Prayer Summary for Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ms. Annie led us singing Breathe on This Heart That Is Yours

Pastor Ray shared…

I like the notes that you are playing Ms. Annie
And sometimes it is just the sound or notes that can bring an adjustment in us
To direct us, strengthen us to walk out in the way He would have us walk out


Thank You, Father, for the power of Your precious Holy Spirit
And the different ways that You work on our behalf
To change our hearts, open and soften our hearts
We yield to You this morning
Thank You that You did do it all – You’ve given Your all
And You have given unto us Your Word which is You
And given us direction when we yield to You
Those changes, transformations, those revelations begin to come forth more and more and more
Thank You that what we say today, it will have an effect on what will happen tomorrow
What we speak forth not out of our own minds but out of our spirits
We agree for Your Words this morning
Bringing change where change needs to come – thank You for it
We are in one accord; unified together as one body
Members of the body but also this body here in the chapel, we are gathered together in unity
And we declare this morning that not one weapon formed against us can prosper
For the blood of Jesus is over us
Over us individually but we declare it over us corporately together
That, Father, we might do Your plan, Your will, Your purpose
Thank You for fresh ideas, fresh understanding, and fresh revelation from heaven

Pastor Ray shared…

I am not sure where I found this excerpt but I keep it in my Bible next to Mark 11:23.

“Prayer is not always about asking. Prayer includes declaring. There are many things God has told us to do simply through declaration, yet we persist in asking Him to do them. Paul even says it is unnecessary for us to ascend into heaven to bring Christ into a situation. He says the Word is in our mouth, so that if we speak it, we will find ourselves moving the mountain. Jesus told us to speak to the mountain. This is not praying to God so He will move the mountain. It is speaking to the mountain. Many times we are told to speak to inanimate things and anticipate that there will be a change. The key factor is in the fact that we believe that what we say will come to pass.”

Many years ago, downtown on Hennepin Avenue, we had a Tuesday prayer meeting in a building that we had rented. There was maybe 10 people that prayed every Tuesday. We would sit in a circle and could see out of the window the stores and the city going by. We were praying for the city and praying for the lost, for the people to come out of the darkness. And right next to us was a gay bar. We were praying on one side of the wall and the bar was on the other. So, one evening there was a men’s group there meeting and they got it on their hearts to lay hands on the wall and speak to that business and call it out. I believe it was the next day it closed. It shut down.

What we speak is going to continually come to pass. I talked to someone this morning. This person was telling me about somebody, a solid believer, but he is dealing with symptoms in his body. Whatever seminary he went to, he still has a belief within in him that says that the Lord is putting him through this. But still he is standing for healing, saying that he is healed. But on the other hand, he believes it’s the Lord that is putting him through it. Okay, that doesn’t work real well.

We need everything to be in alignment with what He has said about us. Thank God that we have been a part of this ministry for all these years. Pastor Mac and Lynne have led us into the truth of the Word. And it’s so critical what we say. I know we go over this, you do, we do, we all do. What we say is what we get. And it will come to pass. So I am saying all that to say when we declare over our country change, things are changing.

The following excerpt was taken from Interceding Christian by Kenneth E. Hagin:

The Lord has impressed upon me that we should pray especially for our nation, for things can be changed through prayer. God doesn’t tell us to do something just to put extra words in the Bible, or to fill up space. He has a purpose in mind. In our Scripture text, we can learn the purpose of praying for our leaders.

Paul said to pray for those who are in authority so that we who are Christians “may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty” (v. 2). God is concerned about us and will move, even though those who are in authority may not be Christians. He will answer our prayers and do things for us that we “may lead a quiet and peaceable life.”

Notice the ultimate purpose of our praying for our nation. “For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour” (v. 3). If we, as Christians, want to please God, what are we going to put as number one on our prayer list? Us? Our Children? Our grandchildren? Our church? No. We are going to do exactly as God said to do: pray first for all who are in authority.

Notice verse four: “Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” God’s ultimate purpose in having us pray for those in authority is that we will be able to spread the Gospel. If we do not have good government where there is quietness and peace, it hinders the spreading of the Gospel. In times of political upheaval, we are hindered in spreading the Gospel. In times of war, we are hindered in spreading the Gospel, due to travel restrictions and other limitations.

Pastor Ray shared…

Okay, let’s back up a little. “If we do not have good government where there is quietness and peace, it hinders the spreading of the Gospel. In times of political upheaval…” No wonder the Devil is into dividing our nation. The Devil is behind words of lies, inaccuracies against our leaders. I know the phrase is so popular “Drain the swamp.” It’s so true. That by our prayer, what we pray, what we declare, the swamp will be drained. And those that are in will be out and those that are out will be in. Now would be a good time. It is happening but you can see the political upheaval and a lot of times I just think that these people are wacko. But it’s the Devil that is wacko. And the Devil is driving evil, deceptive ways to prevent those that need to be saved to be saved. He doesn’t want that.

Brother Hagin just went on to say that God wants to get the Gospel out. He wants to get the truth out. When Jesus was on the earth, he said, “And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come.”

It’s no wonder. I never really thought of it that way. That the Devil has a plan and he’s working through man to stop what needs to take place in the United States and bring about a unity which is what we declare all the time: “one nation under God indivisible.” It’s not just about one party or another. It’s about what we say shall come to pass, and we declare there is an awakening coming, coming, coming to the United States of America. And it will bring about change that we never seen before. An awakening where men and women that had their eyes shut will have them opened up wide and their mouths will begin to speak things they never even thought they would say. And people will be moved from one point of view to a completely opposite, a paradigm shift today.

Continued praying…

God is a God of now, right now!
He did what needed to be done so we can declare and speak His Word, the Words that He has declared to us in His written Word
And see these things begin to come to pass
When? Now.
Does that mean we are not a patient people?
No, it doesn’t mean that
It means that it’s been directed by heaven to come to pass now
This is the time, we are the people
If not now, when? Hallelujah
We hold the blood of Jesus up and put it over this nation again this morning
Over every state, over every position of authority
President Trump, Vice President Pence, the congress, the senate, all the way down through
Governors, mayors, police men and women, every sing office of authority
We declare they are blessed and full of wisdom and understanding
They will do things that they didn’t think they would do
They’ll even do things they didn’t know how to do
But in You and through You, this nation is coming together
No weapon formed against us will prosper
It’s going well with us as the Church
Because we are praying and lifting up and declaring wisdom, understanding, revelation
Help to our leaders

It’s time, this is the time that the Church ceases in blending in and starts to stand up and stand out for what the Word has said that we should do, can do, will do
We overcome because You overcame on that cross
Thank You for the blood of Jesus over every position of authority in the body of Christ
Leaders, we cover them with the precious holy blood this morning
Thank You, Father
Every single one of us are leaders in one degree or another
So in a way when we declare this, we are declaring it over all of us

Ms. Annie led us singing Thank You for Your Blood

Continued praying….

We lift the protection of that blood over the Mall of America
I know that’s a target
I just saw a map of the United States and one key place was the Mall of America for attack from ISIS
We plead the blood of Jesus all around
Beginning on the north side of the mall outside we draw a line of the blood of Jesus around that mall
The trams that go in and come out, the parking ramps along the outside of the mall
Declaring protection through that precious blood
Plans of the enemy would continually be revealed and stopped by the blood in Jesus’ name
We come by it, we are cleansed by it, we are healed by it
But there is protection in the blood
So that line goes around from the north side of the mall to the east side of the mall
All across that side to the south side and then over on to the west side
From top to bottom – the blood of Jesus
Going on inside to the first level – we walk it and apply the blood in Jesus’ name
Praying over the positions of authority in the mall
Over their eyes that they would see
Hidden things will be revealed, uncovered in Jesus’ name
All the way around on the main level on into the center of the mall
All those rides, all that activity in the middle
In Jesus’ name, we plead the blood there
Going on up to the second level and all the way around it in the name of Jesus
We circle that center part with the precious holy blood
For we overcome in and through that precious blood
We declare it there
Third level – all of the restaurants, every business, we plead the blood
Thank You for the souls that have been saved in that building
Declaring more and more will come to You in the month of December
And these out of darkness they shall come into the light and they shall walk steady out into that light
And fulfill what You have called them to fulfill
The hotels in Jesus’ name and all of the restaurants in those hotels – we plead the blood!
Thank You for eyes to see and ears to hear to know what’s happening 24/7
Behind the scenes where the shipments come in, we plead the blood of Jesus there
We cover our cities, Minneapolis and St Paul
Around this whole area, the airport – we plead the blood over it
Declaring protection there in Jesus’ name

Pastor John prayed…

US Bank Stadium, we declare it off limits to all demonic strategies
We declare protection on the Super Bowl
It shall not be a place for human trafficking
It will be a place of evangelism, a place of Your presence that shall overcome and overwhelm any strategy and any plan of the enemy in the name of Jesus
Where that place is prepared for a great gathering this spring, the anointing shall increase
The worldly plans and strategies for that place shall be subdued and the plans of God shall arise to the top in the name of Jesus
We declare that safety upon our whole city in these next months
Plans of and weapons of destruction will come to confusion in the name of Jesus
For God has ordained an awakening, a renewal, a revival, a fresh outpouring
And our great city will be known as a place of the presence of the Lord in Jesus’ name
More and more and more and more
And all nations, and all cultures will find God here in Jesus’ name
It will get harder and harder to go to hell here!
It will get easier and easier to go to heaven here in Jesus’ name
And the Church shall come together and operate together in unity of spirit
Honoring one another, supporting one another
More churches, larger churches, church everywhere, everyplace
Ministers moving freely through the city, moving freely through businesses, moving freely through shopping areas, moving freely through neighborhoods
More and more conversation, easier and easier to talk about the Lord
People stumbling into divine appointments – the saved and the unsaved
People opening up their mouths “Wow, God is here”
It’s all by the blood, the precious blood of Jesus
Washed and protected in the blood
Pastors, their families protected by the blood
Canceling out demonic strategies against the leaders of our churches
Brought down or repent in Jesus’ name
True Shepherds, righteousness exalted in the Church of Jesus Christ
Come to repentance and bow the knee and say “Jesus Christ is Lord”
No pretense, no pretending
Religiousness breaking away from our city in the name of Jesus
And the true anointing of the Holy Spirit coming upon our area
The gospel, the gospel everywhere, in word, on our phones, on the screens, the signs, every door, every place, gospel, gospel, good news of Jesus’ Christ!
The mouth of the Church becoming strong, bold wherever people are in our city, at work, at school, in the business, on the bus, on the trains, everywhere
Christians, wherever their feet go, they know that You have given it to them
That we walk with authority, we walk with boldness wherever we are
Wherever we are, the land belongs to us because it belongs to Jesus

Ms. Jeani prayed…

Father, I thank You that when we come here, it is not a religious exercise
We declare and proclaim the goodness of God in the Twin Cities
The goodness of God that has no opposite
We get our hopes up today!
The confident expectation of Your good in the Mall of America
Over every person that would step through those doors, they encounter Holy Spirit
Encounter upon encounter upon encounter!
The Twin Cities known for if you want to encounter God, go to the Twin Cities!
The Cities on a hill! The City of the Most High!
That’s right – open heaven over the Twin Cities today!
Over the Twin Cities, we declare Your will and plans and purposes accelerated, a holy acceleration of the most high
We hear Your voice, a stranger’s voice we do not hear
The mayors of the cities hear Your voice
They are anointed and appointed whether they know You or not!
To do and carry out Your plans and purposes
Father, You have anointed people in the past to carry out Your plans and purposes
When they didn’t even know You
It is time for fullness, it is time for far and above, it is time for overflow
And we declare it’s time today! We enforce the goodness of God today
We are the enforcers of what You have already declared
And that is that every knee would bow and every tongue would confess that You are Lord
And it is that we are one nation under God indivisible
With liberty – we declare liberty over our country, over the Whitehouse
Liberty, fullness, the kind of liberty that does not even have words!
The liberty that was finished!
The liberty that says “the Spirit of God that lives in us we carry with us everywhere we go”
The Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, the Spirit of resurrection
That looks for dead things, that looks for the impossible
And says “live and be possible”
Father, I thank You right now that it is no longer oversees to see You move
It’s go to the Twin Cities and see God move
And we thank You it’s already here!
Father, convict and convince, Holy Spirit, that our prayers become already declarations
Because it is finished!
Father, we thank You for the revelation of finished! Finished!
We thank You we are walking out “FINISHED!”
We have ears to hear that it is finish!
We have eyes to see everywhere we look that it is finished!
It’s finished!

Continued praying…

Father, by faith we go right into the basilica
Plead the blood over those that are in positions of leadership in that church
We pray for an awakening, for revelation knowledge and understanding
Those that were in darkness that they would begin to break out and break into Your light
And they would begin to shine bright
We pray in tongues right in there!
Over on to St. Paul – into the Cathedral
Praying the Holy Ghost in there in Jesus’ name
Thank You for the anointing that breaks yokes, that opens doors that brings about new change
For revival in there!
We plead the blood over to the train station in St. Paul for the new Church plant
Over Pastor Jamey and Taylor and everyone called to  assist them in carrying out this call
Preparation in the way of favor, musicians, finances, and people needed
Calling the blood of Jesus and the strength that it will take to pursue and persist and go all the way through
And bring about those things that need to brought about there in that part of St. Paul
Over the capitol in Jesus’ name
Every member of the senate, leadership in the state capitol
Over our governor, eyes open wide and right decisions
Minnesota is moving more and more in the right way – God’s way!
It is happening and will continually happen
For the Church is rising up and on the increase
Limitations be removed! Increase! Increase!
Stepping out of the old and into the new
New days of great wisdom from heaven
We declare it over our cities
For the souls that must come in, we pray over the laborers
All of those suburbs all around the cities we declare the blood of Jesus is there
Victory in our cities!
Those words that were declared years and years ago that revival would break out and move to the south
Thank You for it, Lord!

I am just reminded of what Brother Copeland declared over this city
That people would fly in and when they come into the airport, they would see fire on the north part of the cities
Not a natural fire but a supernatural fire
And we receive that today, now for these times that we are living in
That this church would be and continually be the ministry and the church that God has called us to be
By faith we step out over into more, into greater, into more fire
Over into greater desire, into greater abundance!
For the vision shall come to pass at last, now
Praying over our Pastors Mac and Lynne – the covering of the blood over them today
Whatever they set their hands unto shall prosper – everything
What they have been given from heaven, they shall speak it forth
We back them up, we get on one side and on the other side and behind
We declare “You are going through and we are going through with you!”
We overcome because of what was done on the cross
Thank You for the blood of Jesus today, this morning
Thank You so much for the presence of Your Spirit
You never let us go and we will never let You go
Glory, glory, glory

Ms. Annie led singing Glory Glory to the Lamb

Continued praying…

What we set our hands onto today it shall prosper too!
What You have told us to do, we will do
For we overcome because You overcame
Through that precious holy blood
And we are blessed all the way through
Protected through it, no surprise negative attack shall prosper against us
Thank You for it in Jesus’ name

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