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Pastor Ken…

Good morning, everyone. Happy Tuesday. Good to see you.

Today we’re going to pray just to stay warm. I think the great necessity for prayer is just to create warmth. It’s so cold out there. Good morning, everyone who’s joining us online. Hopefully it’s much warmer where you are and more comfortable. Here it’s 3, 4, 5 below or something like that. And windy.

I’m glad to gather with you guys here this morning and pray.


Thank you for the hope that is before us… that the good and the bright and the holy things that are on the horizon, as we progress through this year, Lord.

Lord, we just let our hearts be elevated this morning… be lifted this morning. We say to our soul, “Why are you in a place of static-ness, oh my soul? Why are you in a place of discouragement and melancholy and slothfulness, oh my soul. I will put my hope and my confidence and my trust in the living God.”

And so we do that today, Lord. We lift our eyes to you and we see in the spirit, and we say, “Lord, thank you for what you’re about to do… for what you’re presently doing… for breakthroughs that are unfolding… healings that are taking place even now… and as we go forth in the coming days and weeks.

Thank you, Lord, for the provision that has been released… for the new plans and opportunities and ideas that you’ve already sent and that are on their way for 2024.

Thank you, Lord, for the supernatural provisions and answers to prayer.

Summary of prophetic words leading up to 2024…

Well, I know I already said good morning, but let me just share something with you this morning. I hope that it inspires you and causes your thought processes to be pollinated in a good way by some of the things He’s saying. I’m going to read a summary of some of the prophetic words that have gone forth in the months leading up to 2024. And one of them says this for the next year: “For the next year, we must have deep roots in the Word. So not to get into false doctrine. Revivalist leaders must walk in purity and holiness. This fits with the theme of Psalm 24. Some have said that if you want to interpret this next year, read Psalm 24. That’s what God is saying. God is cleaning house to make way for His glory to be released so that He can see a people walking in great resurrection power.”

Can I get an amen on a Tuesday morning?

“Miracles are about to be released that are creative in nature. The dead will be raised, new limbs will grow and more. We will be prepared to steward these revivals and awakenings. There will be revival centers that will host the presence of God on a regular basis and will be drawing places for God to move in limitless ways. And there will also be revival centers.” I believe we’ll be both. We’re apostolic centers with planting churches in Central South America, Africa, Ireland, and beyond already.

“New blueprints from Heaven will show the church how to make room for the demonstration of the power of God in our services.”

How many of you believe it’s time to have an increase and a refreshing of the demonstration of the gifts of God the Holy Spirit in a variety of ways in our services, in our gatherings, in our prayer meetings, in our staff meetings? I’m just so impressed and so reminded on the inside in recent days of how truly incapable and limited we are in and of ourselves. God did not send us here to just function from a natural standpoint. In fact, God intends or wants the flow that went through Jesus to flow through us. He wants to produce through us what He produced through Jesus.

Jesus was the forerunner…

And I think we would agree that was supernatural in nature. Well, He was the forerunner that we’re to look to. He’s the one that demonstrated and paved the way and we’re to follow in His footsteps. And He, without a doubt, didn’t just function only … Yes, He functioned as a man, but He leaned greatly in the Holy Spirit. And He leaned on the giftedness and the anointing and the inspiration and the foreknowledge of the Holy Spirit to do what He did on a daily basis in His earthly ministry.

And so I believe God is calling, really drawing our attention and giving us an offer and an opportunity in this new year to step into as staff, as leaders, as pastors, as department heads, as pray-ers, as believers to step into a new space. He knows where we’re at in our spiritual journey. But He knows what we’re capable of in Christ because that’s what we profess in Christ, right?

In Him, we live and move and have our being…

The Bible announces in Him, we live and move and are to have our being. That means we’re to step into Him and the fullness that He brings and the flow that He offers. We all know that Jesus prophetically said to us that there would come a day—and that day is now—when rivers of living water, streams and rivers and flows of living heaven-sent water, abundant waters would flow from the inside of us. That being He was speaking of the Holy Spirit, right? That is perpetually flowing. Heaven is a flow and it’s flowing. And it wants to be released in a greater way in and through you and me… in our church… in our homes… in this next day… in this final hour. So that there is a true supernatural work, so that the time we have that remains is effective and what God intends.

I ask myself sometimes how much do I and what I do, even from a ministry standpoint is what really God wants or intends. And so God wants us to step into the supernatural-ness of what He offers and get real focused on what He intends and what He desires.”

New blueprints from heaven…

This prophetic word goes on to say, “New blueprints from heaven will show the church how to make room for the demonstration of the power of God in our services.”

So I would just grab hold of that right now and start believing for that. New blueprints, new footprints, if you will for a new season.

God always intends for us to have our faith at work. He’s always wanting to stretch us and increase us and cause us to grow and expand in our trust and confidence and reliance in Him. There never should be a day where we just coast. I know we’re human and we’re all guilty of it. But He wants us to apply ourselves to follow Him, apply ourselves to put our roots down deep into the reality of His Word and His ways and what He intends, to step out of the boat perpetually like Peter and be willing to trust Him on the water of the unknown and on the unfamiliar and the inconvenient. Because on the other side of that step of faith, that life of faith, are miracles, signs, and wonders and breakthroughs, and increase that you have no idea of yet that God wants to bring to you.

My personal notes…

I jotted this down here recently that God wants more for you than you want for yourself. He wants more for us as a church, as a ministry in our areas of responsibility than we even are believing for or want for ourselves. So know that the Holy Spirit actively today is working and wants to be involved on the inside of us to prepare us to position us. He is actively leading us, prompting us, graciously coaching us to step into new places that might be unfamiliar to us… new opportunities… new challenges to take up a cause… to pray for what’s unjust and unrighteous that it might be made right… to answer the opportunity to make a difference in a situation, even from a practical standpoint because He wants to bring answers and, once again, new blueprints that are going to lead our church, that are going to lead people into breakthrough and salvations and healings and the plan of God for 2024 and perhaps beyond.

Alright, I’m preaching. I didn’t mean to preach.

But he goes on to say, “It’s easy to fall into the routine of doing church if we don’t regularly press into release God’s supernatural power.”

Last time I remembered, Pastor Mac reminded us this weekend, we can’t just coast or rest on our laurels or what we’ve learned to this point from our intellect. “Well, I’ve done it that way before. I’ll do it this way going forward.” No! God’s sending new blueprints. He has new plans. He has new things for us to embrace that are going to require an abandonment of self and a reliance on Him. Like the Word states: “Less of me, Lord, and more of you.”

2024 year of the open door…

There’s one more here I wanted to share. It has to do with 2024 being the year of the open door. It says, “The Lord spoke to us in a theme, “come up higher in 2024.” The word pertains to two prophetic understandings. Psalm 24:7–10 as already stated. Gates will open or be lifted. The understanding of the Hebrew meaning for the year 5784, the number four in the Hebrew is symbolic of the door. These are important concepts to understand because this is a season where God is calling us to build. We could say to build the kingdom. To do so, there are doors of opportunity we must recognize and go through.

But I would submit that it’s necessary that we hear His voice. The Bible says if you have an ear to hear, hear His voice today. He’s speaking. He’s coaching. He’s mentoring not from the sidelines, but from on the inside. Preparing us, posturing us, bringing us up to a new place. And I wanted to add to that, putting His finger on things that need to be dealt with now, even on the inside in regards to our past, our present, that can’t go into the next season, that you won’t pass or step into that new door of opportunity unless you work with Him and let Him have His way inside of you.

He wants to remove the old wineskins…

Because if He would take whatever that is into the next season, it would defile that season. He wants to remove the old wine skins even in our thinking and in our perspective, in our hearts, and give us a new wine skin that’s going to hold some new things and some greater things and some bigger things that will equip us for the new season, and the doorway we’re about to step through for you individually, for us as a ministry.

So just let Him do that. Invite Him. “Lord, search me on the inside,” as the psalmist once said, “see if there be any wicked or wrong thing in me. Let the hand of your Holy Spirit minister healing and freedom to that trauma, to that pain, to that upset, to that regret, to that shame, to that limited mentality that keeps us stuck in some way.”

God is an inside-out God…

I have always said God is an inside-out God. In other words, what He does concerning His will starts inside and then shows up outside. 1st John 3:2, we all know it. I quote it often: “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as or correlated to your soul prospering and being in health.”

This word goes on to say, “To build the kingdom, let’s say, to do so, there are doors of opportunity we must recognize and go through. Just as God wants to open doors, Satan wants to shut them in our faces. However, we also know that there are doors that are shut by demonic opposition. Others that are shut because God is resisting us or even are trying to protect us from going the wrong way. Great discernment is ours to know the difference. New authority is being released to stop Satan from interfering in our advancement. Doors of influence, doors of opportunities, and doors to obtain wisdom are being open to us. There is warfare at the gates.”

I just want to stop there for a second…

Just know that when you’re interpreting maybe what you’re experiencing in your life or in your area or in a ministry, often there’s opposition, there’s warfare, there’s resistance when you are being birthed in and through a new place. You might be going through a narrow place, but it’s leading to a bigger and better and brighter place. But just know it might be inconvenient and uncomfortable. And you might even say, “Well, what’s going on in my life? Or what’s going on in this situation?” Perhaps it’s just the enemy hindering and harassing and it’s just uncomfortable because God’s trying to birth us into a new space and place and purpose, and a level up in His plan in some way. So just kind of be cognizant of that.

I always just interpret it like kind of unknowns and that resistance or just frustration maybe in some way as, “Okay, I just need to lean in and just take advantage of my intercessor, the Holy Spirit, and let Him pray through me, because He will lead me. He’ll get me through that narrow place and into the new day that He intends. The Holy Spirit wants to birth some things in us so that He can birth some things through us.

Oh, that’s good! I’m glad you agree.

“It might be said that the serpent is by your gate. Do not be detoured from obtaining your new opportunities because there is warfare surrounding those opportunities. It is time for you to flourish in this new season. Flourish means to grow, prosper, thrive, increase, and multiply. Do not be content with merely surviving. God wants you to flourish. If you are not flourishing, examine your root system.”

In other words, what are you drawing from? What are you receiving from? What are you anchored in? Where does your time go? Where’s your focus go? What’s your ear turned toward? What are your eyes on?

Examine your root system…

Are there generational strongholds, roots of bitterness, rejection? Don’t bring the old into the new because it will defile your new season. Perhaps that’s maybe why there’s a delay in some ways. Delay is not a denial. It just might be God’s wanting us to address some things. Own up to some things. Confess some things. Repent of some things. Pray some things out. Confront some things. Have a conversation with someone. Get some things in order. Get some things in alignment. Clean up some things. Clean out some things.

Pastor Lynne did a message years ago where she talked about cleaning out the big log jam up in your heart, how the enemy just clogs and blocks and stops up us even emotionally in our hearts by just all sorts of things. Even just the pollution of life and how so often the Holy Spirit will lead us to places where He just kind of flushes things out and cleans us out so that there is a free flow of God and His plan through us. Because once again, what God does He does through us… through our prayers… through our responsiveness to Him… through our hearts.

Let me finish here…

It goes on to say, “Don’t bring the old and the new because it will defile the new season. New levels of revelation will open to us. After these things…” and then he goes on to quote, which was prophetic in this word, Revelation 4:1, which states, “After these things, I looked and beheld a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I had heard like the sound of a trumpet speaking with us, said, ‘Come up here.’ Do you hear that? You hear that for yourself? The Lord’s saying, ‘come up here.” I don’t know. When I read that, I was like, oh Lord, He’s extending an invitation. Come up! Come up, church. Come up, son. Come up, daughter. Come up here.

If it is even as he said through John and I will show you what must take place after these things. And the final word is “God will release everything you need to fulfill your highest potential.”

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