Prayer Summary for Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Pastor Ray…

Good morning
Is everyone healed, well, wealthy?
Declaring wholeness: spirit, soul, and body

We had a request from some people that live in our building concerning their daughter. I don’t know what the situation is but I would like you to agree with me. Her name is Jasmine.


Father, in Jesus’ name, we set ourselves in agreement with Matthew 18:18, 19, agreeing together for this young lady
You know, Father, what needs to be done and what needs to change
The steps that she needs to take, she will take those steps
We pray , Father, Your will will become her will
That her heart would be so opened for more of You
By the power of Your Spirit bring others across her path for help
From different areas and different regions in Jesus’ name
There is no distance in the realm of the Spirit
And we know that there are many, many different tributaries or rivers that people are in
But when they are in Your river, under Your covering, we know things work out well
And when we yield to You, help has already been sent
Declaring she will see and hear and know what she needs to see and hear and know
No weapon formed against her will prosper but in Jesus’ name
And everything, whatever she sets her hands unto will prosper
We take authority and apply the blood all around her in Jesus’ name
No, devil, you will not have your way – you’ll not have your plan
God has a plan for this young lady
And it shall come to pass in Jesus’ name
We thank You for it and agree for it this morning in Jesus’ name, Amen.

The following excerpt was taken from Praying Hyde: the Life Story of John Hyde edited by Captain E.G. Carré:

At one of the Conventions he spoke to the Europeans. Most of them were missionaries. He spoke on “The Cross.” I think that the Spirit used him to give us all an entirely new vision of the Cross. That was one of the most inspiring messages I ever heard. He began the address by saying that from whatever side or direction we look at Christ on the Cross, we see wounds, we see signs of suffering—from above we see the marks of the crown of thorns, from behind the Cross we see the furrows caused by the scourging, etc., and he dwelt on the Cross with such illumination that we forgot Hyde and everyone else, the “dying, yet living Christ” was before us. Then step by step, we were led to see in the crucified Christ a sufficiency for every need of ours, and as he dwelt on the fitness of Christ for every emergency, I felt that I had sufficient for time and for eternity.

But the climax of all to me was the way he emphasized the truth that Christ on the Cross cried out triumphantly, “IT IS FINISHED,” when all around thought that His life had ended. It seemed to His disciples that He had failed to carry out His purposes; it appeared to His enemies that, at last, their dangerous enemy had been overcome. To all appearances, the struggle was over and His life had come to a tragic end. Then the triumphant cry of victory was sounded out, “IT IS FINISHED.” A cry of triumph in the darkest hour.

Then Hyde showed us that if united to Christ, we can also shout triumphantly even when everything points to despair. Though our work may appear to have failed, and the enemy to have gained the ascendancy, and we are blamed by all our friends and pitied by all our fellow-workers, even then we can take our stand with Christ on the Cross and shout out, “Victory, victory, victory!” From that day I have never been in despair about our work. Whenever I feel despondent, I think I hear Hyde’s voice shouting “Victory!” and that immediately takes my thought to Calvary, and I hear my Savior in His dying hour, crying out with joy, “IT IS FINISHED.” As Hyde said, “This is real victory,” to shout triumphantly though all around is darkness.

I remember that the Hon. M. Waldegrave (the late Lord Radstock’s son), was in the service, and in leaving at the close, he said to me, “I generally go to my tent after every service and write the message that I have heard to my wife, but Mr. Hyde’s message just delivered seems so sacred and appealing that I dare not try to write it.”

I had a long talk with Hyde afterwards about the Cross and the message, and he told me that for a whole year he had been fascinated by the Cross. “I cannot speak on any other subject now,” he said. I heard him speak on the Cross at another Convention some weeks afterwards, and that was accompanied by the Holy Spirit’s power in a similar way.

Pastor Ray…

I wanted to read that because I think it was yesterday but in the last couple days that came up about “It is finished.” Do we have to physically see it with our eyes before we can say “Victory is ours.” No. Are we to shout victory in the face of the enemy? Yes. Have we overcome? Yes. We have overcome and we continually overcome in and through that precious holy blood that was shed on the Cross.

Continued praying…

Thank You for the power of the Cross – the blood that was shed there
And that that power and presence raised Him up three days later out of that grave
Seated, we are seated, we take our seat in heavenly places this morning
That we can say Thank You seems so weak
But the favor that we have, the abundance that we have been given
The authority that has been placed within us, it’s overwhelming
Its beyond what we can even ask or even think or even know
Thank You, Father, that every single one of us in this room
We walk in Your favor and we go from one degree of glory to another degree of glory
And we declare and shout victory on every step!
Every step of the way – so take a step and inside us we know there is victory there
We look not at the things necessarily that we see in the natural
But we look on Your Word and what You have said in Your Word
And what took place on that Cross when You said “It is finished”
Today, today, today, today
All of it, every part, every detail, on every step there is victory written right there
There is victory out front, there is victory out ahead
There is victory toward the body, there is victory for every member of the Church
Out, out from it, into total victory in Jesus’ name!
Thank You, Father

Steady, steady, steady are the steps that we take in Him
Steady are the steps that we walk out through Him
For the blood of Jesus has caused each one of us to walk in victory
Victory on every side, victory up above, down below, victory out ahead
Victory back there in Jesus’ name
For we know there is no distance in the realm of the Spirit
Today there is victory, today we have overcome because He did
Thank You, Father, for the power of Your blood that was shed on Calvary through Your Son
Thank You for the victory that was won! That we too can walk in that victory in these days
And declare it’s finished, it’s finished, that’s done, that’s been completed
And the battle has already been won! Hallelujah!
Glory! Hallelujah! Thank You, Father!

Ms. Annie led us singing about the Cross…

Just in our spirits, a spirit of seeing and a spirit of knowing that we would see and hear and know those words where declared for us today, “it is finished. It is has been completed.” So, today as we lift it up, bring it to our memory again, it is finished Hallelujah!

Continued praying…

In our nation, He wants to reign
There is a reigning, a changing, there are openings, there are steps for the Church to take
That Jesus would reign in the body all over the earth
Having the effect that Jesus has purposed
For the Church to bring about more of His reign in this nation
One nation under Him indivisible – cannot be divided
Cannot be defeated, for Jesus reigns over this nation
From shore to shore
Oh thank You for the reigning of Your Spirit
For the blood that overcomes, for the victories that have already been won

Ms. Annie led us singing in tongues…

Continued praying…

Hidden things that must be revealed
The decisions that must be made, situations that have to be changed
Relationships that have to be made
And some still that have to be out where others must come in
Together, together, together

I keep getting these two words, “spiritual grenades.” And it seems to me as the church increases and then it levels off and it levels off and it levels off. It begins to go back status quo. But through the prayers of the Church, they are like grenades that go off and blow up the enemy’s plans. The enemy’s plans to derail the Church, the enemy’s plans to stop the Church and put it into a complaisant position, even going backwards instead of forward. But in the name of Jesus, this morning we declare these grenades are blowing up everywhere and they are blowing up the resistance of the Devil! Hallelujah. Each and every plan, blown up and down away with in Jesus’ name. Stop it in its tracks, in its maneuvers, in its deception, in its lies in Jesus’ name. So, hidden things are beginning to come forth, be revealed every day! Every day some other hidden thing is revealed in the name of Jesus.

We can look back and see it but we are looking out ahead knowing it shall continue to take place! The works of the enemy are decimated! Blown up! Blown out of the way! Blown out of the water! So that the Church can stay on the offensive approach, can stay on its momentum, can stay on its plan from heaven above!

Every hold of the enemy be broken off the Church in Jesus’ name
We pray for the leaders in the Church
Those in positions of authority
Steady, steady, stay on it! Stay on it!
Every delay busted up and broken away in Jesus’ name
Acceleration, a momentum, an increase
Not to blend in but to stand out!
There is victory in the camp of the Lord Jesus today
The body, this body but the whole body
We are joined together with bodies all over the earth
Men, women, and children too
Even as we lift up these things today, here others are lifting up things there
In the power of the blood and in the name of Jesus
The Church is rising up; it is becoming the giant it was declared it would be
Hidden things are being brought to light
Things are being shaken off!
Some things were put on the shelf – it is time now to take them down, dust them off and go forth in it!
In Jesus’ name
No, it is not going to be the same old way or the same old days
Or the days that where yesterday – these are new days!
These are new times! These are new operations!
It’s united together for the purpose and plan that He has in this hour
There is a commanding, there is a declaration, there is an empowerment
There are words to rebrand the church!
Whole cites are changing in these days
Men are being taken out and others are being put in
In some ways, it might look like the enemy is winning
He has not won, he has been defeated!
Things that have been broken, have and will continually be restored!
New, new, and newer – more and more and more!
Increase! Day by day, week by week, month by month!
We magnify Your plans, we magnify Your glory!
Declaring Your glory one to another
Up, up, up, up, moving in the Church!

Ms. Dar declared by the Spirit…

We are going higher and higher
There is a great demolition going on by the body through Jesus
Coming against the enemy
Every weapon formed against the Church, there is a demolition tearing it down, destroying its works!
Breaking up that ground, breaking up those plans and those schemes
There is a demolition going on but a great rebuilding going forth!
A great construction going forth for the realms of the Kingdom of God
There is a great construction of building going forth for the Church of God
For the high places of God! There is a building construction going forth
Of higher highways for the Church of Almighty God,
Higher highways! Higher ways preparing the way of the glory of the Lord!
And nothing shall stop it! Nothing shall hinder or obstruct it!
There is a higher way that’s way higher than the enemy!
The enemy is under the feet of the Church!
The enemy is disarmed! The enemies schemes are destroyed!
And He is disabled because God’s Church is going up higher!
Higher than they have ever been!
Higher in the heavenly places!
Higher in Your glory! Going higher in anointing!
Higher in soul winning in harvest!
Higher in equipping and gifting! Higher in vision and revelation and wisdom!
We are going up higher in revival! We are going higher in signs and wonders and miracles!
And nothing shall hinder, nothing shall stop or hold it back in the name of Jesus
We are going higher! That’s the call of the Church of God
And that is the Word of the Lord Jesus our Savior, our Lord and our King!

Continued praying…

That’s the building of the Church
It’s not just floating away or floating around
It’s being built up! Whoooo!
It’s a strong tower and a place of declaration!
Thank You, Jesus

In my heart, there was one place where I ran around this place like a wild man. I mean in this chapel. Inside it felt like such breakthrough. The kind of things that you can’t make up and things that you can’t drum up and it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday or two minutes ago – but now.

Thank You, Lord, today that that building is going higher
And we are in it, we are part of it
We have windows to see! We have ears to hear!
And we know what to do because You have told us what to do
And You continually reveal the truth of Your Word unto us in our hearts
Thank You for this day
We call it blessed in every way
Wherever we go, we are blessed and those that come in contact with us, they are blessed too
In Jesus’ name, Amen

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