Message from Pastor Lynne Hammond

Dear Pray-ers,

This past week, Israel publically expressed their deepest concerns regarding Iran’s nuclear intent. Israel is on high alert, and the Israeli public is being prepared should Israel take action to defend herself against any existential threat posed by Iran. The Israeli Air Force is actively flying, and the military is fully prepared. In addition, talks with Iran are happening in Austria, and over the past few weeks, Iranian proxies are strengthening their positions in nations surrounding Israel. It appears all sides are prepared for a full confrontation.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz is meeting with his counterparts in the U.S. to discuss the current concerns with Iran. He is quoted as saying, “We need to prepare ourselves for any possibility in order to defend the state of Israel. We are developing capabilities, and we need to continue to strengthen them,” Gantz said.

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Join with me in a prayer of agreement for:

  • Discernment, wisdom, and courage for all Israeli leadership, military, and authorities 
  • That all evil schemes of the enemy will be discovered and aborted in advance of causing harm
  • Protection for the Israel population as well as the global Jewish communities
  • Hedge of protection over all the borders of the Covenant Land: air, land, sea, and underground

Psalm 83, 91, 121–122, Isaiah 54:17

Thank you for praying for Israel and the Jewish people.


Lynne Hammond 

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