Morning Prayer Summary for Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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Pastor Ken…

Good morning. Welcome everyone.

I challenge you to press pause and just worship Him…

Let me just challenge you at the outset to not just watch or consume content, but to truly just pause in your day from what you’re busy with or thinking about. Just pause. Press pause on that, and let’s just worship Him this morning. Let’s just engage in His flow of heaven to us, into the earth, into our hearts, into our lives. I believe He’s got something supernaturally blessed for you and for me and something specific He wants to do through us this morning in the realm of prayer.

Proverbs 4:20, “attend to my words…”

There’s a passage I was reminded of earlier, found in Proverbs 4. It’s one of my favorite passages in all of the Bible, honestly. It’s been a key passage from my life. It’s Proverbs 4:20. It says this in the Amplified version. “My son attend to my words, consent and submit to my sayings. Let them not depart from your sight. Keep them in the center of your heart. For they are life…” Somebody say “Life.” So God’s words are life. That’s a good thing, right? But “They’re life to those who find them; healing and health to all their flesh.”

Verse 23 says, “Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance.” Or you could say “diligence or persistence.” “…with all vigilance. And above all, guard…” or you could say, “watch over.” “All that you guard. For out of it…” that would be your heart. “…flow the springs of life.”

The key to the life of an intercessor is to watch over your heart…

That is so key for the life of a pray-er and an intercessor… or a believer for that matter. Is to watch over your heart. Because out of your heart flow the forces, the spiritual forces, that create the reality that you experience in your life. Out of your heart flow the forces that have the possibility to bring change to your home, to your church, to your city, to our world. And so just keep that in mind this morning. And I pray even as we enter into worship today, that our hearts would be open to Him. That our hearts would be reset, however, they need to be reset this morning. That our hearts would be encouraged. That we would receive life. That they would be built up. That they would be inspired even as we enter into this time of prayer.


So, Father, we just thank you today for the beauty of your redemptive work.
We pause and thank you that your Word says that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives and dwells in us.
We thank you that there is power in your name… power in the blood… power in our unity here… power in prayer… power available to us today.
We pray, Lord, that miracles, signs, wonders, and transformations need to happen here.
Lord, let that word be sent and delivered to that dear heart who needs a word from you today. We pray and agree that you would hear the voice of the Good Shepherd saying to you exactly what He wants to say in Jesus’ name.
Lord, we lift up your agenda this morning.
We pray in Jesus’ name, lay hold on our hearts, our lives, Lord… that your agenda, Lord, might be transacted… that your agenda might be furthered and go forth now and be accomplished in Jesus’ name.
We pray for your agenda. Lord, we lift up your plan and your intention… not a man’s plan, not our own plan. But your plan.
No more delays. Lord, let there be an operation there now, to address the delays, to address the blockages and the stoppages in our lives and in the church.
There must come now a greater cooperation… a greater operation of and by the Spirit.
Teach us, Lord, to get out of the way and to give you preeminence and give you entrance to have your way.
Lord, let there be a calling… let us hear with our own ears the calling, the invitation that’s been put out there for all to hear.
Today, today, today… will you hear His voice today? Do not harden your heart, but hear His call.
We pray for a breaking down of all the enemy strategies and everything that’s been cast in our way.
We pray for a breaking down now of those impediments, those obstacles, those hindrances which has been sent to stop us. We say it will not have its way. We call it out today. And we say, “Devil, no, no, no, no way! In Jesus’ name. You will not have your way. Not in this church, not in any church. We say, “GO!” in Jesus’ name.
Every stronghold, every bondage, every delay, everything that the enemy has sown to stop or hinder the plan of God, we say, be exposed in the mighty name of Jesus.
We pray for an exposing of enemy strategies. We pray for an exposing and a bringing to light of the darkness that hides.
All throughout Israel today, Lord, a calling out now from heaven to earth, from the deep in the heart of God to the deep in the heart of your people… A calling. A calling in Jesus’ name.
Move us over there, Father… adjustments… coming swiftly changes, transformations, additions. Resetting now. Recalibrations. Coming into the church. Coming into the body of Christ. Now coming to Israel. Now coming to America now.
Calibrate to the heart of God. Calibrate to the call of God. Calibrate to the inspiration and the instruction and the leadership of God the Holy Spirit … a great calibration.

Sister Liat…

Father, we repent for where we’ve got it wrong. We just thank you that you love us. You don’t hold anything against us. But we repent from what is wrong and we turn to what is right. Lord, help us to make those adjustments. You know where we need to make those adjustments. Would you show us? We humble our hearts to you today.
Lord, we lift up Israel to you at this time. We ask for wisdom for the leaders over there. We ask for protection. We ask that righteousness will prevail, Lord.
Thank you that all Israel will be saved. We decree that in Jesus’ name. Because that’s where you’re going to land. You’re going to land over there, the Mount of Olives. You’re coming back. We look ahead to that moment. And we will be ready. We choose to be ready for that moment. We align ourselves with your plans and your purposes. We will not be distracted. You have called us and we say, “Yes, Lord.”
We put aside every distraction. Thank you that anything that seems to be ministry, but there’s actually idolatry, Lord, we repent and we put it aside. It’s all about you.
We humble ourselves and we thank you for calling us. We thank you for your plans and purposes, which you’ve called us to, Lord.
We give you all the glory, all the honor and all the praise because you are worthy.

Pastor Ken…

I think probably the number one thing we need to repent of… at least I find myself repenting of is living so distracted. And I want to remind you this morning that Jesus paid a really high price. That’s an understatement, of course, that He would come and live on the inside of us and that we would live with a recreated human spirit in conjunction or in relationship with God the Holy Spirit.

The answer is with us…

And the truth of the matter is that because of that, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead indwells, lives on the inside of us. So the answer is with us. The ability of Jesus is with us… with you! And, of course, the enemy is so intent to distract people and cause us to live… maybe we’re not in full-blown outright sin in some way, but if he can get us to live just from our head, from our intellect, from our emotions, from the outside, filtering everything through a five physical senses then he has been able to neutralize us in some ways, to limit us. Because God has always intended that we, as born again believers as the New Testament Church, would live from our hearts. Live from our spirit heart, as my daughter likes to say. Live from the recreated part of us.

Proverbs 20:5, “Counsel in the heart of man…”

And I was reminded of Proverbs 20:5, it states this from the Amplified Bible: “Counsel in the heart of man or woman is like water in a deep well. But a man of understanding (or you could say wisdom) draws it out.” And so I want to encourage you today to let a part of your prayer life be settled, quiet before the Father, where you just sit with Him and you wait on Him and let you let your heart be calmed down and your mind to cease its striving and persistent processing and to recognize that He’s in you.

The answer is in you. The prayer that needs to be prayed is in you. The Bible says in James that the effectual, fervent heartfelt prayer of a righteous man or woman makes much power available, dynamic in its working. In other words, the prayer that proceeds from the heart. So, of course, the enemy doesn’t want you to connect with your heart. The eternal part of you, your spirit. Because in there is strategy. And if you and I are going to be people of wisdom in this hour, to pray effectively, to obey accurately, to be a part of the answer that God is bringing about to a generation, then we must be a people who firstly live from our heart. Amen. Who learned the habit and practice of silence and solitude. Who learned the practice of hearing His voice. That still small voice internally.

That’s why I read it earlier. The other passage I read from Proverbs 4: “Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it spring the issues of life. Put away from you a deceitful mouth and put perverse lips far from you.” In other words, above all that you guard, watch over, attend to, guard and watch over your heart. Because that’s where the answer is.

That’s where as Pastor Lynne reminds us God grants prayers that will be answered every time. That’s where faith decrees come forth. That’s where a spirit of faith arises in you in the midst of a midnight hour. Or an unprecedented challenge that you might face. That’s where you become a mouthpiece for God in a situation, in an atmosphere, in a person’s life over a nation. That’s where the Word of God goes forth and prospers when it arises from within.


So, Father, we thank you for the assistance of your Spirit, and we pray you would supernaturally recalibrate us to that place you’ve called us to live from the heart.
We pray for supernatural operations of your Spirit to be invoked, to be released, to be set in motion, to bring about an ordination to help us to grow.
Lord, we lift up the church here at Living Word, around the nation, around the world this morning. And we pray for advancements. We pray for promotions.

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