Prayer Summary for May 7

The following prophecy was given by Kelly Lynnes on Sunday, June 4, 1995, at Living Word Christian Center:

Minutes, hours and days go by. They go by never to be seen again in time. Oh, some draw back and some go forth. Some step out of the way and some stay on course. Oh, these are days of destiny, says the Lord. And I have prepared a way for you to walk in. I have prepared a way for you to function in this day and this hour. For I have made you to be vessels of My glory and power. Oh, time. Time goes by. How you use your time will determine how we enter into the days and weeks and months ahead. Time with Me in the throne room, don’t you see. Time with Me in My presence alone. I will speak to you and I will impart to you, even the unknown, that which your eye has not seen and your ear has not heard. Oh, it will be known to the Church in this hour if she has ears, to hear. For I am preparing a body to be a trophy. To be those that demonstrate My love and My glory and My power in this hour. Draw nigh unto Me and I’ll draw nigh unto you and you will be a prepared people.

But as the minutes go by, as the hours go by, and as days are spent, Oh My people, hear My voice tonight, spend your time with Me. Invest your time in My presence. And you will reap great rewards. For you will be changed into another man; into another woman. And you will do things that you never thought possible that you could do. Yes, stay on My course and I’ll bring you through. Get your mind out of the way. Yes, the Spirit, that you do obey. For out of your bellies shall flow rivers of living water, and you will see miracles, signs and wonders and it will be an open door unto you. For yeah, I set doors of opportunities before you. Doors to be walked through. Not to be looked at. Oh, not to be observed and go “Oh, what a door of opportunity has been given to me.” No, if you will stay in My presence, I will equip you to walk through that door and it’s as you walk over that threshold, with a step of faith, I will meet you’ with My power. Oh yes, you see this is the Church’s fate. Destiny. Destiny. Think about your destiny. Oh, my, my, my.

So many have let time slip by; so many have let years go by unattended to the Word. Unattended to My voice and, oh, they are seemingly out of the way. But I say unto you this night, if you will repent, if you will come on back to Me, I will set you in your place again and I will make you what you ought to be. I will clothe you with glory from on high and I will send you forth to be a light in this dark world. Time. Time. Time with Me.

The following prophetic song was given by Tim Amstutz on Sunday, June 4, 1995 at Living Word Christian Center:

Spend time with Me. I’m calling you to Me. Spend time with Me. I am calling you to spend time with Me. My little ones, spend time with Me. There is not much time. The hour is near. My return is at hand. You need what I have to give; you can only get it when you spend time with Me. Can’t you hear My Spirit call? Lay aside every weight that would cause you to look to the left or the right, everything that would steal you away from time, from time with Me. For guard your heart and guard your mind, fill yourself with the Word that I have given, and spend time in My presence, giving Me praise, giving Me the worship I created you to give. I created you for Me, for no one else, for I am your God, I and I alone am your God, and I’m a jealous God, I’m jealous of your time, have no other gods before Me, I created you for Me, I created you My child, for Me. So come into My presence, come into the place that I have prepared for you, come on up higher, come up higher, I’m calling you higher, come on higher, come on up to where I am, come to the place where My presence abides, into that place into the holy of holies, where My presence is, where My glory abides, come on up higher, come to the place where I am, oh I’m calling you tonight, don’t you hear My voice, can’t you feel My presence?


We thank You, Father, for Your presence
Desiring to do only Your will
We drink of You, Father
Drawing nearer and nearer to You with such purpose
None other will satisfy
We lay aside every weight; the business of life
Father, fill us with You that we can walk out our destiny

A Word of the Lord came forth:

“Steps, pathways, walkways, streets are calling you into what you would say is new. To Me it is not new but to you it will be, it shall be, and it is a new day. I prepared, preplanned it and set it within each one of you. These specific steps, avenues, walkways, pathways, you could say plans, purposes. But in Me, through you, I’m calling you through up into some new. By faith, by faith, trust in My presence and in My ways and it will take you each and every step, pathway, walkway, it will take you into what I’ve predestined for each of you to do individually and then how I’ve called you to connect corporately. It is new. It’s new. More and more and more and more of Me in and through you will cause others to come along with you into what’s new for them to do but by My Spirit through the blood of My Son you’ve been equipped and the anointing is resident in each one of you to carry it all the way through in victory. Victory today, victory tomorrow, the days, and the weeks, and the months like we just heard, victory all the way through.”

Continued Praying…

All of our attention is on You, Lord
Yielding more and more to You
Father, we set ourselves by Your Spirit to continually do what You are telling us to do
By faith, we step down that path
Filled with Holy Ghost power to press toward that mark
This is a new day, time, and hour
We give You all the glory and all the praise for what You are doing in us and for what will come through us

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