Prayer Summary for April 26


Lord, thank You for Your love toward each one of us today
Reveal the height, depth, and width of it to us!
Every day we need You!


The following prophecy was given through Kenneth Copeland on March 9, 2013:

You Will Develop by the Hour

“My property that has been Mine,” saith the Lord, “since the day Jesus was raised from the dead, is now being gathered up by My angels, and My dominating Word is in operation right now—changing all of these assets and properties and bringing them over into the hands of those who will sow and believe beyond themselves. There’s never been a time like it before now, and there never will be a time like it again until the catching away of the Church. You’ve entered into it. But now you read in My WORD tonight the key. You take heed what you hear. For the way you measure it, it will be measured back to you.

“So make sure,” saith the Lord, “that you develop and incline ears to hear My voice, My ways, My kingdom, to the point that everything you do, every waking hour of your life, has to do with the kingdom of God. Because everything that you do, every waking and sleeping hour of your life, has to do with Me,” saith the Lord Jesus.

“I’m your LORD 24 hours a day. I never take a vacation from My love for you and your future. Stay with Me. You’ll be glad you did. THE BLESSING is the place to be. Not heaven, not yet. Oh, it’ll seem like heaven because it’ll be like days of heaven on earth. Those days have already begun. Some of you are experiencing it now. Some more than others. But rejoice, because I have stepped things up. They are moving faster than ever before, and you will develop—not in years, not in months, not in weeks. You will develop by the hour as you walk and live with Me. You’ll be knowing things six weeks from now that you never dreamed you’d ever know before. I am the Lord your God. I AM THAT I AM,” saith the Lord. “Amen.”

Continued Praying…

Father, we yearn for that!
It is about others and those who are lost!
For there to be a continued accuracy by the Spirit
Knowing exactly when and where to go
Supernatural opening of doors
Adjustments must be made—we adjust ourselves to You
Hearing what You want us to hear!
Calling the things that are not as though they were!
As we declare the Word and move by faith the Master’s plan will unfold
Limitations, be removed in Jesus’ name!
We are closing in on some things
Ever moving and on the increase—going from glory to glory
Commanding a restoration in the body of Christ right now!
We pray over every place of worship and over every minister
Declaring upward momentum!
Covering the body of Christ in the blood of the Lamb!
Oiling things up by the oil of the Spirit
It are not too late, but we are right on time
Time is on the increase!
Praying over all of the eyes in the Church—blinders be removed!
Supernatural answers in Jesus’ name!
Calling for changes all around!
The water is rising
Lord, You must turn that away!
Angels are loosed to go to every corner!
Make that way wide, Lord
Show Yourself, Father!
Reignite the dimed fire in us
Compel us by Your Spirit
No longer contained, but loosed and set free
We let You flow freely!
You are the one who delivers and makes a way
We make a choice and take a step to follow You today
Jesus, You will be glorified!
Help us to enter into Your realm
We believe that what needs to be done this year will be done!

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