Prayer Summary for May 6

Scripture Focus…

(1) “And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. (2) And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. (3) And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. (4) And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.”
(Acts 2:1–4 KJV)


The following excerpt is taken from The Spirit Within and the Spirit Upon by Kenneth E. Hagin:

Different Manifestations
Now I want to call your attention to something. As we read through The Acts of the Apostles, whenever anyone received this Pentecostal experience after the Day of Pentecost, no further reference is made to a rushing mighty wind, though that could and might happen. Nothing more is said about cloven tongues like as of fire appearing and sitting upon believers. But the Scriptures do refer to believers speaking with tongues.

These other spectacular manifestations might accompany the baptism in the Holy Ghost, or they might not. But one would expect speaking with tongues to accompany this experience because it repeatedly did in the Book of Acts.

Now, that doesn’t preclude the appearance of the other manifestations or signs. It simply means that tongues always accompanied the experience of the baptism in the Holy Ghost. Cloven tongues of fire and other signs didn’t always follow this experience. However, the following experience happened to me several times

While pastoring my last church, I was invited to preach at a fellowship meeting in an Assemblies of God church in east Texas. I preached at the eleven o’clock service. God had given me a special message, and I finished up around noon. The pastor and the presbyter of the region were sitting on the platform.

As I closed my message, the Spirit of God inspired me to speak with tongues. I gave what we call a message in tongues or more scripturally, an utterance in tongues, and the pastor stood up and interpreted it. Then I spoke with tongues again under the inspiration of the Spirit, and the pastor again stood up and interpreted it.

The Wind of the Spirit
Now the building was full, just jam-packed. There may have been a few people standing in the back. And when that pastor interpreted the second message, there was a sound just like a wind blowing. Whoosh! Everyone heard it. You could feel it blow right through that building.

We never prayed for anyone or laid hands on anyone, but every sick person in that building was instantly healed! One woman had been brought by ambulance to the meeting and rolled in on a stretcher, and the stretcher with her still lying on it had been placed against the wall. I learned later that she’d been operated on six times. She looked like a corpse—the very picture of death. Doctors had said they wouldn’t operate on her again. They said, “There’s nothing else we can do. She should already be dead.”

I never will forget what happened next, because I saw it. When that wind swept through the building, no one touched her. She leaped off that stretcher, ran down the aisle, and was instantly healed!

Now this was an Assemblies of God fellowship meeting, held mainly for pastors and others of that denomination. I learned later, though, that some people who hadn’t been baptized in the Holy Ghost were there. And when that wind blew, every person in the building who didn’t have the baptism of the Holy Ghost received that experience!

Some sinners were there too. One woman had invited her unsaved neighbor to come. I held a revival in that church the following month, and that neighbor testified: “I thought I was saved because I belonged to a certain church. I joined it when was a little girl. But if I’d ever been born again, I didn’t know it. Whenever the woman who brought me to that meeting last month would talk to me about being born again, I’d say, ‘I belong to the church. I’m all right.’ But I had no idea what she was talking about.

“During the service, I was sitting next to the aisle with my neighbor. And when that wind blew through, I was born again, baptized with the Holy Ghost, started talking in tongues, and was instantly delivered from smoking cigarettes!”

More than once I have both heard and felt that wind blowing. At other times, I didn’t hear anything, but I felt it, and so did others. In this case, it came as a mighty wind. At other times, it just seemed like a gentle wind blowing. When believers are baptized in the Holy Ghost they may or may not have that experience, but they should always expect the manifestation of speaking with tongues.

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The following prophecy was given through Kenneth Copeland on January 4, 2013 in San Diego, CA:

‘Come On Up Here’

“Don’t be so quick to declare what can’t happen because it’s impossible. Inquire of Me,” saith the Lord. “All things are possible with Me. I’ll tell you how. I’ll show you things that you never dreamed of before. I’m always searching to and fro for those to whom I can show Myself strong. I will reveal heavenly things if you’ll come up here with Me.

“Give Me time. Give Me place,” saith the Lord. “Put My Word in that place that’s high above any other word, any other thing, because all the politicians and all the companies, and all of the world system have an idea for your future—and an idea for your security, an idea for your supply and welfare. Aha! But I’m the one who has your future planned. I am the one who has your security planned, and it’s in My blood. It is in My blessing. My blessing,” saith the Lord.

“That’s the place to be; for that’s where the glory is. I am. I am. I said, I am! Now, come on up here in My grace. Heaven is in good shape. I have plans for you, oh, beyond all you can imagine, ask, or think. And we’ll do this together,” saith the Lord. “Come run with Me. Come walk with Me. I’ll show you the heavens and I’ll show you earth like it’s supposed to be, and with My anointing you can go change it.”


Father, we love the wind, fire, and rain of the Holy Spirit
Fill us individually and corporately to do what You’ve called us to do
By faith, we receive more today in Jesus’ name
Holy Spirit, we welcome Your presence
We declare the blood over the words we pray today and thank You, Father, for Your creative Word
Show us great and wonderful things we never dreamed of before
All of our direction has been won through the cross on Calvary
History hangs in the balance waiting for the Church to declare, this is how it will be
Thank You, Lord, for heaven on earth
New sounds from heaven
Speaking freely and walking victoriously
We declare openings so the Church can move ahead
Abiding and living and speaking and declaring in Your Spirit
Breaking through into the new by the blood of Jesus
We apply that blood over the positions of authority in the Church
Thank You, Father, that this is the time for the body to move up in a higher way
Be changed, be rearranged, and be turned
Thank You, Father, for Holy Ghost given words to mobilize the Church for increase
Increase in hearing, in understanding, and in receiving what You’ve planned for the Church in these days
Thank You, Father, for resurrection power resident and working in the Church
Moving into a greater walk of authority
There is a call for moving out
No more up and down but upward momentum continually
Debts are about to be removed forever!
We loose ministering spirits to go and bring in the resources
Quick advances in the realm of the medical arena
Opening up those creative plans of God in Jesus’ name
All things are possible in Him
Thank You, Father, that more lives will be brought back from death and into life by the ministry of the Holy Spirit
The expectation will bring about a rise in miracles and Church will never be the same in Jesus’ name
Things that looked like they would never turn, will turn in the right way
Thank You, Father, for greater revelation about what was truly said in the written Word of God
We ask that every member of the body of Christ would be strengthened in their faith, causing a greater declaration
We thank You, Father, for more insight; more revelation about the plans that must be walked out
Yielding again and again and again
A day of visitation to rearrange and change
Thank You, Father, for preparation for us to walk into the new
The peace of God will show us, and we will yield into that right way
We follow the notes played by the Spirit; it is so easy
Even when there is a change or adjustment, we will know
We give You, Father, all the praise and all the honor and all the glory

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