Prayer Summary May 23


Father, we thank You for fresh fire today
By faith say we receive more of Your fire for hearts to yield even more to You
Let this place be shaken with more and more fire; greater fire in Jesus’ name
For the greater works; for the greater plans to be won
Father, we desire that You would show Yourself mightily through us; that we would be a sign and wonder to those around us
We declare a greater cooperation today with You so that we could walk more in Your plan for us
We expect to go upward and increase through the doors You have opened for us – breaking forth and breaking through!
Going further; going ahead by the mighty power of the Holy Ghost
Accessing; no limitations
We flow out into the greater
Now is the time; we yield today
The darkness shall not hold us back; the light of Jesus Christ continues to prevail and dominate
Eyes be opened in Jesus’ name!
Father, we thank You for a great momentum and ascension into the plan You’ve prepared for us
By faith we take it, we see it and expect it and take hold of it
Believe and receive – that’s the key!
We come up to that place, that position where You are calling us and receive from You clear instructions and clear expectations
A takeover by the Spirit!
We reach ahead for more and more and more by applying Your blood continually
Thank You, Father, that there is always more in You!
We will not underestimate; we will not believe for less but we will push out ahead and believe for more
Cities, whole cities hang in the balance
Thank You, Father, for empowering us to stay on the side of expectation by the power of the Holy Spirit
We lift up the commands, the words that they would be spoken out at the right time; releasing Your strength
We plead the blood of Jesus over all the Pastors for strength for them to contend for Your plan and fulfill their calling
No, it’s not pandemonium; it’s a contending to move in that Master way
It’s a set up!
Open, open, open – there is a way over!
We thank You, Father, for the assigned and specific ways; that one step would be finished and then we move up to the next
Father, Thank You, for enlightening our eyes that we would see and recognize the signs of the times
We ask You, Father, for the wind of Your Spirit to blow and loose all the stolen word that it would be received back into the ears of the hears
Release, release; for power, for power
Let Your fire fall; let it burn
Spirit clothed in Jesus name
New territories; it’s greater, beyond what we’ve seen or walked in before
It’s like waves lifting us; transportation by Your Spirit

A holy place of safety in these days; a covering of protection
Such a seeing place; such a good place
We thank You, Father, for Your great light illuminating all the assignments so they would be given,
received and walked out with great clarity; the time is now!
Father, we purpose by Your Spirit to watch, pray and cooperate together as Your body
Father, Thank You for illuminating the whole Body that every member would see clearly
Thank You, Father, for calling us into a deeper revelation that the Body of Christ is healed in every way
Mighty God given power by the Spirit; visitation, visitation, great visitation
Great visitations; mighty power by the Spirit!
We thank You, Father, for whole families being changed: ministries being changed
Suddenly – the change has come; battles have been won
Revival, revival; refreshing, refreshing; suddenly, suddenly
Thank You, Father, for all the signs all along the way; some say stop, don’t go that way. Others say go, there is safety
Resources; open up the containers
Windfalls; transfers, rearranging; the preparations have been made
Rain has come, fire has come; the greater works have come!
Doors being open wider than ever before
Father, we thank You for the Spirit of seeing and knowing operating through us; Knowing what words to speak and when and where to go
We thank You, Father, for manifesting Yourself more and more in these last days
Free of every hindrance today
Thank You, Father, for these are the days of Your great outpouring
Father, we thank You for a great deluge of souls that will come in today; today is the day!
We get into Your right way, where everything is working and new
Jesus, You are the way, the life and the truth, Your name is above every name
You restore and make whole, new, nothing missing – shalom
Father, we ask that You would help us to receive the fullness of Your grace and mercy; we let the anointing remove every burden
We know that You have come to raise us up into a new and higher place; thank You, Father, for providing that place in You
We ask You, father, that there would be a great freedom in our tongues here and in the whole body of Christ
Thank You, Father, that You are more than enough
We give You all the praise, all the honor and all the glory!

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