Prayer Summary for December 6

Morning Chapel Prayer Playlist
Morning Chapel Prayer Today


Father, we thank You that You are near
We come together and lift up the name of Jesus
Yes, we want to connect and engage with You more today than ever before
Saturate our hearts and our souls, Lord
Calling for sickness to flee in the mighty name of Jesus
Jesus, we cast down all fear, panic, and anxiety
You are going before us and preparing a way
Father, You are working out all things for our good, and we give You glory for it
Thank You for forgiveness, that we can be free from the bondage of that, Lord
Fill our hearts, and we thank You for the manifested power of Your Holy Spirit
We turn our hearts, our attention, and our eyes toward You
Yes, we look to You and ask You to come and have Your way in and through us
You are the center of our lives, and we give You all the glory for it
We love You, we worship and honor You, and we magnify You, Lord
Jesus, You are bigger than every problem we are facing
Father, You are more than enough, more than we could ask, think, or imagine
Thank You that Your grace, mercy, and peace is more than enough every day!
We receive it and we thank You for it, Lord
Holy Spirit, we welcome You in this place
Yes, we wait on You, thank You for providing a way through the darkness
You are leading and guiding us through these last days
Father, You are taking us by the hand and leading us through the adversity
Holy Spirit, we welcome You in this place, we give You the freedom to move in us
You are a good Father, You are kind, generous, and patient
We offer up all that we are to You, Lord
Father, we leave every weight, every sin, and every mistake down at Your feet
Yes, we receive an abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness
You have provided us with everything we need to fulfill the call and plan You have for us
We receive the ministry of the Holy Spirit to us and through us in Jesus’ name
Jesus, You are the way, the truth, and the life!
Breathe on our hearts, on our souls, and on our families today, Lord
Fuel and fill us with Your presence, for we want to be a people of the way
We pray for an opening of eyes, eyes of people’s hearts today
Declaring that there would be an awakening in the souls of each and every believer
Thank You for the light and the truth that penetrates the hearts of Your people
Calling for a stirring and an awakening today, we call for a spiritual revival
We pray for a great pouring out of Your Spirit among Your people, Father
Declaring that there is a shedding of this world and a shedding of the past
Yes, we will take hold of Your Word and Your Spirit in these last days
The deep is calling out to the deep!
We open our lives and our hearts to You… invade us, renew us, and prepare us
It is time to leave behind the old ways, the unredeemed ways, and the sinful ways
It is time to leave the past in the past, it is time to let go of what binds us
The Spirit of God is moving, He is alive and well!
We proclaim that You, Lord, are alive and well and that You are on Your throne!
Yes, we will let go of that, and we will open up the passage ways to Your Spirit, Lord
Holy Spirit, You are interceding on our behalf
We are stepping into the path that You have for us, and we will walk in it
Jesus, You are standing at the doorway, waiting on us
Help us, Lord, to be awakened and see that You are standing at the door
You are here, and You are doing a new thing in us and we thank You for it
We welcome You in this place, Lord
Praying for entrances to hearts to be opened in the name of Jesus
Calling in a harvest of souls to be brought in to Your kingdom
We hunger for more of You, more than ever before, Father
Yes, we invite You into this place
Thank You for wholeness, freedom, and restoration
We invite You into our nation’s capital, Lord
Father, we pray that You would fill every room in our nation’s capital
You are pulling down strongholds today!
We pray for restoration in America, You are bringing forth Your plan and purpose
Praying for each and every leader that You would grant wisdom unto them, Lord
Fuel the fire of God in the seats of authority in this nation!
We call up men and women who have been hidden under the hand of God for such a time as this
Praying for peace over those chaotic situations that are going on in our nation
You have anointed and prepared men and women in leadership, and we plead the blood over them
Thank You that Your will and Your plan are coming forth in these last days
You are the God of the impossible!
We pray for churches, there is a shifting and a transition that is taking place today
Holy Spirit, You are leading and guiding pastors and churches
Churches must open, and we pray and command for church doors to open!
Yes, we will assemble together, and we pray for a birthing of new churches and Bible studies
We pray for an expanding of the Church, that there would be room for the harvest to come
Praying for God-ordained assignments to go into the darkness and reap the harvest
The fire of God is spreading all across this nation and across the church
Calling in the harvest of healings, signs, and wonders
We pray for an orienting of the Church, that You would set us on right courses
Yes, we will obey, and we will give our lives to You once again, Lord
Holy Spirit, we worship, yield, and love You
Praying for holy fire to hit the Church, fire that purges and cleanses
You are making a way where there seems to be no other way
Calling for fire in the hearts, fire in the home, and fire in the church house
Holy God sent fire in the hearts and in the heads of the believers
Thank You for an even greater manifestation of Your Spirit, Father
The Spirit and the Word are coming together
Yes, there is a reviving of our children, and those that have fallen away from God
We reach out and we take hold of those that have fallen away to come back to You
Calling for light and truth to penetrate their hearts and their minds
You are making a way for them to come back, Father
Praying for a stirring of Your Spirit all across this nation and around this world
There is a greater yearning in each and every believer, Lord
We hunger and thirst for more of You and more of Your Spirit
Calling for an invasion, we call for an invasion of God in our hearts and our souls
Breaking down every obstacle that would try to hold us back in the name of Jesus
The Church is rising up today, awakening today!
We declare a pathway for our God
The atmosphere is clearing out, for the Holy one has risen and is on His way
Holy Spirit, You are leading the way, showing us the way and making a way!
Father, You are making a way, where there doesn’t seem to be any other way
We are ready, heaven is going to burst on the scene, and there is a coming together
Calling for preparation, ready us for the coming of the Lord
There is a revival that is taking place in these last days
Yes, we will be ready, we will get ready!
Declaring alignment today, those things are coming in line in Jesus’ name!
We lift up all of those in the East, we cover them in the blood of Jesus
Praying for mercy and grace to surround those in the East, Lord
Father, we pray for those people who are being persecuted for their faith
We lift them up and we pray that You would make a way for them
Infuse them with Your Spirit, we pray for protection over them
Praying for openings in the name of Jesus
Declaring for an increase in the move of God, an increase in the harvest of souls!
There is an increase in resources for each and every believer
We love You Jesus, thank You, Lord
Tune our hearts and our ears to Your Holy Spirit
Help us to hear and respond to You with a renewed sense of awareness

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