Morning Prayer Summary for Friday, June 14, 2019

Dave shared…

When I sat down, I felt the presence of God. He’s here already. He’s with us all the time, but we have to… how do I say this? He’s ever present. But we have to “tune in.” It’s kind of like the radio frequencies in your car. You turn the dial until you find the frequency you want. There’s always a sound from heaven. Always things coming from heaven. For you. All the time. It’s just whether we’re tuned into that place.

Your future is bright. Though you may not know your future, your future is bright. And it’s in the not knowing your future where we get caught up and stuck. We get stuck on the natural things because we don’t understand and we don’t know with our brains that tomorrow is going to be okay. We hope it will be okay. We kind of look at it and say, “Well, look at the weather. Yeah, tomorrow should be a good day.” We have things that we can put a pulse on and determine whether it’s going to be okay. But in our minds, we have not the capacity to do that. We can’t generate with our minds a reality that will give us confidence and peace.

There is a will of God for your life. And in that will is that all sufficiency in all things. In other words, everything you have need of in the will of God provided for. It’s not new to Him when your day comes that you have a certain need and “Oh wait! Let me get the angels to get that need met.” No. Before you get there, He’s been there. Before you get to your future, He’s already been there. For He spans both past, present, and future. All at the same time. He sees it all at the same time. We’re bound to the world that we live in. And really we’re not bound to there. We just mentally are bound to there. Really, we’re not bound to the present where we’re at. We just think we are. Mentally. And in our prayer, we have a spirit that God created. And He created us in His image, and if we’re created in His image, we have the capacity to see like He sees. And our spirit has the capacity to see the future. The Bible tells us that. The Bible says that He will show us things to come. Well, are you going to see things to come? Isn’t that going into the future and seeing things? Yes, that’s what that is. We have the capacity to know that. And there’s the gifts of the Spirit that 1st Corinthian talks about the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom. The word of knowledge is a gift of the spirit and the Holy Spirit is within us so we have that gift. And it’s not just for a few. It’s every person. The gifts of the spirit are for everybody. So the word of knowledge is having the capacity to know something that you don’t know naturally right now or in the past. And the word of wisdom is being able to know the future. So right there, there’s a scriptural basis for knowing how to transcend both time and space.

Now why is that important? Because this earth suit that we have and this mind is what keeps us in the limitations of this reality that we call reality. But really, reality is not what you think it is. Reality is in your mind a perception. Because if for a moment, you can think that all past, present, and future exists at the same time. And both past, present, and future can be motivated at any given time. Then is there any limits? No. If you ponder that idea for a moment, then you think, then that means that I could pray for this. There is nothing that is impossible. All things are possible for those who are in Christ Jesus. All of a sudden, that scripture becomes a reality. And knowing that information helps us understand how to communicate it, how to see a God that with our eyes we think can’t be seen. And know a God with our minds can’t be known. Yes, we can! We can know Him in a way so that the reality that we understand in our heads by limitations and challenges of life become less important and our focus is more important… focuses more on the reality of what He and the Holy Spirit are communicating to us at any given time. So all hell can be breaking loose and the Holy Spirit can sit right there in your chair and say, “You know what? Peace be still. Don’t worry.” I’ve had that happen several times. In situations were very dire, situations that had to have a response right now. Accidents. I’ve been in accidents where I needed attention right now. And the Holy Spirit came. He was right there with me. And peace came on me and calmness came on me. And even though naturally everything looked like it was not going to work out, it all worked out. And in an amazing way. But you can choose to pick the option of “Oh my God! This is happening.” Ahhh. You can get into that thing, right? And suffer the consequences of that reality. Or you can allow your spirit to transcend that reality. And recognize the reality of His provision and all sufficiency in all things. And when we do that, that is the life that Christ has died for. That is the abundant life. That is the more than above, exceedingly all we can imagine or think. That is that life that He desires for us to live. It’s all about learning that. First of all, recognizing that it exists. Because you could go your whole life and not know that.

I remember when I was younger before I had the opportunity to go to Rhema, I didn’t know very much about spiritual things. I read books and stuff. I wanted to know but I didn’t know. Books didn’t really help me. They were good and kind of gave me a clue but what really helped me was this, what you all are doing right now. They had what they called prayer school at Rhema. And every day at a certain time in the afternoon, we’d get together and pray. Patsy Behrman at the time, now Cameneti. She was the leader of that group. Keith Moore was part of that process as well. It was a blessing to be there. They were learning like we were learning. But when I went into those meetings, I had no clue what spiritual things were like. I had no clue what it was like to understand some of the things I’m telling you about, the reality of God and how to become more cognizant of His presence, and how to recognize that I’m not limited by the things around me, but I have no limitations. I didn’t understand that. Not only did I not understand it mentally, I didn’t even sense that. I didn’t know that, that existed. I was like, dumb. I was blind. It wasn’t my fault. I just grew up in a world that has no feeling, no touch. All they know is what they can see, touch, and hear. That’s all they know. But there is so much more beyond that.

So in these meetings, I would sit and watch amazing things happen and a lot of the time not understanding what was happening. One day a parent brought three little children into the room and the ages were 4, 5, and maybe 6 years old. They were sitting in front of me. I was listening to the music and there was prayer going on. Patsy got up and started talking about something. Then Keith started playing after that. The music was really different than what he was playing before. But prior to that happening, it was more up tempo kind of thing. Prior to that, while she was talking, the kids were kind so scurrying around and coloring in their coloring books. I’m trying to pay attention but they got this going on. All of a sudden, the kids started laughing. They’re not playing with each other. They’re just doing their own thing, separately. They turned around, sat down and started laughing. They just sat there. After Patsy was done, Keith started playing and the music he was playing kind of led everybody into that place of joy. Then the kids got up and started dancing in the spirit. And what was the most amazing thing about that was that they knew it was going to happen before it happened. That’s what astounded me. And these little spirits were picking that up. I wondered, how did they know that? They’re just kids. I’m an adult, shouldn’t I know that? I have more years of experience. I’ve read more. I’ve read the Bible and I’m in Bible school, I should be more qualified than they are to pick up what it was that they picked up. Yet, they had the ability to do it and I didn’t. Something was broken. So after I saw that, I said to myself, whatever it is, I know it has nothing to do with this. I knew that. And God said to me, it’s time to take a trip. That was when I started to understand what it was like to be in contact with God and have a reality of God and to recognize His presence and to know when the Holy Spirit is right there tapping you on the shoulder and to recognize that move inside of you so that you can be in a service and before they even say it from the pulpit, you already know what’s going to be said. You see that happening. Last week, when Jim and Kristen had the services. Friday morning, the Lord’s given me all this stuff and I’m sharing it on Friday. Saturday we came to the service and he started sharing Psalms 91. Well last Friday, the scriptures coming out of my spirit were Psalms 91. And the things that Lord was sharing with my spirit were things about before Sunday happened. Remember it all exists at the same time, right? He placed His spirit within me to give me a resounding agreement with what was coming, so there would be continuity from this service to that service that He could take His people and lead them step by step in a place where they can come into the reality of the truth. Do you see that? And how can you orchestrate that except there be some higher power? How could that be? I’m in the service and I’m like, “been there, done that.” I’m assured in my spirit that the Lord is part of what is going on here. He’s moving. And if we have an ear to hear and we recognize that you’re here not per chance, that there is a reason you’re here. Your mind may tell you something different. But no. Each day is important for the betterment of you, your family, and your life. He’s got it planned out each day. Tomorrow is not going to be a negative day. Not in His eye. In His eye, He has all provision. Will challenges come tomorrow? Maybe. But He delivers us out of them all. There can’t be a problem that exists that there is not grace to overcome. It’s impossible. That would suggest that God didn’t know that, that was going to happen.

So I wanted to say that and then say this other thing. That last night I was reading the 11th chapter of Hebrews. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report and through faith we understand that the worlds were formed by the word of God so that things which we are seeing were not made of things which we appear.”

So that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. Basically, what that’s saying is… let me read it in the NIV.  “So that what is seen is not made out of what is visible and everything that is seen was not made out of the things that you can see.” It was made of things that are not seen. God created the universe out of nothing. That is something scientists can’t comprehend. Their minds go tilt. “You can’t get something out of nothing.” [microphone keeps cutting out] …impossibilities, healings, deliverance, provision, sustenance, peace, joy. All the things that we need in life to sustain us… when we are hurt, He is strong. When we are weak, in our weakness His strength is made perfect. But in our weakness we are in a place of weakness, so therefore we possess weakness. So if we are weak, how can we be strong? Except it come from another place. Except it come from a place that is not in the same place that you are in or the thing you’re facing. Strength comes from an unseen place. An unseen God, a God who is a spirit. And the more the reality of that spiritual world, that unseen world, the more we recognize that and the more we give place to that, the less we are restricted to this place we live in. But it is a choice. And the Holy Spirit gives us this choice every day. When you wake up, the Holy Spirit is with you. All day long, 24 hours a day, 365. He’s there waiting on you. He’s waiting for us to do what He tells us to do.

I was talking to somebody the other day about this issue about how much time does it take to be spiritual, or how much does it take to get to this place I’m talking about. I was with some ministers sitting at dinner, talking about the things of God and miracles. One said, “so what did you do to get that? How do you get miracles to work in your ministry like that? What are you doing differently than everybody else that you have miracles and these others don’t? Is there something you do?” It was interesting to hear that conversation because really what the person was asking was “What do you do so that I can do what you do to get what you got?” Does that sound logical? It does. Actually every one of us would tend to think that at some point. However, that’s not how it comes. It’s not about reading your Bible or praying or doing these things that gives you ability to access that realm. That’s not how you access that realm. How you access that realm is what I’m reading about in Hebrews. By faith they obtained a good report. The Bible is telling us that those men of faith in Hebrews that they’re talking about, they transitioned from the world they lived in, into the future and saw a greater thing and by faith they accepted that reality of truth and got to see that reality of truth in their ministries. That’s how you do it. It’s allowing the Holy Spirit when the Holy Spirit bids you, gives you an idea and He says you’re having struggles and He says “everything is going to be okay.” It’s your decision to believe that everything is okay and to push away from all the other that’s going to cause you to walk in the miraculous the way God wants you to walk in the miraculous. Into the exceedingly abundantly above all we can imagine or think. To usward who… what? Believe! It is the belief, it is the choice of making the decision to take something when it’s completely contrary when the Holy Spirit is saying and taking that and putting that at the highest seat in your heart and mind and putting that revelation that the Spirit has given you through prayer… a lot of times when you’re praying in the Holy Spirit… you’ve heard of the term “praying through.” When you pray through, what that means is that the Holy Spirit has given you insight into the “through” the other side. When you pray through, what you’re doing is you’re getting into the place of God’s reality. And it’s done. A completed work. It’s accepting that and denying everything else. That’s what that is. That’s what those gentlemen were talking about at the table. And how do you say, “Well, six months of prayer and reading your Bible or going to the Bible school and doing this or that…” No, that ain’t it. Because there are people that don’t even go to Bible school that are walking miracles. That’s why it’s entirely possible for a young Christian, barely born again to see miracles happen in their mouths and eyes and their lives on a regular basis. You see a Christian who has been a Christian for years and they’re struggling to hear from God or to get a miracle in their lives. Because one doesn’t know any different. The young Christian doesn’t know… “I have the Holy Spirit in me? He can speak to me? He says lay hands on the sick and they shall recover? Well, let’s go do that.” Like a little kid. That’s why the Lord told us unless you become like one of these, you’ll not inherit the kingdom of God. For the kingdom of God is not a seen thing in the natural. It’s an unseen thing. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And I can promise you there is no lack, no sickness in heaven. There’s only joy and victory and overcoming. There is only faith. But we can have that here. So in conclusion, I wanted to point out this one thing. That it isn’t a struggle to be… today we can have that right now. This second. We can have the reality of sickness in my body to no sickness in my body right now. We can have the reality of lack and struggle be gone in an instant of time. Right now. Now these things may seem like, what am I talking about? I’m talking about the Creator of the heavens and the earth. I’m talking about how we work with Him, how we get in agreement. And by the way, we are created in His image; therefore, this is normal for us. This should be normal. But in our lives living in this world, we’ve programed ourselves to live an abnormal life. You don’t even know what manner of man you are. You have the power of heavens’ resources in you and you don’t even realize that you have it. That’s because the world told you something different. The world said to you, “You’re not as smart as that guy. You don’t have the paper on the wall, the degrees or experience. And yeah you can’t do that. You can’t accomplish that. You can’t think that way. You can’t create like that. You can’t do that. You don’t qualify.” But I’m here today to tell you that you being born qualifies you. And that’s it! You’re a child of God. When God created you, He had a plan and that was victory, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory. That’s all He planned for you. There wasn’t a day that, that wasn’t part of what He planned for you.

“And if that is so, brother Dave, why isn’t that a reality in my life?”

And this is it. Listening to the Holy Spirit and whether it makes sense to you or not, stepping into the reality of those things that He tells you. Because if He tells you something, guaranteed that’s truth and everything else is not. That’s the bottom line. And it comes down to trust. And the more you learn to trust Him and His leadings and direction, then you get to the point where you condition yourself to… He says it, boom! It’s a conditioned response. When your life becomes a conditioned response to the Holy Spirit on a regular basis, then miracles will follow everywhere you step. The things you say, you will know the future. You’ll know the past. You will become one with God. You will see Him as He is and You will become like Him. And that’s what He created us to be like. Like Him. He is a proud Father sitting there on the throne saying, “That’s my daughter. That’s my son. Look at them. They’re listening to My Spirit and doing what I say to do and they’re seeing what I said would happen. And they are in control of their future, according to My will. I will not lead them down the road of destruction. I will lead them on the paths of righteousness for My name’s sake and all the days of their lives will be blessed.” Even in the midst of adversity. The whole town burns down, but your house doesn’t. That’s the life I want to live. So I’m done here.


Thank You, Father, for the reality of who You are… that we see You for who You are… the healer… deliverer… my king and God in whom I trust… we lean not on our own understanding… we acknowledge You in all our ways… Your Word says and we receive it in confidence that You direct our paths… we get up in the morning knowing that this day is for us… everything we need for life and godliness is in this day… all we have to do is recognize You for who You are… and receive an abundance of grace… as You say get up and go, we get up and go… You say sit down, then we will sit down… if You say pray, then we pray… Thank You that You sent the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us into all truth… He does not speak of Himself but that which He hears from You… Your will and purpose…


Say it with me, I believe. I believe. I believe. I believe. ♪ I believe in You… I believe in You, Lord… I believe in Your power… I put my trust in You, Lord… You are faithful, God… I believe… I believe… I believe in You… Ohhh, I believe… in You… I believe in Your mercies… in Your peace… in Your grace, Lord… I believe, I believe… ♪

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