, and mercy; help for today!
Thank You, Father, that we can tell cares for tomorrow to be removed today!
Being victorious TODAY – calling those things that be not!
Thank You, Father, for the base for the Church; wherever there is a need for restoration, we call these needs met by the blood of Jesus
Father, help us to see and do the new things revealed in Your presence in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father, that all of our help and all of our health is in Your presence; our strength for today
The Secret Place is not a secret to Your people!
We are touched and renewed daily; we are continually filled
Thank You, Father, that we purpose to touch others and bring them into Your presence where they will be restored and made whole
We give you all the honor and praise in the mighty name of Jesus

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