Prayer Summary for December 14


The following excerpt is taken from Prayer Secrets by Kenneth E. Hagin:

Agreeing and Praying in the Spirit

I remember Smith Wigglesworth telling about an English Presbyterian lady who had gone to his mission and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

(You may have experienced that yourself when you first received; you thought everyone would be happy for you, but you found out later that maybe they were not so thrilled!)

This lady went back to her church and started speaking in tongues, whereupon they threw her out. Her husband was on the board, and they told him that he would have to put a stop to it, or else they would have to excommunicate her for good.

He went home angry and informed her that she would have to choose between the Holy Spirit and him. He would give her ten days to make up her mind. She sent word for Wigglesworth to come to pray for her.

When he came, he saw that her face and eyes were red from crying. She told him that he was too late. Nonetheless, Wigglesworth assured her that God never sent him anywhere too late. She related the story and added that it was the tenth day.

At the breakfast table that morning her husband had asked her what her decision was. She told him that she could not give up the Holy Spirit, so he packed and left. Wigglesworth told her that if they agreed in prayer, her husband would be back. She replied, “You don’t know my husband!”

He answered, “No, I don’t know him, but I know my Jesus.” She informed him that her husband never went back on his word. After a little time Wigglesworth succeeded in showing her what the Word said. He told her that all they had to do was to agree on earth. Finally, she agreed to agree with Wigglesworth.

They prayed and asked that her husband would come back. While they were praying, she began praying in the Spirit. Wigglesworth told her that when her husband came back that night (he didn’t say “if”), she should be very nice and act as if nothing had happened at all. He added that after her husband went to bed she should go to another room to be alone, start praying in the Spirit, and when she was in the Spirit, she should go quietly and lay her had on him and claim his soul.

Wigglesworth left, and the woman’s husband came back that evening. She cooked him his favorite supper and later when she was praying while he was asleep, she laid her hand on him and claimed his soul. The minute she touched him, he jumped out of bed and asked the Lord to save him. He then confessed that he was a board member of the church but was not really saved. He was converted, and a few minutes later he was also filled with the spirit. This all happened because Wigglesworth and this woman had agreed in prayer.


Holy Spirit, we welcome Your presence in this place today
We honor, worship, and magnify Your precious holy name—Jesus!
Thank You for the anointing that is residing on the inside of us
Your words bring strength, peace, and joy
Nothing is impossible through You, Lord
The Holy Spirit is speaking, leading, and guiding us today!
No, we cannot lose, because He has already won on the cross for us
We have the victory, the battle is done!
The power of the Holy Spirit is working in and through us
Jesus—Your name is above every other name
The blood of Jesus is changing those situations, today!
Thank You, Father, for Your holy written Word
You said that we could have what we pray for when we agree together
Mysteries are being revealed, hidden things are being uncovered!
We will continually lift up Your name and give You all the glory
No, we will not stay the same, but we will be an ever-changing vessel
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear those things You are revealing to us
We pray for an even greater outpouring of Your Spirit, Father
Hidden things, be uncovered and revealed
Opening up our eyes to see things that we have never seen before
Show us the ways to walk, that we have never walked before
New territories, new authorities!
Speaking by the Spirit, bringing forth greater demonstrations
Declaring the blood of Jesus over the body of Christ
Lifting up those in positions of authority in the Church, today!
Thank You for the grace that You have sent to cover us, Lord
We lean not on our own understanding, but we put all of our hope and trust in You
Some things haven’t changed, but we declare that they will change!
Calling for those ways to be made straight, Lord
We declare that those low places will be made high, and the high places to be made low
Clear and smooth out those ways for the Church to go through, Father
Limitations, be removed in Jesus’ name!
Supernatural divine connections are being made today!
Every member and every part will take the place of authority You have called us to
Operations by Your Spirit to bring about a change and rearrange
Supernatural change of and by Your Spirit, dear Lord
Strengthen us, Father
A paradigm shift is taking place today!
Praying for a greater revelation of and by Your Spirit, dear God
Reveal, transmit, and disclose those things of the Father to us
Give us ears to hear and eyes to see those things the Spirit is revealing to us
You, Father are preparing the way
Your arm is not too short to perform that what You have said
Greater activity of and by Your Spirit
Movement and motion, coordination and cooperation with You and with Your Word, Father
Adhering to Your Word and to Your Spirit
Alignment in the body of Christ in Jesus’ name!
Walking carefully, accurately, and circumspectly before You, Father
We desire to please You, Lord
The glorious Church arising, standing up, and shining brightly
Greater ascension by Your Spirit to the place and to the plan
Bringing every thought into captivity
Demonstrations and operations full of love, full of mercy, and full of compassion, Father
We give You all that we are, Lord
Praying over the rivers, tributaries, and streams, calling to them and speaking over them
Pleading the blood over the beginnings, how they unfold, increase and come together
Give us answers and revelation about the assignments
They must come forth, they must flow and grow
Cooperation in Jesus’ name!
Answers come forth at the right time in Jesus’ name!
Those gates must be opened at this time and at this hour
We are looking for a great release now, Father
A divine release of Your power, connecting to Your purpose
Purposes laid out and revealed by Your Spirit, defined by Your Word
A definite purpose and a definite plan, Father
There is much at stake now!
Accuracy in that realm, clearly defined by Your Spirit
Applying the blood of Jesus over every detail, step by step, moment by moment
Every part, converging together now!
Assistance of and by Your Spirit, O God!
Operating in Your authority this day!
Hindrances and lack we push you back, we take authority over you in Jesus’ name
Be free in the name of Jesus!
Unlimited, unrestrained, not held back, but freedom and victory!
There is a contending there for the fullness of it
Furtherance of the spirit
We bind that lying devil in Jesus’ name!
No, we will not be stuck and limited, but we will be loose and free!
It is in the finishing, Father
Give us wisdom from the highest kingdom and strength from the almighty God
You have called us for such a time as this
Stability in Jesus’ name, we call for the Church to be stable!
Your mind fixed and focused on Him and His Word
No, we will not come down, in the name of Jesus!
A great stirring now, Father
Arising to the true height of Your Word, clothed with Your Spirit

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