Morning Prayer for Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Sister Jeannie…

Good morning. Thank you for joining us this morning for prayer.

When Jesus came here… His birthday was surrounded by murder. I’m not bringing down the room when I say that. It was surrounded by just ridiculous warfare. And He was born. And then when He died, He said, “It is finished.” And that’s what we have. That’s our inheritance.

Victory every time in Jesus…

And so, Father, we thank you for that right now, that even as a teeny tiny newborn, you were a conqueror. Nothing, absolutely nothing as a helpless newborn, you still won. Victory every time in Jesus. So just think about a newborn right now, a helpless newborn. That’s Jesus. That’s how He came here, as a helpless newborn in the middle of murder, bloodshed, tyranny, spies trying to find Him. And He won.

Jesus asked the Father, “Why have you abandoned Me”

And right before Jesus said, “It is finished.” Let’s read about that actually, Matthew 27:46, “And about the ninth hour, three o’clock, Jesus cried with a loud voice, my God, my God, why have you abandoned me, leaving me helpless, forsaking and failing me in my need?”

Did you know that was Jesus that said that? Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve said, “You’ve forsaken me, you’ve abandoned me, you’ve left me helpless?” Cause Jesus has. That is so encouraging! There is no condemnation. If you are in a situation right now and your heart’s cry is “I’ve been forsaken, God, where are you God? You’ve left me helpless, God.” Even Jesus experienced that.

And what came next? “It is finished.” I mean, how many layers of comfort and encouragement are within that whole part right there.

I’m just going to add a little more to that encouragement. When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, He wanted to give up. Jesus! He wanted to give up. So here’s Jesus, your Savior. And by the way, if He’s not your Savior, this is a great time to get on board. Think about this. He’s about to be born. And the tyrannical authorities in the land want Him dead. And they’ve got spies. In fact, they’re killing every child that could at all resemble His age. Yet He conquered. Yet He won. And on top of that, He was fully supplied. This is your Savior!

And then when it came time to finish and fulfill His destiny here on earth, He said, “Abba, is there another way? I really don’t want to do this.” Your Savior experienced that. The Word says that we do not have a Savior that doesn’t experience and hasn’t experienced everything we’ve ever experienced. Here’s the distinction. He overcame every one of those experiences. And if He did, so can you! Let’s just marvel at that. The comfort, the encouragement that Jesus, who was God and man… Did you know that you are man who belongs to God? He was the Son of man and the Son of God. That’s you! You know that, right? He’s the King of Kings. We are royalty here on the earth. And Jesus wanted to give up! But because of Jesus and because of His example, we don’t give up. Because He didn’t.

And how did He not give up?

He leaned into relationship with His Father. And then it said He kept going because of the joy set before Him. Think about the vulnerability that Jesus had with His Father to say, “I don’t want to do this.” Can we just go to the Father and admit, “I don’t want to do this.” It doesn’t mean you’re not going to do it. You’re just having a conversation with your dad. That’s what Jesus did. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. So when you want to give up, so did Jesus. When you think you’ve been left and forsaken, so did Jesus. Yes! And what caused Jesus to say, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Isn’t that amazing? That’s quite accusatory, isn’t it? Doesn’t that seem kind of accusatory? He actually said, “I have a question. Why did you forsake me?” Because He had every sin on Him. The effects of every sin, every sickness, every disease, poverty, lack, all of it, it said He didn’t even look like a man. Everything that would try to ravish mankind, everything that would attempt to steal and crush the dreams, the plans, and purposes of mankind, of God’s plan here on the earth, Jesus was experiencing in that moment.

And in the middle of experiencing that, your Savior said, “God, why have you forsaken me?” So when you experience that, when you’re in the middle of whatever you’re in the middle of, and you’re saying, “God, you left me.” You know that Jesus experienced that too and overcame it for you already.

It is finished…

I declare over you today, you will never allow that to condemn you again. You will never allow the enemy to come in and say, “See, you’re discouraged. Your faith isn’t working. Okay, it’s over now.” You won’t allow that anymore. Why? Because Jesus experienced it. And then He said, “It is finished.”

He’s such a good, intimate, raw and real powerful, never lost one time, Father… Savior, Comforter, Encourager. Has Minnesota cried out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Has Minneapolis said, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

And what does the church do?

She declares His finished work over Minneapolis and Minnesota. That’s what we do. And isn’t it awesome that we don’t have to finish it. We are just the enforcers of His finished work. If I was Jesus… Just so you know, I’m not Jesus. The Word says that not everything that Jesus did is in the Book because all the books in the world couldn’t contain it. But isn’t it amazing that the most vulnerable conversations and the most vulnerable moments and transparent moments are there. That we have a God that shows you, look, this is what I experienced. This is what it felt like. I’m giving you an insight into My most intimate, difficult conversations I had with the Father. Because He wants you to know.

Sometimes I think that when we want to give up or when we feel forsaken, the condemnation is worse than the actual wanting to give up and feeling forsaken. Because condemnation tells you there is no hope. I mean, condemnation is hell. It’s hell! Have you ever felt condemned? It’s worse than the actual whatever you’re dealing with because the Spirit of God in you tells you you’ve already overcome. The Spirit of God tells you to speak to situations. Condemnation tells you it’s over. It’s done. You got nothing. Condemnation tells you you’re not loved. You’re not good enough. But the finished work says you have it all and it’s already done and now you just enforce it and hear My Word.

So, Father, I just thank you right now that we are released from condemnation. In fact, we are so released from condemnation that like Jesus, we have those conversations with you, the ones that say, “Isn’t there another way? I’d like to give up? I think you’ve forsaken me.” And because there is no condemnation, we hear your voice. And we move forward because of the joy you set before us. And we hear you, and we see that you’ve already finished it. And we walk out and enforce the finished work. And then fighting in a battle you’ve already won is fun. We get to see and participate in what God already did! It’s like the five-year-old with the pretend lawnmower that’s mowing the lawn with his dad thinking he’s doing it. Right? That’s what we’re doing.

This morning, I couldn’t find my phone. And I had to have my phone because of other meetings this afternoon. And as we were looking for my phone, I kept saying, “Okay, phone, you’re going to find me. You’re going to find me now.” And then the thought occurred to me, “Well, you know what? I don’t really need it. I’ll be fine.” And then Holy Spirit rushed and said, “No! You’re getting your phone. Did you say you want your phone? You get that phone. Don’t leave that alone. Don’t change the subject.”

One of my very most favorite people in the world, Ray and Sandy, he said something one day in his very Ray-way. He’s Pastor Ray, but for me, he’s Ray. He said, “If it drains you, it’s not God.” A great indicator. Even if scripture comes to you and it drains you, just ask Holy Spirit how to apply it. And if it uplifts you, encourages you, and leads you to enforcing His goodness, then that’s the right interpretation.

Father, we just meditate on that even you experienced wanting to give up. Your Son experienced wanting to give up. He experienced, “Isn’t there another way to do this?” He experienced, “Why have you forsaken me?” But what came immediately next was “it is finished” and here’s the joy set before me. And I’m doing it.

And so, Father, I thank you right now that we are encouraged with the joy set before us. Not a wimpy joy, but a powerful, resounding joy that makes knowing we’ve already won fun. Have you noticed… you know, like in different movies or whatever, or even if you’re like a real-life situation, the more lighthearted you are about something, the easier it is to be focused.

I just declare right now over the church a lightheartedness and a sober mind that we become sober minded about victory. We become sober minded about promise. And we become lighthearted about all the “bleh” in the world. Cause that’s already been finished.

Speak to each of us, Holy Spirit. Minister no condemnation to us. Minister finished work to us. We receive that right now. Which is received from you, Father.

Pastors Mac and Lynne one year asked Jesus, “What do you want for your birthday?” Because they wanted to give Him the best. And He said “that you would receive from Me.”

So we receive from you today...

Joy, the fun of it’s already done. Can we get some fun in the church? Can we get some fun? You know, joy is strength. Fun is a weapon. It’s a weapon! Have you ever tried to do something that’s no fun? Make it fun. Ask God, “How can I make this fun?” It’s not a shallow word. It’s powerful. Cut it out with your performance and religion. It’s just fun.

How many times in the Word did they have fun? Was it praisers that went before Jehoshaphat? Do you think they had fun? I think they did. And did the enemy self-slaughter when the people of God had fun? They sure did. Let’s have a good time today.

Do you want to be around someone that’s no fun? I mean, if you’re feeling religious and legalistic, you probably don’t. But do you even like being around yourself? It’s not worth it. Just stop. It’s not worth it! That pride? That pride is so overrated. It’s not worth it.

Father, we just thank you that in the middle of it all, you were born. In the middle of it all, the life that was already laid down for our freedom came to this earth. The battle had already begun, and you’d already won. Even as an innocent baby, with spies in the land, they still couldn’t find you. Because it was already done.

I wonder how much laughing took place in the stable. I think a lot. A lot. You know those nativity scenes that are so reverent and forlorn… like this? I actually purchased a little kid nativity scene that was colorful, with smiling characters, because I just couldn’t abide it anymore.

Hello! It’s His birthday! Oh, praise God.

What if ridiculous victory is upon us in the middle of spies and murder and tyranny and we’d rather you just went away? I’m just going to say it again. What if ridiculous victory was upon you in the middle of spies and murder and tyranny and we just would rather you went away?

What if that was true?

What if that’s our inheritance? What if how Jesus was born was in that exact situation? What if it’s everywhere in the Word that there is ridiculous opposition and God is laughing? And He’s just waiting for His people to smile and have a good time because we’ve already won. What if we don’t need to stay in condemnation. What if we don’t need to do that?

Getting drunk in the Holy Ghost…

A friend of mine had lost her vision and she came to healing school one night. And Pastor Folu was teaching, preaching on getting drunk in Holy Spirit. And my friend and I kept getting drunker and drunker. And the more he would talk about it, people would leave the chapel. And then that would make us laugh even more. And then Pastor Folu would turn it up even more. Loved it. LOVED IT! And when I say drunk in the Holy Spirit, we were just laughing a lot. So then, afterwards, we prayed for my friend. And she was a little bit uncomfortable. I mean, I get it, right? And as we prayed for her, her eyes started to get their color back. Like, the beginning of manifested evidence began. And later on their drive home, Holy Spirit said to me, “You know why that happened, right?” And I said, “Well, tell me.” And He said, “cause you were drunk.” Right? Because you were having a good time. You weren’t all solemn and serious about it. Not that there are times for that, but what if massive joy causes the enemy to self-slaughter? What if you all day today decided to have a blast with God and watched your enemy self-slaughter? What if?

Entertain the thought… Entertain thoughts of victory. Entertain thoughts of dreams coming to pass in the middle of ridiculous opposition. Entertain precedence set in the Word. Come on! What if all those things God told you, He said it because He’s already done it, and He’s just waiting for you to laugh about it? Cause you know it’s done! Wow!

What if maturity is the ability to have more fun? What if that’s the deal. What if maturity is the ability to have more fun? What if a sour face is spiritual immaturity? Ohhh! Because it is!

Father, we speak joy over Israel. We speak joy into the hostage situation right now. Joy and strength. I’m going to be audacious right now and I’m going to speak laughter into every hostage. Joy and laughter. Ridiculous joy and laughter that rises up in a hope that cannot be quenched. Fiery joy. Angels! We talked about this before and I’m talking about it again. Peter was let out of prison thinking it was a dream. By an angel! Father, I’m thanking you for joyful, hilarious, God moments… and then another God moment, and another God moment… and joy, and joy, and joy, and joy, and joy. Let laughter bubble up. The kind of laughter, Father, I’m thinking about the women that were raped over and over again. Father, you give them beauty for ashes. I’m thanking you for beauty right now. I’m thanking you for supernatural healing and wholeness. We call forth those destinies and purposes in the hostages. Father, you said that you set the captive free. These people are literally captives. And we call them free today, and free indeed and coming out. You’re coming out now.

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