Morning Prayer for Thursday, February 17, 2022

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Pastor Ken…

Good morning, everyone. Welcome on this Thursday morning. Welcome to each and every one of you online, joining us from all sorts of different places. We’re so glad that you’re with us.

Father, we just thank you this morning for your faithfulness. Once again, we thank you that we can come and gather digitally, personally here in the chapel under the mighty name of Jesus. Lord, we look to you first and foremost this morning at the outset of our day. We look to you, Lord, the head of the Church, Jesus, for direction, for inspiration, for infilling, for the right flow for this time of prayer, for the right flow for our lives today and our assignment in the natural and in the spirit.

Holy Spirit, we just welcome you and invite you to have free course to move in our midst, to move in our hearts.

Prayer for the Prayer movement…

Father, I pray right now across this prayer movement in Jesus’ name, over our churches today and ministries and families today… We pray and we agree in the name of Jesus for a shift and a change in the atmosphere of people’s souls and in the internal workings of people’s hearts and lives that they would not get caught under a cloud under a stormy place in their emotions and in their minds and in their souls and find themselves stuck.

Prayer for a clearing out of the atmosphere in people’s hearts…

But, instead, we pray for a shift in a clearing out of the atmosphere of people’s hearts and that light and truth, even as the Word describes that your desires, that light and truth would penetrate and be at the center of us. And so we pray for light and truth to invade individuals, to invade the hearts of pastors and leaders and evangelists and teachers and pray-ers and moms and dads and girls and boys and grandparents…

Prayer for a shift in people’s perspectives…

Those of us online or here in this chapel, I pray for a holy shift in our hearts and in our perspective in Jesus’ name … that we wouldn’t get stuck in a repeat cycle, but instead that there would just be an unction on the inside of us… a “want to” a “half to” a holy discontent that I can’t stay here. I’ve got to go. I’ve got to go where God is. I’ve got to do what I know I need to do what God has been prompting me to do for some time. Now I just got to get up and do it now. I’ve got to get up and pray it. Now I’ve got to get up and repent. Now I’ve got to get up and go say I’m sorry to so-and-so. Now I’ve got to go start that. I’ve got to go stop that, whatever the thing is for you, we pray today for a wholesale shifts in people’s hearts and people’s perspectives.

Prayer for the spirit of wisdom and revelation…

We pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you, even as the great apostle Paul prayed… we pray that there would come in this time in our hearts …we pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation just for this time, for this moment, for this hour to rain on you, to rain on your family. To awaken the hearts of the slumbering and the sleeping spiritually… to open the eyes of the blind … to unstop hearts that have been clogged and cluttered and blocked by sin and trauma and loss and pain and problems and distractions.

Prayer for an unplugging, a flushing out of the old…

Today, Father, we pray for an unplugging, a flushing out of the old that has just compiled and grown and heaped upon our hearts and our lives and in our consciousness. So that we’re just like stuck in a place maybe …

Today we command the old to go in the name of Jesus. Today, we speak to our souls and we say, “soul, why are you downcast? Why are you cluttered and burdened by many things, worried and full of fear and anxious and trying to figure this out on your own.” I say, hope in God. Speak to your soul. “Hope in God, soul. Put your hope, put your confidence, put your trust in God.” For I am convinced that I’m going to see life. I am convinced that we are moving forward, that we’re going to see light and change and transformation and God and His glory in the land of the living … even today in Jesus’ name.

And so I pray over you today and I pray for divinely God, ordained, appointed shifts in your circumstances, in your situations… a sudden transformation, a sudden shift, a sudden breakthrough, a sudden answer to prayer, a sudden revelation and understanding of what to do and where to go and who to talk to and how to take care of that situation in the name of Jesus.

Prayer for the Church would come up…

And we pray that we would just come up as a Church overall. We pray that the Church would come up in our functioning. That we would come out of low spiritual functioning and come up to a high place of functioning, a high place of discernment, a high place of operation and co-laboring with the Spirit of God

Prayer for leaders…

Lord, we pray that you would lead us as pray-ers… lead our pastors … lead our leaders … lead the church… in such a way that we come up up, up, up, up and out of the old and into the new, into the new land, into the new place, into the new work, into the flow of God that is flowing vigorously from heaven into the earth and through the Church that we would go with that and not stay on the sidelines and be stuck in the status quo or acquiesce to what we’ve experienced in the past. But instead we pray for a movement and a shift into the new in Jesus’ name…

Prayer for chains to be broken off of people…

I prayed for chains to be broken off people today. I pray for burdens to be removed, yokes to be shattered and obliterated never to be seen before.

Prayer for shifts in people’s circumstances…

I pray for sudden shifts in people’s circumstances and in their souls and in their psychology in Jesus’ name… those things that have been just attached to their minds that have discouraged us and prevented us from seeing as we ought to see and have the perspective that we ought to have.

I pray that that would just be removed and broken off… I lose angels. I lose the hand of God to go to work to do that even now in this place and where you are in… like never before … a move… a mighty supernatural timely move for this generation for this time for the Church in Jesus’ name…

Prayer to break every demonic assignment…

Break it, break it, break it. We break it. We break it. We break every assignment. We break every doctrine, every assignment from beneath, every strategy, every ounce of trickery, every deceptive thing in Jesus’ name that the enemy’s trying to perpetrate in your life, in your family, on your children, your spouse, your grandchildren, in your coworkers, in your business, in your church or ministry or life group … We speak life. We speak hope. We speak grace. We speak encouragement in Jesus’ name.

Prayer to release the flow…

Release it, we release it, we release it. We release that flow. We released that mission. We release that grace and anointing. We release those answers that are needed today. We release that concept, that idea,  that thought, that very thought that we haven’t thought before that you have only thought … those thoughts that you want to give us. We release them… those ideas and solutions we release, we release from heaven to earth, from heaven to our hearts, from heaven to our circumstances and problems and situations.

Declaring breakthrough today… opening up the glory realm…

We speak answers. We speak breakthrough today in the name of Jesus. Opening up the glory, opening up the glory realm. Opening it up … greater, greater, a greater display, a greater opening up … a greater outpouring of God, now in this time, not tomorrow, but now … the Bible says “now” faith is … so now our faith is releasing glory, releasing substance from heaven, releasing the plan of God, releasing the miraculous, releasing breakthroughs, releasing miracles, releasing new thoughts, releasing new songs, releasing new creative elements that you want to bring to the earth that have been prepared and are in the storehouses of heaven, but are intended to come to earth for this time… that heaven would be on earth … than it would be on earth as it is in heaven. And so today we pray for that.

We pray for us individually… for our situations and our homes… and our churches in Jesus’ name … For the political arenas of our nations… we pray for those things to come… we call into existence those elements and those things that have been prepared for our generations, those ministries and those gifts and those songs and those messages and those relationships and even technologically that have yet to be birthed … those breakthroughs in the financial arena, those things that are going to reach people with a big net for salvation and for the kingdom…

We pray, Lord, that it would be on earth as it is in heaven for our generation, for the Church. We’re not content just to muddle through, to get by… But we know that the glory of God was prophesied long ago to fill the earth.

Prayer for the glory of God coming…

We pray, Father, for glory… the glory of God to swell and to overflow and to come in like waves from the sea, wave after wave after wave of glory… We pray for those storehouses of heaven to be released of glory to come to the earth… We command there to be an opening and a coming forth now of that which has been prepared and been held back. Now, it’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming to your house. It’s coming to your church. It’s coming. It’s coming to your doorstep and it’s coming to your phone screen and through social media. It’s coming. It’s coming … the glory of God… the miraculous … it’s coming. It’s coming to your children. It’s coming to your body. It’s coming to your mind. It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s here. Wave after wave after wave, after wave … it’s coming in Jesus’ name

The time is coming when the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord…

The Bible says in… Well, I actually don’t see the verse here… I believe this is Numbers. I don’t have the reference, but it says “Behold, is it not by appointment of the Lord of hosts that the nations’ toil only to satisfy the fire that will consume their work and the peoples weary themselves only for emptiness, falsity and futility. But the time is coming when the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.”

It says in Numbers 14:20, “And the Lord said, I have pardoned according to your word. But truly as I live and as all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord.”

Then in Isaiah 11:9–10, it says “They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain for the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. And it shall be in the day that the root of Jesse shall stand as a signal for the peoples of him shall the nations inquire and seek knowledge. And his dwelling shall be glory.” The Amplified, says “his rest glorious.”

Introduce Kenneth Hagin’s prophetic word…

I wanted to also take a couple of moments and read something that’s been on my heart for a couple of weeks now. And I was looking for the right time to share it. But it’s a prophetic word that came forth from one of Kenneth Hagin’s prayer seminars a number of years ago. I believe and I’ve heard other people kind of reference this recently to other well-known ministers. And, I believe it’s timely for us now and what God is wanting to do. And it’s prophetic of our hour and our time where we’re seeing the Word and the Spirit of God come together for a mighty outflow of heaven as we’ve been praying, an outflow of the Word and the Spirit to bring forth the wonderful works of God in our generation. It’s happening! The devil took his best shot with COVID with all the unrest we’re seeing and still seeing the threats of war.

Jesus even said there’ll be wars and rumors of wars so don’t freak out. Well, that’s what He would say if He were here today. “For I’ve overcome them.” They will come, but they will go. At the end of the day, His glory is going to fill the earth. At the end of the day, if we will stand resolute in our trust and confidence in Him, we are going to see the goodness of God in the land of the living.

That’s your life. That’s your circumstances. I’m prophesying over you today. Don’t lose hope! The wave the white flag. Don’t give up. We are the blood-bought, redeemed of the Lord. We’re the children of the most high God. The craziness that we’ve experienced collectively in our culture and in the world and maybe in your life is because the devil hates us.

Get used to it, Devil. He hates you because he’s out and you’re in. You’ve been chosen. You’ve been bought and paid for by that precious blood. You’ve been redeemed and sanctified and set apart. You’ve been qualified, justified, made right in the Father’s sight just as you are… not because of what you did, but because what He has done.

I know you know that but it’s good to be reminded. It’s good to be reminded of your new self, that you’re new creature in Christ.. One translation says that never existed before, right? You are somebody, someone once said. You are child of God, a son of God, a daughter of God.

You have a heavenly Father that is so vast and so all encompassing and so all powerful and so all creative and so on and on and on that your mind does not even have the capacity to wrap thoughts or imaginations around the fullness of who He is. We’re so limited that partly why we pray is so that He would give us some new thoughts… so that He would inspire us … as He has down through the centuries. He’s the one that has inspired certain things in medical science to bring healing through the physical arena. He’s the one that inspired certain technologies that we enjoy… certain things that have been breakthroughs in the scientific realm.

Oh, the enemy has tried to leverage and steal and hijack some of those things for his purposes. But the good things that we enjoy even in the natural were inspired originally in the heart of a man or woman who prayed that God gave them that thought… God gave them that idea. And God is transmitting new ideas today. New thoughts today. And one of those collection of thoughts is that we are called to be spiritual giants, that we are His sons and daughters. That we are someone more than we realize. Not because of us, but because of Him.

And so we can rise up in that knowledge. We can stir ourselves up and step up into the understanding of the new person that we’ve become in Him. And march forward and move in concert and in step with God and start to see the supernatural in manifestation in our lives and through our lives.

Brother Hagin shared some interesting thoughts under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He prophetically shared this once upon a time. And again, I think this is exactly what we’re seeing and I’m seeing it now even in the natural on social media. There’s ministries… I think I shared one ministry I know of that a young woman, like 31 years old, and she’s traveling the world. She preaches on at a park in Los Angeles. Devils are being cast out because don’t you know in this hour, there are a lot of… we don’t talk a lot about them in church, but there are a lot of demonic assignments … there are a lot of demonic things that have attached themselves to people through deception and all sorts of things, all sorts of ways.

But at the end of the day, Jesus is still here through His Spirit and through the Church to overcome evil with good. To cast out devils, yes, in the 21st century. Yes, I said that on social media.

He came to set the captives free, to call dead people out of tombs… not just physically, but emotionally and relationally and in their minds. He calls dead things to life. That’s the message of the Gospel. That dead things can rise again and be resurrected. The Gospel starts with “The stone has been rolled away. The tomb is open and it’s empty. And Jesus is alive.” That is prophetic of any area of your life that you’ve experienced death. He wants to bring forth life.

And one of the ways He does that is He drives out demonic entities from people’s lives in different ways… different things that have attached themselves … mindsets and struggles that people deal with year after year.

Brother Hagin prophesied about some of these things. And actually he kind of points out three specific things that would come in this move of God that we’re stepping into right now. And we’re seeing happen and transpiring.

Brother Hagin…

He said in this move that is about to come and even you’re on the edge of it right now, it will not be altogether something new that you’d never seen. It’ll be a combination of everything you’ve already seen put together and then plus a little bit more. In this move that is just about to spring upon you, there will be a manifestation of casting out of demons that you haven’t seen yet. Now some have drawn back from casting out demons and the Spirit of God said I began to move along that line a few years ago and men aborted the move. They mixed some of their own thinking in on it. And they tried to control it and do according to a pattern and according to the way they think it ought to be done. But you haven’t seen anything yet of what you’re going to see in dealing with demons. Oh, you better believe it.

You better believe it, Devil, we’re coming after you. The Church is coming after you! “Oh, I can’t believe Ken said that.” Get used to it. Either you know who you are or you don’t. Either you’re afraid of the enemy and all his devices including sickness, or you’re not. Either you’re a bold as a lion or not. Either you’re strong in the Lord or not. Come on now! I’m not playing Church! We’re not playing church. You’re not supposed to be playing church. You’re supposed to be lit with fire. You’re supposed to be spiritual giants now on the earth with no hesitation to step out into the assignment God has for you, with no hesitation to boldly declare and decree what God has spoken over you. That’s what faith is. It’s simply hearing from God. It’s simply saying what He said about you and saying what should be, could be, and should be in your life, in your church, in your circumstances, and in the world.

I mean, Christianity is an open-book test. Just open the book! Open the letters to the Church. Open the Gospels. Open the prophetic narrative of the Old Testament that points to the New Testament and just go with it! Immerse yourself in it. Nourish yourself with it… speak it… pray it… prophesy it… take it for you and your own … for you and your nation … for you and your church. We’re called to write history to change history, to reroute destinies in lives.

Brother Hagin went on to say, “But you haven’t seen anything yet of what you’re going to see in dealing with demons. For demons are let loose on the earth.” Some people say, “Well, there’s a demon around every quarter,” and then they get mocked for that. Well, the truth is, there’s probably five around every corner. I mean, if you’re going to bring the Bible into it. I mean, we know that he’s here. He’s called the lowercase god of this world. And literally from the original Greek means the god of the atmosphere surrounding the earth or the parallel universe all around us. We have no idea, but we do know what God’s idea is and how we’re to deal with them and how we’re to carry ourselves. And prayer as Pastor Lynne has taught through the years, it pushes back darkness. While there are demonic entities, maybe in certain places where you go in the world or your life, trust me, when you get praying in the Holy Ghost, when you get to worshiping and praising and proclaiming God’s Word and carrying yourself like somebody that you are in Christ, those entities and influences, and spirits of fear and trauma and upset and turmoil and failure and whatever, all kinds of demonic entities and assignments… you better believe they get pushed back when you come to walking and moving and speaking and praying.

The demonic entities are assigned assignments, just like you and I are in the demonic realm. And they have to produce like a salesperson almost. And if they don’t, they hear from their leader, so to speak. And maybe there’s torment and turmoil and whatever, all kinds of bad things happen to them too in that realm. So they’re motivated to try to inflict the enemy’s plan on our lives. They’re motivated to try to steal, kill, and destroy as the Bible says. That’s their MO. So you can’t just live however… you can leave your life to chance anymore. That never was the case. But especially now. The Bible is very clear that not only did He forgive us once and for all and for all time and wash us from our sins and take care of the sin issue. But it’s also clear that He went further than that. The God of heaven through Jesus to equip us, to anoint us, to grace us, to put a full supply of weapons in our toolbox. That we would be fully armored and fully arrayed in the power of the Almighty.

Go back and read in Ephesians, the armaments that you possess. And one of them is prayer. The lance of prayer. It’s meant the lance of prayer… the lance in the Roman times was a long spear that you hurled, and it was designed to take out the enemy before the enemy got in close quarters with you. And that’s what prayer does. It pushes back darkness so that it doesn’t even encroach you.

Prayer pushes back the darkness, prayer pushes back demonic entities and their strategies and their deceptions and their oppression. The Bible says oppression is supposed to be far from us, but it’s not up to God to do anything more. In fact, nowhere in the New Testament does it ever say that you’re to pray to God that the Holy Spirit would do anything about the devil. Because the revelation especially Paul to the early churches through the letters written to the churches, reveal that he’s already done something “past tense” about our common enemy. He’s been dealt a death blow as far as he’s concerned. And Jesus is now seated at the right hand of the throne of God, spiritually speaking. And He delegated that authority and that dominion and that power and that badge of spiritual dominion to us. It’s up to us. It’s up to you to submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. It’s up to you to take time to pray in the Spirit, to get the rivers of God flowing so that the enemy is always at a distance. It’s up to you the Bible says, if you’re afflicted and going through a tough time, experiencing adversity to pray. Let him/her who’s going through a tough time pray.

Oh yeah, we take advantage of prayer of agreement. And we’re a part of a community. Absolutely. And we come together and we are strong exponentially because of that. But I’m just challenging you today. What would be different for you tomorrow, next week, next month, in a year, if you would give yourself to your assignment and to your place of prayer? I don’t mean just casually or if you get around to it, or if it happens to work out this week. It shoots to the top of your priority list. Or as Pastor Lynne has taught us that prayer really isn’t even a priority. It is your life. It’s your calling. It’s your high calling and business to pray. Yes to act and yes to step and yes to say and yes to do. But only after we have communed and been with the One who’s done it all for us already.

Well, we sync up and we let Him flow naturally, spiritually, financially… there is a far reaching, all encompassing, never ending supply that has been provided through the cross and the resurrection of Jesus. And prayer is our opportunity to plug in and flow with God and see that abundance.

But we have a full array of armaments. We have a shield of faith that you have a responsibility to lift up to extinguish those darts and arrows of the enemy. You have a helmet of salvation to remind yourself of who you are and what you’ve received and what you walk around with every day. It’s not a past tense thing I did at the altar 10 or 30 years ago or something. Your helmet of salvation is something you should be wearing every day. And you should be wearing feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, because you are student and one who meditates on the promises and on the revelation of who God is and what He thinks and what He wants. And it brings you peace.

You’re to take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. A double-edged always sharp, gleaming in the darkness sword that you’re able to run the enemy through with at any moment’s time. With that Word in your heart and that Word on your lips. As pray-ers, we ought to be a people of the Word. Make no mistake about it. That’s one thing that we have laid down as a foundation here at Living Word is prayer flows from a foundation of the Word. And we need to be skillful with that Word. We need to be going back to it day after day, week after week, year after year. Right? Studying it out, being students and being those who meditate on it. So that sward is always in our hands.

That’s why Jesus was so adept with the enemy. When He’d say, “get thee behind me, Satan,” when He was in the wilderness, He knew exactly how to skillfully use the right word at the right time in the right way to run the enemy through, as they say with the sword. It sounds a little bloody, but hey! We’re talking spiritual warfare here. You better believe it’s bloody so to speak in the spirit. If you’re just kind of tiptoeing through the tulips, then you need a wakeup call, especially if you’re going to pray and you’re going to endeavor to follow God and do what He has for you. You got a target on you. We don’t have to be fearful of that, but we need to be wise. The Bible says we’re to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. That means be a arrayed every day with your spiritual armament. Become skillful with the Word in prayer… skillful with the Word on your lips… skillful with the Word. It may just be one word can change your life. One word skillfully uttered from the lips of a child of the most high God can change everything today.

And I am prophesying and declaring that your life can be altogether different. You can be the most changed person in all of the world a week from now a month from now certainly a year from now if you will take the Word of God, not as a suggestion, but as a command and you will become skillful in the Word and skillful in prayer and skillful in the exercise of your authority. It will change everything and it will change you first.

[Here is the prophetic word Pastor Ken shared without interruption.]

042883 Casting Out Demons

Kenneth E. Hagin, Prayer Seminar, April 28, 1983

“In this move, in this move, in this move that is about to come, and even you’re on the edge of it right now. It will not be altogether something new that you’ve never seen. It’ll be a combination of EVERYTHING you’ve already seen put together and then … plus a little bit more. In this move of God that is just about to spring upon you, there will be a manifestation of casting out demons that you haven’t seen yet. Now some have drawn back from casting out demons. And the Spirit of God said, “I began a move along that line a few years ago and men aborted the move. They mixed some of their own thinking in on it and they tried to control it and do it according to pattern and according to the way that we THINK it ought to be done.” But you haven’t seen anything yet of what you’re going to see in dealing with demons. For demons are let loose upon the earth. They’re going about as never before because they know their time is short! And so in this multiplication, this advance of demon activity, there will be the activity of the Holy Ghost. Demons that have harassed men, demons that have held ministries in check will leave. And you have not seen yet what you will see in the area of dealing with demons, casting out demons, exercising authority over demons. And we’re about to step into it like you’d step through a door into another room.

And secondly, saith the Spirit of God, You have not seen the revival of divine healing that you’re about to see. Oh yes, you saw those that I raised up. You’ve seen men and women mightily used of My Spirit. I sent them forth as a pilot program to try to train you. But many just looked at them and lifted them up. And some of them were lifted up in pride and the anointing left them. And some became money minded and lost the anointing. But there will arise a group in this day that’s a brand-new breed. They’ll not be greedy of filthy lucre. They’ll not be wanting to attract attention unto themselves. They will “care less whether God uses me.” They’d rather God would use you.

And God will not just use ministers, He’ll use laymen. And there’ll be a revival of divine healing such as you have not seen in your lifetime, or read about, or heard about, saith the Lord! And a revival of the supernatural… not only the supernatural in casting out devils… not only the supernatural in healing the sick… not only the supernatural in speaking with other tongues, but the supernatural in the realm of the seen realm.

Men will see the glory of God. A cloud will hang over certain congregations, even the church building for days at a time. And everybody that passes by, sinner and saint alike, will say, “Well what in the world is that? I’ve never seen anything like that.” And there will be in other places, the fire of the Spirit… Oh yes, in the spirit realm some of us have seen it. In the spirit realm, we’ve been conscious of the fire of God. But the fire will actually come into manifestation. And there’ll be people, sinners as well as saints, that will see fire all over the heads of the people. There will be people driving down the street or down the highway and they’ll see fire on top of the buildings. And they’ll come and say, “What does all this mean?” But you see the Lord will use signs of His presence to bring people in the last days into the fullness of His Spirit and into full salvation.

And signs, signs! What kinds of signs? Miraculous things in the realm of the Spirit! And then they’ll be manifested in the realm of the physical. And the glory of God will fall. And the power of God will be in manifestation. And men will—and women too—will even be transported like Philip was and found in another place. And great! GREAT! GREAT! Shall be the reward thereof. For the Lord God is the same God today as He was yesterday. His power has not diminished. And His name is still the same. Today He can make the iron axe-head to float. Today He can divide the river just for two men to cross over on the other side. Today He can feed five thousand with a little boy’s lunch. He is the miracle-working God. Brag on Him! Lift Him up! Draw attention unto Him! Tell about how great He is. Get up in faith and tell what great things He’s going to do. And He’ll move and keep His Word with you! And MANY shall be astonished.

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