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Brother DJ…

Thank you, Father, for this good, good Friday in sunny Minnesota. Good morning to everybody who’s here and watching.

His Word is like a honey on our lips. His Word washes us like water washes our body outside. But His Word washes us from inside, our soul washed in the Word of God.

His Word is like a lamp unto our feet. Your Word is a lamp into the darkness.

He gives light to blind eyes. The blind man came back and fell on His feet and worshiped Him. He worshiped Him because he said “I was blind, now I can see.”

The Bible says to encourage yourself in the Lord. Sometimes, we don’t have anybody around us, so we have to encourage ourselves in the Lord by singing hymns and psalms to ourselves. Sometimes you have to preach to yourself. “I will bless the Lord at all times.” We can talk to ourselves. “The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.”

Actually, we talk to ourselves more than we talk to others. So let’s say good things instead of death. There’s no condemnation, no shame, no guilt.

I talk to myself early in the morning. I rise up in the morning and talk to myself, singing “Then sings my soul.” I talk to my soul, “Soul, sing! Body, get up and pray!

I can sing myself out of the bed. I can sing myself out of any issue. Hallelujah!

He said to build yourself up in the most holy faith. How are we doing that? By praying in the spirit, singing psalms and worshiping. That’s the way we build ourselves out of any problem.

We are building ourselves by going to the secret place. Building ourselves up before we go out. Before the enemy comes to start talking, we talk to ourselves before he talks. We get up in the morning and before he starts talking, we start talking. “Oh, we dwell in the secret place of the most high God. We abide under the shadow the almighty God. I say the Lord is my refuge. He’s my fortress. He’s my redeemer. He’s my healer, provider. I will trust you.”

That’s how you talk to yourself. Hallelujah.

We can talk to ourselves morning to night. Oh, there’s no condemnation in Christ Jesus. The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me and you free from the law of sin and death.

We are just talking about the Word.

Praying in the Spirit, getting answers from the Holy Spirit above… He who prays in tongue, speaks not to man, but to God, who searches our hearts and knows the mind of the spirit and pray according to His will.

Sister Cindy praying…

So we’re talking this morning about stirring ourselves up by way of remembrance of all the things that you have spoken to our hearts. All the seeds that have been planted in our hearts, Lord. We water them today by way of remembrance, by way of thanksgiving, by way of lifting you up over all. We magnify you. When our hearts condemn us, you said, Father, that you’re greater than our hearts and you know all things. You’re wanting to reveal to us today, to remind us by way of remembrance.

Father, we thank you that your Holy Spirit reminds us of all the things that our Father is speaking, has spoken, and continues to speak. The living, living Word of God that feeds and strengthens our heart for that is the place where everything flows out of.

So we are to guard our hearts above all things. We open up our hearts today, Lord, that you would search us, that you would sift, analyze, and bring to light anything that’s out of that rhythm, that beautiful melody of life, Lord, and that you would tune our hearts concerning those issues.

We speak to our physical hearts. We speak to our souls. We invite your healing touch today. You send your Word to bring healing and restoration to all the places and spaces that is your temple. We present ourselves to you as alive from the dead, and all our members as instruments of righteousness.

And we would be established in righteousness… established, confirmed, settled, heart and mind, both in agreement and concerning everything and anything you’re speaking to us.

We thank you, Father, for your daily manna. The words that you spoke and the words that you’re speaking that feed us, strengthen us, keep us going.

Thank you, Father, for the blood of Jesus that purges out every defilement, every thought that would bring condemnation, every bit of residue from a past life that has faded away and the new life in God is a life of righteousness, peace, and joy… the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. He’s given it to us. It’s been imparted to us. It goes along with the heritage that no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper. And any that rise up against us and speak out judgment that would condemn, that would cause us to be under and not over is shown to be in the wrong. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and our righteousness is of God through the blood of Jesus.

Excerpt from book “Practicing the Principles of Prayer” by David Pawson…

I’m going to read just a little bit about the blood of Jesus out of “Practicing the Principles of Prayer” by David Pawson.

“Not only have we got Jesus’ teaching. Not only have we got His example, but thirdly when we are praying we have His blood and how much we need it. Let me give you a homely illustration. There are times when I’m doing something to the car. I love messing about with my hands. And it’s very therapeutic for me to do so. I get all oily and messy and then suddenly I find that I need some bolts and some self-tapping screws. So what do I do? I knock at the kitchen door and say, ‘You got to go down to the shop for me.’ Why? ‘Well, because I can’t go like this. I’ll have to spend a lot of time getting the stuff off before I can go and get them. I’m just not clean enough to trot along to the shops to get what I need.’

“It is simple and rather silly illustration. Did you ever stop to think that you are just not fit to go and ask for anything from God? That you’re messy, that you are dirty? How are you ever going to get into the presence and pray? Who shall ascend to the hill of the Lord? Who shall have clean hands? He who has clean hands and a pure heart. How am I going to get there? There is one very simple way. Somebody has called this text the Christian’s bar of soap. The blood of Jesus cleanses from all sin. So when you come to pray, how about washing those hands and that heart in the blood of Jesus?

“There is a retired army officer who before he reads his Bible, always goes to the bathroom and washes his hands. I find this very touching, though I’m not recommending you copy him. It is something that sprang out of his desire to be clean when he came to God. It is a simple thing. You’ve got the blood of Jesus and that is why you can dare to come straight into His presence. Even if you are dirty, you can claim the blood straight away and come clean quite literally. For whoever confesses God is just, and He will forgive and the blood of Jesus cleanses. So you can come clean.

“There’s something more. You come into the realm where there will be evil. You can come into the heavenly places with your prayer. What many people do not understand is that Satan is not down here or there in hell. He is up there in heaven. Ephesians chapter six tells us this, as soon as you get into the heavenly place, you are aware of the evils there and there is a battle. For to pray is to get into the frontline of battle. What do you do about that? Here’s where the blood of Jesus comes right in again, for there is no power like the blood of Jesus against evil, no power that can keep it at bay, like claiming the blood of Jesus. So you have got the blood to cleanse you and you have got the blood to keep evil off you while you pray and battle through. That is something that no other religion can offer because no other religion has the blood of Jesus.”

So we thank you, Father, for the precious blood. The blood that was shed, the blood that was taken up to the mercy seat in heaven. The blood that gives us free access to God’s presence without any sense of condemnation, any inferiority.

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