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Brother DJ…

Good morning, everybody. The Word says where two or three are gathered in His name, He is in the midst of them. I thank you, Father, for the people who are watching this morning. We pray for you this morning that the eyes of your understanding shall be enlightened to know the purpose and the glorious inheritance in the saints.

How to have a good day…

I’m going to read you something that is very good. I read this morning on “How to Have a Good Day.” Anybody want a good day? He starts out, “How to have a good day.” John 15:5 says, “Without Me, you can do nothing.”

How to have a good day. When Satan has negative plans for your day, you can change the course of your day by spending time with the Lord, especially if you sense any attitude or behavior in yourself that is not Christlike. Jesus said, “Without Me, you can do nothing.” On the other hand, through Him we can do all things. Hallelujah! We can do all things. Negative feelings are like unwelcome houseguests. The worst thing you can do is to invite them in. You may not be able to override them in your own strength, but there’s an answer. If you seek God’s help, He will enable you to walk according to His ways, not by your negative emotions or perspective.

But what if someone offends me?

The Bible says we are not to be oversensitive or easily offended. Actually, we are commended to forgive those who hurt us, not to let things fester. Sometimes we want to forgive and do what is right, but we find doing it difficult. More often than not, the right thing is hard to do… it’s not easy to do. That’s when you need to pray and allow God to walk you through His Word; only then you’ll find the strength to do the right thing.

You are in a war…

How do we have a good day? Remember, you are in a war. The battle begins the moment your eyes open each morning. To win, you must know how to use the weapons God has placed at your disposal. You must put on the armor of God before the battle begins. Ephesians 6:10–20. Your greatest weapons are prayer, praise, reading God’s Word, and Christian fellowship. If you want to have a good day, learn to use them.

Thank you, Father for the Word of God, spending time getting up in the morning putting on the whole armor of God, the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the sword of the spirit, the buckle of truth, and the gospel shoes of peace on my feet. And spending time in the morning before the battle starts.

Jesus said, come unto me. Sit with and learn from Me. His Word washes us, cleanses us, make us whole.


He strengthens you and I by His Spirit in our inner man.

Arise and shine. Get up from depression, oppression, arise and shine for the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.

Arise from depression, arise from sickness and disease.

Lord, thank you for helping us to see everything clear and bright just as you see it. But you are the one who sits in the heavens and laughs. You are above all and in all. And everything is upheld by your presence, even in the darkness.

Thank you, Lord, that nothing is impossible with you. Everything is possible.

And you’ve given us the power to do no less at your Word, that we live by every day.

Sister Cindy…

We stand still and see your salvation… We be still and know that you are God!

I was talking to the Lord yesterday and I said, “Be still.” It’s not just being quiet and motionless. But it’s also letting go of things. Things that we’ve held onto maybe because they give us some kind of false sense of security. Or maybe they were good in a season past, but God’s doing a new thing. Let go and see the salvation of God! He’s calling you to deeper waters of knowing and experiencing His greatness.

How awesome and wonderful are you, Father, in all the earth. There’s none like you. We live our lives as your glove!

Heidi Baker said that she was praying before she ministered and she said, “Lord, put me on like your glove so that you might move through me and do what you need to do on the earth. I’m working so closely in tandem with you that it’s indiscernible where you begin and I end. We’re braided together, entwined in the dance.”

Thank you, Lord for the extreme privilege of being in Christ. Great is the Lord. And greatly to be praised. What an awesome privilege to know you, which is life itself.

Before I came up here, I looked up this verse. Matthew 4:23–25. “If any man has ears to hear, let him hear.” How many times did Jesus say that? I don’t know. A few times. But He was concerned with how we hear. Because it’s so important. And we were praying about condemnation because we can hear with our ears, or it could be a filter of condemnation. I would say two people could hear the same thing, but they receive it differently. And God wants you to receive it in the love and the care that He’s giving any word. And even if it is a word that’s maybe coming out of a heart that’s not right. But God’s in everything and you’re listening to hear what He has to say. He’ll even speak through a donkey.

I went to a prophetic conference where Troy Brewer said that God speaks to him in very odd and unusual ways because he’s looking to hear. And he’s not discounting anything really. I mean, God can speak through anything. But he said they’ll go on the streets and some homeless people will speak just kind of crazy talk. And I don’t know what they say, but he’s tells his wife, “Write that down.” Because he’s listening to hear God speaking in anything. And if you believe… and this is my belief… there’s nothing random in the world. If it’s on your path, you can count it as good and you can glean from it. I mean, it doesn’t matter if it’s what would be like something troubling or just like, I don’t want that. That needs to leave. But maybe it could be just a detour from people at 9/11, there were things that got in the way of them going to work, just as an example.

But I just say, thank you, Father if it’s on my path, I want to know. So I inquire, “What does this mean? Why is this happening?” And without condemnation, just like a curious heart because you know God has prepared good paths for you. And an expected end, a hope, an expectation of something good on the other side of whatever it is. So you are clear in your heart and you have peace and there’s no condemnation. So He’s really wanting us to be conscious of the way we hear… how we all hear.

I’m just going to tell on myself. DJ called me this morning and said, “What are you doing?” And that seems to be the way he always calls me. I feel like sometimes I’m having to give a report card. And I know because it’s big in his heart about getting up early, seeking the Lord. And we seek the Lord differently than other people. But I had to adjust my heart and I’m like, “Well, this is what I did.” And sometimes maybe I don’t have a lot of time, so I’ll listen to something later. But there’s no condemnation. No condemnation.

We just seek to please you, Lord, in everything we do. And I even pray this, “Lord, when I start to forget, or drift off into a place where my mind isn’t on you… right now, my heart is set to always please you and to always be conscious of you. So when I start to do that, I’m going to right now sign a little power of attorney and I give you full rights for future Cindy that you could just steer her back out of that ditch. Allure me.”

And He does! It feels almost like He taps on your shoulder and goes, “Hey, you remember Me?” I’m like, oh yeah. Usually joyfully. And it gets you back on course. It’s all about grace. It’s all about God. And it’s all about keeping a dialogue with Him and just trusting in Him. Because He’s the one who’s greater than our heart and He knows all things.

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