Prayer Summary May 29


We thank You, Father, that we can rest in Your peace
Precious Holy Spirit, we welcome Your presence here today
Thank You, Father, for Your peace that passes all understanding and the joy it brings
We love You, Lord; Spirit of the living God, fall fresh on us all in this place
Thank You, Father, that prayer is a happy place!


Between the beginning of your spiritual life and the end of your life, the Devil tries to discourage you; he tries to beat you down; he tries to get you to stop; he tries to get you to go back. The Devil does everything he can to keep you off God’s target. If you will determine from the beginning that you are going to live on target with God, there are not enough devils to keep you off target!
Lester Sumrall

Eight Ways to get to the end of our call in victory!
1. Pray all the way through
2. Walk by faith
3. Stand on His Word
4. Always walk in love
5. Do not let the vision die
6. Walk all the way through Your life in forgiveness
7. Have faith in the vision to come to pass
8. See the vision fulfilled!

Continued Praying…

We believe that there is assistance and help for us to go all the way through to victory in You
With You all things are possible
You made us to be the head and not the tail
We believe that You’ve placed Your plan inside us
Thank You, Father, for continually transforming us and making things new!
Thank You, Father, for Your divine orders being sent forth right now, directing our steps in the middle of our race
We purpose to step out at Your direction
Father, we thank You for guiding us in even the smallest of steps which are able to bring us into great opportunity and understanding
Orders and commands have already been provided and sent like a book for the body of Christ to read, know, and understand
Great clarity; the Spirit is so near!
Open, open, open—we see that!
Thank You, Father, for every company in the body of Christ flowing into its right place: fitting together as a whole functioning body
The Church no more circling around and around but finding its place with divine accuracy; fulfilling the ministries they were called to
We speak to the broken connections between different members of the body to be restored, in Jesus’ name
We thank You, Father, for open lines of supply from company to company aiding and assisting where there is need
For restoring Your body to Your plan and purpose so that we can all be one
Jesus, be Jesus in Your Church; fill all the parts of the body in Jesus’ name
We pray, Father, that Your body would be first of all a forerunner in the Spirit
We purpose to not go forward in the works of man but the good works that are born from spending time in Your presence
Thank You, Father, for the light You’ve given us today
We desire to be right there in the middle with You; obedient to Your heart
Father, we purpose that our habitat would be prayer
We ask that You would help the Church land in that place of communion with You
Thank You, Father, for the life in the Spirit You’ve given us—it is so wonderful
It is so good in this place of worship, in Your place of rest
Every day, Father, we meditate and declare we need You more ; You put that hunger in us to move us into the glory
We recognize it more clearly and receive it more readily
Wholeness and health for the body of Christ all over the whole earth
People are calling from different nations, “We need you more over here”
Thank You, Father, for Your precious Word and the ministry of Your Holy Spirit
We call today blessed; we will be at the right place at the right time, in Jesus’ name
We thank You so much for Your blood; we see it, we believe it, we are covered, cleansed, and made right and overcome by it, in Jesus’ name

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