GPAN 12-11-15


Your strength is made known in our weakness
Looking unto You the author and finisher of our faith
For speaking to our hearts and showing us good
For Your unfailing love and constant presence with us
Thank You, Jesus, for sending Your precious Holy Spirit
Resting in confidence that You love us
No weapon formed against us will prosper and any tongue that rises up against is condemned
We are the apple of Your eye bought with such a great price
Thank You for loving us and telling the Father that You would take our place
Only You alone our worthy
Life is not worth living without You
Father, we allow Your Holy Spirit, Your words to be our guide
As You speak to us we speak to others
Coming into the truth that You are an eternal God
When You speak, it is absolute – no shadow of turning in You
That our eyes would be enlightened, when You say it is going to be okay, it’s going to be okay
Start rejoicing!
All deceptions, be thou plucked out and thrown into the sea
This is a time for victory and joy unspeakable and full of glory
This is the time for healing the broken hearted, for restoring sight to the blind
Today we can rejoice that salvation has come
No longer worry in the night seasons
Those that trust in You, Father, teach them to rejoice
We take authority over a spirit of depression – be loosed in Jesus’ name
Great Joy and Great Victory – free at last!
Breaking the bonds of the Devil in the name of Jesus
Say unto that mountain – be thou removed!
Supernatural changed – there one minute and gone the next!
Every one of Your children skipping and leaping and praising You!
Testifying of the goodness of the Lord
Thank You, Father, for speaking to the hearts of men
Old things are passing away
New beginnings – it’s time for the new
The great exchange – turning into great joy and victory
Spirit of joy! Spirit of joy! Spirit of joy!
Thank You, Father, that we can get together and go forward together
For this Christmas season and bringing joy to our family and friends
Thank You for a blessed today and tomorrow in Jesus’ name

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