Morning Prayer Summary for Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Pastor Ray…

Over forty states and 25 countries received the live streaming of the PULSE event last Friday. It was a little over forty thousand people who attended. They said it was the biggest concert at US Bank stadium so far. Approximately 7,000 people accepted the Lord and probably many others online. Around 750 churches were involved. I only wish we could have had all the pastors of all the churches go down on the field so we could see that many people.

Ms. Jeani…

So, how many Words have been given about stadiums being full. And this is just the beginning of stadiums being full and the body of Christ setting records. So, that was a record we set and it’s only the beginning.

Pastor Ray…

We are blessed for sure and especially the part financially that Living Word played in making it possible.

I want to describe yesterday for just a minute or two. First of all, Ms. Annie started singing about the blood. She had already been looking at the little pamphlet that Pastor Jim gave out on the blood. Then Erika started reading it and then I just felt this drawing to get down on the floor. But it didn’t make any sense at the time when she was reading. So, I just kept waiting and it got bigger and bigger. And at one point, she just stopped for a few seconds. I was like “that’s it.” That was the opening and I got down on the floor and we started praying for President Trump.

Then Ms. Cindy texted some other people that were not in Morning Prayer to “Pray for the president now.” One person was a lady who was over in the accounting department. At that time, they were already praying over and processing the weekend offerings. This lady felt led to walk over to the next room which was a different department. She opened up the door and pointed her finger at a gentleman working there and said, “We need to pray for the president right now.” He immediately dropped to the floor and started praying in deep intercession and didn’t get up for almost an hour. He shared afterwards that he had earlier that morning seen this lady pointing her finger at him and saying, “We need to pray now.” He had already seen it happen before it happened. And so when she opened the door, it was part of what he saw and he was already prepared and “bang,” he hit the floor praying. Is that blessed or what?

Ms. Jeani…

So now we can thank God for more of that.

Pastor Ray…

So many times through all the years, as long as this church has been here, the prayers that have been prayed just in this church alone, not just in this building, the other building, the college, it’s amazing… And there were times, I remember one time when Kenneth Hagin was doing meetings here in this building and Pastor Lynne called before the service that night and she said “I want you to get X amount of people and get up in the prayer room and stay up there for the whole meeting.” So, we spent the time up in the prayer room on the floor. While Kenneth Hagin is being directed by the Spirit, we are praying in the Spirit for what would take place in the service. What a privilege.

The following is an excerpt from Prayer Notes Vol. 1, 2018 by Lynne Hammond:

When the Lord gives me a prayer assignment, the first thing I always do is look to Him to show me how to pray about it. I don’t just start praying any way I want. I’ve learned that to be effective, I must find the leading of the Holy Spirit. I must let Him reveal to me in the Word what I need to know about the situation or the person I’m praying for. I must seek God about exactly what He wants me to pray.

That’s what I’ve been doing recently when it comes to praying for our President.

Like you, I know I’m assigned to pray for him because 1 Timothy 2:1–2 instructs all of us to pray “for kings, and for all that are in authority … “I also know that assignment is a top priority because those verses tell us to pray for such leaders ‘first of all.’”

The reason we’re to pray first for our government leaders, of course, is because what they do affects so many people. Due to their high positions of authority, the decisions they make and the actions they take impact the destinies of entire nations.

Pastor Ray…

And we can see that now. We can see what is happening with China or with North Korea, with Israel.

I saw this on the news this morning. One of the past presidential candidates said he didn’t believe Israel. He believed Hamas about what was taking place on the border with Gaza. He believed the Palestinians’ report. He didn’t believe Israel’s report about it. I thought “You are done. It’s over. You might as well hit the road.” I mean to be standing on the opposite side of Israel?

We can see a negative example of this in North Korea right now. Millions of people in that country are trapped in spiritual darkness because of the deception that’s on their leader. He won’t let anyone in to preach the Gospel, so the people under his authority can’t hear the truth that will set them free.

On the positive side, in the United States, something very different is happening!

We have a leader right now who’s called and anointed to help restore this nation to her God-ordained purpose and state. God’s plan for America from the beginning has been for her to radiate His light to other nations. His original reason for making her great was so that she could send forth the Good News about Jesus and demonstrate to the world how God’s system of government is supposed to work.

In recent years, America had strayed from that purpose, so her greatness had waned. We needed a strong, God appointed leader to get this nation back on track, and President Trump is that leader. He’s the one God has prepared and called.

My question is how can we best pray for him? What exactly can we pray that will help him fully accomplish all God has called him to do?


As I’ve sought the Lord about this, one thing He has shown me is that we can pray for President Trump to recognize the anointing God has given him to lead this nation. We can pray for him to accept and rely on that anointing in this new season of his life.

Although in the past, he was a tremendously successful businessman, he can’t just use business tactics to fulfill his calling as President. He has to set aside some of his old ways of doing things and do some things differently. He must allow the Lord to build into him more of who he is now, and he must become, in a sense, a new man.

That’s really the way it is for all of us. There’s always an identity change involved when we move into a new season. We must perceive that new identity and accept the anointing that goes with it to do what is required of us in that season. Otherwise, we won’t be able to fulfill God’s plan.

Ms. Jeani…

Can I reference the scripture about the new wine and the new wine skin? We have to throw away the old wine skin, the old identity, and receive the new wine skin.

You can see this illustrated in the Bible in the life of Jeremiah. Remember what God did when it was time for him to step into the office of the prophet? He spoke to Jeremiah about his call and his identity. He said, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born … I ordained you a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:4 NKJV).

Jeremiah hadn’t ever seen himself in this light, so initially he wasn’t very receptive. He argued with God. He said, “I can’t be a prophet! I’m just a child!”

How did God respond to that argument? He spoke to Jeremiah again and said, “Do not say, ‘I am a youth. You shall go to all to whom I send you, and whatever I command you, you shall speak.” Then He anointed Jeremiah’s lips and said, “Behold, I have put My words in your mouth. See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out and to pull down, to destroy and to throw down, to build and to plant” (vv. 5–10, NKJV).

Notice it wasn’t enough just for Jeremiah to be anointed. It wasn’t enough for him to just have a divine destiny that came straight from the throne of God. For him to fulfill that destiny and operate in that anointing, he had to see himself differently. He had to agree with God about who he was and what he’d been called to do.

Pastor Ray…

Pastor Jim in preaching about the blood, said, “It’s not just enough to know it. You have to use it, you have to declare it, you have to believe it.”

President Trump needs to fulfill his God-ordained assignment as the leader of this nation. It’s been prophesied about him that he’s anointed by God to restore America’s place in the world, that he’s anointed to strengthen our economy and bring back to this nation the finances the enemy has stolen, that he’s anointed to make America Israel’s protector once again.

But, as Brother Kenneth E. Hagin taught us, for the anointing to work in its full capacity, it must be recognized and acknowledged. So, as we pray for President Trump, let’s pray for him to be able to do that in this new season of his life. Let’s pray for him to fully embrace his divine call and put his trust in the anointing of God.

Pastor Ray…

Hallelujah, that’s a good prayer, isn’t it? I like that because, of course, we pray in the Spirit, we pray in other tongues about him. We’ve confessed hundreds of times over him and over those in leadership.


Lord, we bow our hearts before You this morning
We yearn, we desire, we have a hunger to be right on point, pray exactly the prayers that You would have us to pray every day, today
Thank You, Lord, Thank You, Father
We do, we just bow before You, humble ourselves before You
We believe to not let a word out of our mouths, even just one word that does not line up with Your plan
For we know that You do have a plan, You have within us, like a GPS system, and by the power of Your Spirit, we believe to tune into that, unite with that, agree with what You’ve put inside each of us and take it and do it in Your strength, not ours
Do it because You put it in us, You created us that way, You’ve created each and every one of us with a different inside call
We answer that and say “yes” to Your call, “yes” to Your will, Your plan, and Your purpose for our land but for us individually too
We see the steps ahead of us, we can see that just with the eyes of our faith, Lord
And not just steps like we would step up and up and up – definitely that’s true
But we see the steps out in front of us where we are to walk
Those footprints that have already been laid, already been made, they’ve already been created before us
The way, the ways have already been prepared for the days to come for each one of us
We rest in You, we rest in You – lay our head back and look up from where all of our help has come from
Heaven’s ways, heaven’s plans, heavenly days, heavenly ways
That every weight that would limit our steps, we declare be removed, taken out, taken away in Jesus’ name!
We declare this morning “We are free, we are prosperous, we’re healthy, we’re overcomers, we are the head, we are not down under, we’re not the tail!” Thank You, Father!

Right now, We lift them up before heaven every police man and police woman in this country
We plead the blood of the Lamb over every officer in Jesus’ name
In their cars, out on the streets, wherever they are, wherever they are going, whatever they have been called to do, whatever city or village or country side that they are in, we declare “Protected by the blood of Jesus!”
Today and every day but today we hold up that precious blood and we see the covering in Jesus’ name
In the name of Jesus, those in Maryland that are on the loose, we declare “be captured, be uncovered, be revealed where you are in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father, for the Spirit of Seeing and Knowing for those that are in authority in that city to uncover, to reveal where these people are and bring them in in Jesus’ name
We pray safety over all of the people
Show, showing, showing where they are – thank You, Father

No, no, no in Jesus’ name
I just keep seeing smoke – we take authority over any illegal or wrong kind, some sort of fire in Jesus’ name
No, no, no, maybe it’s the volcano in Hawaii – Stop! Stop it now, calm down, be still in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father, thank You, Lord
We cut off every supply of the enemy where it comes to finances in Jesus’ name
Those that are using finances to come against this nation to derail it, to stop it, to come against our President or the leaders in this country, in Jesus’ name we declare “Those finances dry up or they are transferred over to the body in Jesus’ name”
Part of the things that have been laid up, held up – we declare this morning “Be loosed up!”
And that can manifest itself in jobs, in homes, in cars, in bank accounts, savings accounts
In the name of Jesus, we loose ministering spirits today “Go, and work on behalf of the Church”
Work on behalf of this church
Father, I remind You this morning about the finances we have sown into the nation of Israel over all the years
You said that those that bless Israel will be blessed – we are blessed today!
This ministry is blessed today, the increase has begun to come, the turns have begun to turn
We call it in from every direction, every way
Could be from the north, south, east, west – oh transfers!
Hallelujah! The land that we stand on right here in this building, in this chapel, we declare this place “Paid in Full!”
Paid up and paid off in Jesus’ name
No limits, no boundaries, nothing holding us down or back but moving into the new
Different seasons – hallelujah!
Where our influence goes further than it’s ever gone before
We lift up Your plans, we lift up Your will, we pray out Your plans, we pray out Your will
Thank You that we don’t have to go back but we are called to stay on the attack, called to contend
That has to change too, that must be rearranged, changed

I just have this sense that it’s just a little nudge, just like you would help somebody up a step
Just a little nudge, a little help – so we contend with the blood this morning
We contend with our hearts, we contend with our mouths for the furtherance or advance in Jesus’ name
We pray every inch of this building “Be paid in full”
We see it paid, we seize it, we seize it
And I know it’s not all about us, we pray for other ministries, other churches
Praying over their finances, that that they’ve set as a goal, a vision concerning their finances
That it would go up and over the top in Jesus’ name
All of the money, all of the finances, all of the resources needed
We cover missionaries out on the field in other nations in Jesus’ name
We pray over their finances, call it in, call it forth
We take no care, we have no anxiety about it, we are care free concerning the future
We declare this morning it’s going to turn out right, be on time at the right time in Jesus’ name

Ms. Annie led us singing in the Holy Spirit

Continued praying…

Heavenly Father, we pray over every school in America
Over these children, over the principles, those that are in leadership in the schools
Over the doors, the entrances, the land the schools sit on, parking lots, every student
In Jesus’ name, for protection in and through and by the blood of the Lamb
Thank You that there is the blood, thank You that there is power in the blood
We plead the blood over every school, every university, over hospitals in Jesus’ name
In our own cities here but all across America
We declare “Never again will these tragedies take place!”
It’s finished! It’s done! Devil, we hold the blood against you!
We know where these evil plans come from – you will not take our children out!
No! You’ve been defeated, you are defeated in Jesus’ name
Thank You for the safety that is in the blood
We are protected, these schools are protected and directed
If there are changes that need to be made, they will be made – hallelujah
Oh, the blood of the Lamb, the blood of Jesus – there is power in the blood

Ms. Annie led us singing there is Power in the Blood

Continued praying…

The blood of Jesus’ – we apply it there
Thank You for wisdom for them, direction for them
That it might go well with us, thank You for the freedom, the victory of the Church
We pray over the Church, positions of authority in the Churches
We lift up the body today, taking authority over every deceptive, religious spirit to move them out!
Calling forth a clarity of vision for the Word of God
That the Word, the written Word and the Word spoken by Your Spirit, would have their place
Thank You for every pastor, we pray over them for utterance in the name of Jesus
Direction, protection by the blood – no weapon, not any will prosper against them or against their families in Jesus’ name
Thank You, Father, for the power of that precious, precious blood
Holy Spirit, we give You thanks for this day in advance for what will take place in this day
We thank You that we are safe because of the blood
No accidents, no symptoms, or disease can have its way
We are safe under the blood of Jesus all the way through
Thank You for it, thank You for Your presence, Holy Spirit
We do reverence You, honor You, give You all of the praise and all of the thanksgiving
In Jesus’ name, everyone said “Amen – so be it”
So be it, so be it, so be it
Strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, overcomers in every way
Every area prosperous – spirit, soul, bodies
Thank You for it, Father, in Jesus’ name – hallelujah, Amen
Thank you for coming today

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