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Brother DJ…

I’m glad you said the shadow because I was meditating on different things on how is it going to happen? We have heard the Word, it is the year of the open door. We heard the 24-hour prayer, 24-hour worship going on 24-hour fasting and prayer. You know the watchmen we had when I was growing up? We have a watchman in our businesses and he had a rod in his hand and he’d walk. He would make a noise, hit the concrete whenever he walk. All night long, he would walk and make sure they’re watching overnight.

So is prayer…

Watch and pray that you’ll not fall in temptation. Watch and pray. 24-hour. We cannot be praying and watching 24 hours. But in our hearts. Some people do 24-hour prayer, 24-hour worship, fasting, watching. But yes. When you say shadow, we are talking about it’s the year of the open door. We heard many, many different words. They are all for us coming from all over the direction. But how is it going to happen? How do I get this door open and what should I do now? The word has come.

I heard one person say similar like this in the Bible. How is it going to happen? That was Mary. How is it going to happen? The Lord says the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you and the most high God will overshadow you. Shadow… hallelujah.

How is it going to happen? How are we going to make it happen? What God has told us to do, or the miracle you and I’m looking for, or supernatural, or direction, or accomplishments, anything… “How is it going to happen.” We have the Word. How are we going to get it? He said, The Spirit of the Lord shall come upon you. The Spirit of might, spirit of wisdom, understanding… the Holy Spirit will come upon us. He’s in us and upon us to accomplish spirit of wisdom, spirit of might, spirit of directions.

He said in the Word it said Samson, the Spirit of the Lord will come upon him. He will do supernatural things, tear the lions, do different things. The Spirit of the Lord! In Isaiah, he said, “The Spirit of the Lord will come upon you. The spirit of wisdom, understanding, and the favor of the Lord.”

We can accomplish everything in 2024, but we are not going to wait until December 2024. It’s starting now today. The Spirit of the Lord! And shadow the almighty God, the most high God.

One more. Luke 4:18, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,” Jesus said, “because He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captive and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed.” Who are in the darkness, oppressed, depressed.

Jesus came to bring liberty. Today you’re watching and darkness has to leave. The dark cloud. Then He said, “I came to proclaim that acceptable year of the Lord.” Some say, “year of Jubilee.” He come to heal the broken hearted because the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him.

Now the Spirit of the Lord is upon us. So we go forth to do same thing… to heal the broken hearted, to set the captive free, get them out of their darkness and bring light. Let there be light! No more darkness. Proclaiming the year of the Jubilee. Debt cancellation! Freedom. Freedom.

We declare in this year ‘24 sickness no more. Darkness no more. Poverty no more. Lack no more.

So there is a spirit of wisdom, spirit of love, power, and sound mind… it’s all in the Holy Spirit.

So, Father, we thank you for this year. Today! Today, this scripture, not tomorrow, not in December ‘24. We cannot wait for one more month, one more day. We want everything done today.

Now, faith is the substance of things we hope for, the things we have not seen yet. It’s coming to pass. When? Today. He closed the book and give it to an attendant. Eyes were looking at Him. He said “Today,” not tomorrow. “Today you hear My voice.” You’re right! “Harden not your heart.” Go after it. Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.

Father, we thank you. We speak light today. We speak situation change today. Circumstances change today. Healing come today! Because the Spirit of the Lord is upon us. You are the way maker. You are the promise keeper, light in the darkness.

Father, you are here… breaking those bondages… liberty for the oppression, depression, to recover is today in the name of Jesus.

Thank you, Father, for showing us the way and how we can accomplish whatever we desire.

You believe you have it, you receive it, and now it’s time to go get it. Yes.

How is it going to happen? The Spirit of the Lord shall come upon you.

Father, we pray for senators, congressmen, governors, and government. The Word says to pray for those who are in authority. If we pray for them, guess what happened? Peace will come upon them.

Jesus’ government shall be upon His shoulder. We pray for who are in authority. We cover them in the blood of Jesus. We declare our President, Vice President, Governor of Minnesota, our Congressmen and Senators, all the government, all the buildings of the government covered with the blood of Jesus.

White House covered in the blood of Jesus.

We pray peace upon you and the Spirit of the Lord shall come upon you. You and I will be changed into different men and women. We’ll accomplish more in 2024. More accomplishments. Why? Because the Spirit of the Lord is upon us. He has anointed us… anointed us to do businesses… anointed us to open doors that need to be open.

He has anointed us to accomplish our work, our houses, everything, because the Spirit of the Lord is upon us.

We need your presence, Holy Spirit… come.

Sister Cindy…

Jane, who comes to morning prayer here, gave me a little sheet that Troy Brewer, who’s a prophet, talked about this year. One thing leaped out to me. He gives us those dots, you know, just to confirm what he’s already spoken in our hearts. Troy said the very first thing he said was “A new ear for this new year.” He said, “Stressing the importance of embracing fresh perspectives, and divine communication. God is literally introducing new voices and His voice is changing in a very, very dramatic way.”

So how do we engage in this? All these things that God has given us. It’s through His speaking to us, initiating us into those actions that are so important that we just launch out when we hear His voice. And we learn, Father, how to do it more and more… how to hear and respond and to see the difference of just simple childlike obedience.

Mary said, “How is this going to happen to me?” But she just received it in childlike obedience. She said, “Be it unto me, even as it was spoken, according to your Word.”

How you spoke it in my ear, I am your handmaiden. I just desire to partner and co-labor with you, and you are initiating those things, Father, I have no fear because you’re the author and the finisher of every good and perfect thing.

This year, 2024, 24 karat gold instrument of hearing your voice. Because, today if you hear My voice, don’t draw back. Don’t discount, don’t dismiss, don’t lightly esteem. Even these little promptings that I’m giving you, because in them, great and mighty things unfold in perfect timing.

Lord, we thank you that we rise and fall before no man, but only before you.

So, Father, just impress in our hearts even more with greater certainty, how important it is to simply obey you and trust… trust that you’ll never leave us hanging… you’re never going to throw us under the bus. That’s the world’s way. The world is arbitrary and fickle, and one minute it likes you, and the next minute you’re yesterday’s news.

But God isn’t like that. I rejoice to see that he’s starting to do the work that I initiated, the small beginning.

Father, you are a God that gives us faith. We hear your word. Faith rises up in our heart. But faith without works is dead.

So, Father, we thank you for the boldness, for the encouragement. And you said don’t forsake the assembling of yourselves together because you’ve created a space for us to train and be equipped in these things where we can practice the work of the ministry to which we have been called…

The church of the living God is set up to train and equip the saints for the ministry to go out into all the world. Father, we thank you that each one of us is so vital to your plan here on earth. So vital. Thank you for lighting up our purpose, your will that you wrote down in your book in Heaven, the Book of Destiny for each and every one of us.

Lord, let us lean into you, on your breast and hear the heartbeat you have, the direction you have for each and every one of us.

Thank you, Father, that we can hear your voice because we are your sheep. And we are children of the day.

Like I said yesterday, we are children of the day and there are 12 hours in the day and we are to do the work while it is still light. And there’s still daylight.

Father, we thank you that we can take and put our hands to the plow and we can walk in this light that you have given us an assured welcome. This place, this eternal life where there is no shadow that can overshadow the shadow of Shadai. Everything comes into place even when it looks like things aren’t.

Father, you make darkness your secret hiding place and there is no difference in your eyes. You see it all. So, Father, we’re staying with you. We’re walking with you for you are the only one who knows the end from the beginning. You know the future. You know our past. You know everything and you are constantly keeping us moving by the direction of your Spirit, hearing your Word, hearkening, launching out, and seeing the glory of the risen one rising in our hearts and bringing light to those around us for we have an anointing to do the thing you’ve called us. We are anointed and appointed to do great works in your name.

Father, we just lean into hear… It’s a dance that you initiate. He says, “Can I have this dance?” And I certainly say, “Yes, Lord,” and we move together. He moves and we move.

At one point, the Lord said to me, “Cindy, I’m not dragging you around on this dance floor. You’re going to have to move with Me.”

And it’s a joy and a delight to move. It’s poetry in motion starting out as a twostep, we learn to move with you. We become so entwined in the dance. The divine romance of the Father. It’s the Father’s dance.

We thank you, Father, that it is all about you, but you desire that we would partner with you, to co-labor. He primes the pump. He’s always speaking and initiating and provoking us with questions. “Will you move with Me? This is the place prepared for you that where Jesus is we may also be.”

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