Morning Prayer Summary for Thursday, August 6, 2020

Pastor Ray…

Good morning! I had some questions that I was to fill out on a survey. All the pastors are to do this. It’s from the TV department and it’s questions like “What is your favorite book.” That kind of stuff. So one of the questions was “What’s the most important thing that anyone ever said to you, that gave you some help or information.” I was like, “Hmmm.” In my whole life? So then this just came to me. It’s from a lot of years ago, but I was on a road to hell. I didn’t know how to do anything else. I had made steps to get out of a denominational church but then I didn’t know where to go. I had an apartment in North Minneapolis. I had met Sandy at Brookdale which doesn’t exist anymore. I invited her to come over. She came over and the best advice that I could ever have received came through her. She said, “You must be born again.” I was like, “What do you mean ‘born again’?” I was in my 20s and I actually never heard that phrase before. That was the best advise because it set me toward God’s way for my life. Otherwise, I do not know… We can all say that. Without Him, where would we be?


It’s Sandy’s birthday today. Annie is going to lead us all singing happy birthday to her. If you don’t mind. Okay, one, two, three…

Annie led group…

A virtuous woman who can find her value is far above rubies or pearls. We love you, Sandy!

Happy birthday to you… happy birthday, dear Sandy, happy birthday to you…  You are proverbs 31… you are proverbs 31… you are proverbs 31… you are proverbs 31

Pastor Ray…

I’m blessed. Thank you. Merci!

Prayer should be fun. Prayer should not be a drudgery. Amen? Prayer should be something that we’re in expectation for what shall be. Prayer should be something that we look forward to get into, for we get out of what has held us down and we get over into being made free! And right after freedom comes, victory! Hallelujah!

So for us here in the chapel, we come in from outside, we go through a few doors. Once we come through the doors in the back of the chapel, I always believe to leave whatever was right outside, natural things, just leave it outside the doors. Then when we enter in together corporately, it’s not all about us—my family, even though we sang happy birthday to my wife. Ha, ha, ha. Sorry. It’s not all about us individually. But it is about what the Holy Spirit gives us when we come out of the world’s ways and get over into the realm of the Holy Spirit. Just enter into the realm of the spirit. And we don’t know necessarily where we will go, but we know we will go!

One of the other questions in that survey was “If you could time travel, where would you like to go?” My answer was “I already travel every single day in the chapel.” We travel out. We need to go forth and call those things that are not as though they were. That’s our destiny… to pray for others. If someone had not prayed for me, then Sandy wouldn’t have shown up and told me “You got to be born again.” See how that works? There was a way made when prayers were prayed.

Annie, let’s lift Him up. And get our eyes on Him and heaven. Heaven’s ways right now. Lord, we worship and honor You. Thank You for revealing things to us that we didn’t know and had never heard about, places that we would go that we never thought we would go. Supernatural Heaven transportation to get us out of our minds and get us into our heart of hearts where we’re more tuned into what You’re saying, Lord. More directed by You than by us. Thank You. We reverence and honor You today.

Annie led group in worship…

Jesus, what a wonder You are… You are so gentle… so pure and so kind… ♪

Jeannie shared…

I looked up “morning star” and it’s a weapon. It’s a spiky ball on the end of a chain. That’s a morning star. Then in Revelation chapter two, it says “And he who overcomes is victorious and who obeys my commands to the very end doing the works that please me, I will give him authority and power over the nations. And I will give him the morning star.”

Jesus, the morning star brings comfort. He brings assurance. He guarantees salvation and while we’re here on the earth, He gives us the morning star. It’s not a nice-looking weapon. It’s intimidating to the enemy. And He gives us the morning star. It makes warfare fun. We are well equipped with the morning star. We take that weapon. “And he who overcomes is victorious. He who obeys my commands to the very end. We declare over the church, she overcomes. She’s victorious. And she obeys His voice to the very end. She does the works that please You. You give her authority and power over the nations. Church, church! You have been given authority and power over the nations and you’ve been given the morning star. Thank You, Father.

Pastor Ray…

That’s good. So when our Attorney General was in front of the house and they were acting like heathens… the little bit I saw of that, I wanted to use my morning star with a long chain on it that would go right through into that house of representatives. And shut down… really we could say, shut down the strife. Every evil word. And that is a picture of our authority. We’ve been given the authority to pull down strongholds, to stop division, to cause strife to stop and go away. And we take our authority in Jesus’ name and use our weapons… the Word and we declare what is in heaven will be right here. What is wrong shall come to nothing. Stop in your maneuvers. We know it’s not people we’re coming against. We know it’s every evil work of the enemy.

We were just singing about the blood. Let’s do it a little bit more, Annie. I want to see that line of the blood behind us… behind the church… behind the body of Christ.

Annie led group in song…

There’s power in the blood of Jesus… It washes light as snow… ♪

Jeannie shared…

Okay, I’m just imagining every one of us having a morning star right now. Then I’m imagining every believer across the earth with the morning star in their hands and it’s been given to her, the power and the authority has been given to her. She become skilled to utilize the morning star. Joy comes in the morning. Light that consumes the darkness. Joy in the morning. Joy using, utilizing the morning star. Joy in the morning. The star… prophetically, if you think about that word “morning star,” joy comes in the morning. Stars shine in the darkness. And the intimidation of a church that knows how to utilize the power and authority that’s been given her, you can do it. In fact, you’re already doing it. You’ve been doing it from the day you were tiny. You’ve been doing it every day. And now you’re about to do it a new way. And you’re not alone. You have a team. More and more and more morning stars. All over the planet. Utilizing the morning star that’s been given you. Right now. Today.

Pastor Ray…

Remember when we were praying and we got that about “wrong password?” The wrong password. Invalid. An invalid password. That’s part of our morning star authority against the enemy. He has no authority. He’s been rendered invalid. His words are invalid, because he’s been defeated by the blood. In Luke 10:19 it says… First of all, in verse 17 it says He sent out the 70 and they returned with joy saying, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.” In the name of Jesus. And He said to them, “I saw Satan falling like a lightning flash from heaven.” Then it says, “Behold, I’ve given you authority and power to trample upon serpents, scorpions.” That’s all of the works of the enemy. Whatever you want to name. What I have today is to come against “division and strife.” In our country. That’s one place. I’ll give you another one in a minute. And physical and mental strength and ability over all the power that the enemy possesses and nothing, nothing shall in any way harm you.” Thank You, Lord.

Then this must be from the Message. I’m not sure. It’s Luke 11:34. “We must turn the eyes of our hearts.” That’s the deal. Turn the eyes of our hearts away from the problem. Whatever the enemy was trying to do. “Away from the darkness of the current situation that we’re praying about. Whatever that might be. And fix them instead on what God has promised to do about that problem. And then we must keep them there until we have seen it coming to pass with the eyes of our heart. That’s by faith. For then and only then will we be able to believe we receive what we pray.”

So, authority… I know if you’re tuning in online, you maybe might not know about it. But we’re in an industrial park. So for the last two or three months, our street in front of our building and all the way down for a block and a half, there are semitrailers, semis all parking overnight, using the street as a parking lot. And guess what? Yesterday, the police came by and they all got the red and white ticket: No Parking. Because they actually were making this property look bad. And it was dangerous to pull out on the street because you couldn’t see if anyone was coming. So as it turned out, they were parking illegally overnight and using it for a parking lot. So in the morning, they would show up with the car, get in their truck, do their deal, come back and park the truck. Drive away in their cars. No more. That was rendered inoperative. That was illegal and it was invalid. So they’re going to be moved out.

Same way today. There is strife… you cannot not see it. Whatever you tune into, you hear the strife and division and attacks in our cities. We’re in Minneapolis and we’ve seen so many things happen in the past months. So I want to use the wrecking ball. I want to see that thing bigger than just a little ball. I’m talking a wrecking ball and take authority, this morning, not only in our country but that… you know strife brings every other evil work. Just strife does that.

Play a little bit, Annie. We’re going to wait on this a little bit. Just play. You don’t have to sing. Let’s just exit out of our thoughts and let’s enter more into our hearts. And know that we have been given authority.

Annie began to play…

Pastor Ray…

We bow our hearts and lives and we want more of Your presence, Holy Spirit… we believe to be filled so full that our words are overflowing from our hearts, not to how we think it should be. That we would be down deep in our hearts. We love You, Lord. You sent Your Son. How beautiful Jesus is… He was tender and loving and went all the way to the finished work of the cross… for us! And He could take authority, remember how He cleared out the temple. He flipped the tables over saying, “Get out! Take your stuff and get out.” He could be very strong in using the authority that the Father by the Holy Spirit had given Him. But then He was so tender and loving to us. So He is so giving, He gave us and expects us to use that authority. So we must see it like this. A huge black board and the letters are in all caps: STRIFE! And below it, there’s every other work of the enemy. So we’ll take authority over strife or division. Then we’ll see the other things go too. In all the states. Our leaders and governors, those in positions of authority. Also I want to take the power of the blood and put it around churches. Wherever you are online, do it for your church. Take the blood of the Lamb by faith and walk a line of protection around your church and all of the members.

We take authority through the blood of Jesus over strife and we say, “No more. The blood has been applied. We apply it around our whole country and we say ‘No more strife! No more division’ in Jesus name.” And all those other things that go with strife. Out! And we declare the peace of God that the church will rise up and be the hands and feet for Jesus. Directed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank You! Words filled with faith, words founded on the written Word, words spoken by the Holy Spirit coming out of our hearts being about great heaven activity. Heaven’s activities. Changes and turns. And you talk about a paradigm shift! So we plead that blood of Jesus around all the churches, people that are born again, people that are walking in the light. We declare marriages to be whole and healthy in Jesus’ name. We speak it over our nation, but we speak it over every congregation, every ministry. No, strife! You cannot enter. Wherever you’ve tried to get a handle… be removed in Jesus’ name. In the name that’s above every other name of hindrance, lack… Out! In Jesus’ name.

Annie, you sing in the Holy Ghost. Sing in other tongues. Lead us that way for a little while. We’ll get the picture of the peace of God and revivals breaking out everywhere. Cities being brought out of the darkness and into the light.

Annie led group singing in the spirit…

Pastor Ray…

Annie, at one point, your voice kind of sounded like the sound of a shofar blowing. When the Jewish people blow that horn, it can be an announcement or it can be something new. So I have an announcement to make. Things are breaking that should have been broken. Things are leaving that should have already left. Things are quieting down for a better time of rest. Things are clearing out so the Word can be heard more clearly. Deception… No! We will not be deceived. We have an announcement for the enemy. We are not deceived. We know what you’ve done. We know what you say. But we have the Word to keep us into the right way. So depression, you got to go too. Any kind of depression… depressed about the last four months… depressed about how the next four months will look… depressed about how 2020 turned out in the past… No! We’re not depressed. We’re up and not down. That shofar blew this morning and there’s a change in the very atmosphere. We believe it. Therefore, we receive it. And we walk in it.

I have this confession from Keith Moore. This just seemed different to me. When we would say it, we were making a confession over our own bodies. Put your hand over your head… all that. But I saw it as the body of Christ. Be strong! Be whole! Be restored! If at the very least, the body of Christ should definitely be in one accord.

We take authority over division in the body of Christ. We can’t have rivers going that way and another way. We call those things to come together today in Jesus’ name. Even when we’d say, “Tumors and growths, anything that should not be in our bodies,” we declare it over the body of Christ. Tumors! That’s some kind of weird thing that shouldn’t be there. They got to go. Growths of any kind… the word of the devil getting bigger and bigger. No! We take authority over that and we smash it down. Under our feet. We speak against the works of the enemy. We’ve called you out… we call you down… we command you to leave the body of Christ. Now! In Jesus’ name.

And then where it seemed like finances were being delayed, we call those things forth now. In Jesus’ name. Phil. 4:19 says and my God will liberally supply or fill to the full your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah! Go, ministering spirits, and cause the money to come forth. Let it keep coming. Cause it today. Go and bring help to the church. Go, bring finances to the church. Go and work on behalf of the church. Devil, take your hands off our finances. Take your hands off the finances of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Take your hands out of our finances in Jesus’ name. We say to any kind of operation of the enemy—Stop! In Jesus’ name. And we declare a turnaround. A breaking through into some new territories where we’ve never been before. No, we’re not going back the way we were. But we’re moving ahead because our confession is “It’s getting better and better.” We keep our eyes looking at You. Focused on what You said about us. We have no other foundation but the foundation of Your Word. Thank You, Lord.

There was an anointing on the word that something that should have been broken loose, it’s broken now. It should have been broken loose. I don’t know what it is. It could be healing. Or a hindrance to finances. Whatever. But the Spirit of God was on that. It should have been broken loose. But now it’s been broken loose so if we had a shofar, we’d blow it and make an announcement. We’re declaring it to be true. Today, it’s loosed and the Church is walking in complete and total victory. That’s our declaration. The future is bright. We’ll finish our purpose in Jesus’ name.

Thank you for coming this morning and for tuning in.

Love you.  

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