Prayer Summary for Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The following excerpt was taken from Plans, Purposes & Pursuits by Kenneth E. Hagin:

First, it enables us to have true communion with God and to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. It is also a means of spiritual edification—we stay encouraged and built up in the Lord. Finally, it is a means of keeping us separated from the world. It causes us to be conscious of His indwelling Presence, and if we’re conscious that He is living in us, it is bound to affect the way we live.

It is God’s plan that we be filled with His Spirit and speak forth in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. But some may say, “I don’t know how to do that. I’ve never done it before! How can I enter into that kind of walk in the Spirit?”

Stir Up the Gift
Many believers have been filled with the Holy Ghost and have spoken in other tongues, yet they’ve never spoken in tongues again since their initial infilling.

They were once filled, but they’ve not maintained a fresh experience with God. They haven’t obeyed the injunction of Ephesians 5:18, “… be [being] filled with the Spirit.”

I’ve had people say to me, “Well, I don’t know whether I can speak with tongues again or not.” But the Holy Spirit is still inside you, and He’s the one who gives you the utterance. All you need to do is expect Him to give you utterance and then yield to Him. In other words, stir up the gift of God within you!

Notice what the Scripture says about this—not what man says, not what people think. Paul, in writing to Timothy, said:

6 Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou STIR UP THE GIFT OF GOD, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.

What “gift” of God was Paul talking about? There is a twofold application of this verse. The word “gift” in this verse can refer to impartations by the Holy Spirit given when God sets people aside for service. For example, in Acts 13:2, the Bible says, “As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them.” Something was imparted to Barnabas and Saul by the Holy Spirit as they were set apart for service.

We can also see this when Timothy was set apart for ministry.

1 TIMOTHY 4:14
Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery.

The second application of this verse is that the gift Timothy received when Paul laid his hands on him was the gift of the Holy Spirit. We know from the Scriptures that Paul laid his hands on many people and they received the Holy Spirit.

Notice what Paul said Timothy was to do with this gift in Second Timothy 1:6. He said, “Stir up the gift of God that is within you”! You are to stir up the Holy Spirit on the inside of you!

You can stir up the Holy Spirit yourself within your own spirit by praying in other tongues. After you pray in other tongues awhile, then you can begin to speak to yourself “… in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord” (Eph. 5:19). That is how you enter into New Testament worship.

If speaking to ourselves in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs is God’s plan for believers living under the New Covenant, then should we not determine to pursue that plan?

I want to live a life pleasing to God; I want to flow with His plan—not my own. And I want to enter into the fullness of all that He has for me, don’t you? He has told us how we can do it, and I, for one, intend to obey God!

Pastor Ray shared…

Kenneth Hagin got some psalms when he was in one of the meetings in Tulsa. I just want to read the last one. What they were was like yesterday, today, and tomorrow. There were three of them and the last was victory. Every day in here we have been lifting up and praying over our country and that’s a big deal. Some of the things that we see in the news, I believe they are a result of the prayers being prayed all over America, not just us. But hidden things are being revealed. They are coming to the light, out of the darkness and into the light. It seems like it is almost every day. Something is happening where some things are being revealed. But I want to read this psalm concerning America and of course for us too but it is about victory.

The Holy Spirit said through him that victory is not in places and people. I am just reminded again of what Ms. Billye said: “One thing will save America.” What’s that? An awakening and revival comes before the awakening. The Church begins to get revived. It’s like the giant in Tommy Hick’s vision. If you have never read that vision, you can google it. I think it was two nights in a row he had the same vision. Basically he saw the Church begin to rise up and it was like a giant. And when that giant began to rise up, all kinds of junk was shaken off. Today it is referred to as what? Drain the swamp (ha, ha, ha).

Victory is not in places and things.
Victory is not in people and man’s plan.
Victory is in Him, the Eternal One.
The One who planned the great plan of redemption and sent the Champion out of heaven long ago, from the bosom of the Father down here below.
And He met the enemy in awful combat:
And arose victorious over death, hell, and the grave,
And ascended on High and led captivity captive.
The victory is in Him.
And if in Him you live and He lives in you, then the victory is on the inside.
Stir up the victory.

Pastor Ray…

So, when we stir ourselves up, praying in other tongues, you can think you are praying for something when you don’t necessarily know what it is you are praying for. Maybe you need a little stirring and your tongues begin to stir you up and stir up the victory which is inside of us.

Shout the words in the face of the enemy:
“Victory!” “Victory!” “Victory!”—every day.
“Victory!” every night.
“Victory!” every moment.
For the Victorious One in me doth live.
Greater is He than all the forces of hell.
Greater is He than temptation and all that against me may come.
So I’ll rest and rejoice every day.
For, you see, I am the victorious one.

Pastor Ray…

That is us, the Church. We are the victorious because He was victorious. Amen. Is the blood working today? Yes. Tick tock, tick tock blood is working all around the clock. Amen. Is it just working in America? No. It’s working all over the globe. It’s global, worldwide; the blood of Jesus is working for us today. So we have victory. If maybe you had thoughts today that you didn’t, you do. And it’s the same way with our nation.


There is victory in this nation
Where division had been we stand against it by the precious blood today
Calling these things down that need to be down
And call the other things up that need to be up
Declaring victory over our president, vice president, congress, the senate, all the way down through to every state in the Untied State and ever city and town
Victory in and through by the precious blood!
The blood covers every office of authority and if they make decisions that are full of wisdom
And make decisions that line up with Your Word and will
It will go well with us
Hidden things will begin to be uncovered more and more and more
Thank You, Father, that You made a way for us to live in this nation
We are a blessed nation – one nation under You
Jesus is Lord over America
Thank You for the freedom, for the peace
Things that are not right are changing to the right
We overcome through and by the blood of Jesus
We see our country covered by the blood of Jesus
Every border covered and protected by the blood of Jesus
We pray over the celebrations tomorrow
Parades where thousands and thousands of people gather together
We pray the blood covering over these events for protection
And we declare no weapon formed against us will prosper in Jesus’ name
Declaring all across this United States a thanksgiving spirit!
A thankful heart stirred up and stirred up
More men and women and children would open up their hearts to You
And give thanks to the King of kings and the Lord of lords
Hallelujah! Thank You, Father

Pastor Paul prays…
(Concerning the rescue mission of a U.S. Navy plane that crashed into the Pacific southeast in which 8 have been rescued but 3 remain missing.)

Thank You for Your supernatural work, the work of Your Spirit
Allowing the Spirit of Life residing in these three
We are asking Father the Spirit of life that is in Christ Jesus will reside in them
They will persevere, and the search for them
They will look in the right place, they will look in the right location
They will have the right tools in the name of Jesus
And they will have the right support to locate the aircraft
Father, we are asking that life be returned to them
And there life will be preserved, Father
Thank You for doing it, thank You, Lord
And they will say “This is a miracle” in the name of Jesus

Continued praying…

All of the lying lips be shut down in Jesus’ name
Be still, stop it, desist in your maneuvers against this country and against our leaders
Thank You for the blood covering over the president and his family
Protection and supernatural wisdom
And those that are round him we pray they would speak words of edification, life, health, and strength into them in Jesus’ name
This nation is moving more into God’s will and plan in Jesus’ name
Churches are beginning to rise up, be revived up
So that these living parts of the body, these ministries, these churches
When they begin to rise up like that giant and shake off all of the debris
Then we shall move over and into the last great awakening and it will sweep all over America
We thank You for it today in advance
We expect it! We expect to be a part of it!
It will make a difference in business and schools – all over
In the country and in the cities
Thank You for these cities – Minneapolis and St. Paul
The blood covering over these cities in Jesus’ name
What needs to come to pass, declaring it will come to pass
Praying over the ministry that will begin to be set up in St. Paul
All the things that need to take place to get it just right
An alignment by Your Spirit
Thank You, Father, for wisdom, understanding in Jesus’ name
Thank You for the blood covering over both these church plants
We pray over the Rogers area
What needs to be loosed there will be and it will be the right place and it will be on time in Jesus’ name
Praying over Pastor Jamey, Pastor Jim, over our Pastors Mac and Lynne
We cover these pastors with the blood of Jesus today
Thank You, Father, for favor that goes before each one of them
All of the Hammond family in Jesus’ name – we cover them in the blood today
Thank You that they are being moved into Your will, Your plan, Your purpose here in this part of the United States
Hallelujah! Thank You, Father

Ms. Annie led us in singing Thank You for Your Blood

Thank You for Your miracle working blood
That precious blood is working for each one of us today
When the Word says we overcome through that blood
We say We overcome and we will continue to overcome through the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ
We magnify the name Jesus
Thank You that You went all the way through to the Cross
You declared it is finished
Those things are still working
We pray over families this morning
Husbands, wives, mothers, children – the blood covers them and moves things that are not right
Declaring change in families
Your peace that passes all understanding be a part of these families
Restoration – fathers that have left, we say “Come back”
Division be restored and made new in Jesus’ name
No a weapon formed against them will prosper
Healing in the mind, thoughts, internal body
Prosperity spirit, soul, and body
Those that are lost, they shall be found
Those that have exited into darkness, shall come back to the light
Come back, turn around, wake up, turn around come to where you have been called to be
In Jesus ‘name
Broken plans, their future made whole, restored in Jesus’ name
They will receive answers to their desire, to their cry
They have been watching and wondering why and when
Father, let them begin to receive answers, begin to see, hear, and walk – restored in the name of Jesus
They walk in the way and the life in the name of Jesus
Yes, Lord, and You will remove heaviness, You will remove it from them
It shall not minister to them, it shall not hold them
It shall not keep them captive, it shall not keep them bound in the name of Jesus
But they will receive a covering a grace, a covering of the Lord
They will receive a covering life in the name of Jesus
They will lay fast hold on the word and not let it go
Not their circumstances, not their conditions, not what has been
Not what they have experienced
But they will lay fast hold on the Word and who they are and what they have, what their mission is
In the name of Jesus
The Lord has been telling us we can have what we say, but we have been saying what we have
That’s the wrong way to say it
And many people have left because they have been waiting and they have been wondering
And instead of them to say what God says
They have been saying what they have
And the enemy has used it to remove them
Father, I thank You for the restoration of Your power of the power of Your Word within them
For the life-giving force the Word provides
And that they receive Your engrafted Word and as a result it saves their souls
Father, I pray that You will snatch them from the snare of the fowler
And from the throngs of darkness
Father, there are many that are at the brink of giving up
And the enemies assault on resounding defeat
Father, I am asking You in the name of Jesus for reconciliation
And restoration and full redemption and a return in the name of Jesus
I am asking, Father, that these will not fall by the wayside!
Their redemption the blood provides will come in contact with them and they will receive it
In the name of Jesus!
Father, remove that stain of sin has made – remove it in the name of Jesus!
You will not be a shipwreck!
You will not in the name of Jesus be a shipwreck!

Brother DJ shared…

A few days ago a couple of us decided to bless Pastor Kelly with a gift for Thanksgiving. And we thought “Why don’t we involve everyone else who comes to Morning Prayer.” So, in the last couple days we passed a couple cards around and people gave generously from their hearts. The cards are filled with good words of appreciation for you, Pastor Kelly. I have been coming to prayer here for the past 15 years and this man never asked anything from anybody except to pray. So, we wanted you to be blessed with a good Thanksgiving.

Ms. Cindy prayed…

We are so thankful for you Pastor Kelly and want you to know how much we appreciate the gift of God in you and your faithfulness throughout the years to come to this chapel every week and lead us in prayer. That gift that brings us to a higher place in God. It’s the school of the Spirit where God teaches us how to flow and how to yield to His Spirit in order to get the things done that need to be done in the earth today. Thank You, Father, for the privilege of being in this place. As Pastor Ray has said many times that “We get to come here into this chapel!” We get to come into His very presence in unity as one, one heart and one mind lifting up our holy hands and our voices to our Father.

And Father because You have anointed this man to lead us before You in such a way, we are thanking You today for that gift, for the privilege of being here and to flow under this anointed man of God. We thank You, Lord, that he is filled, filled with all the fullness of God! And we are that body that is joined, knitted together in the love of God. And You have found a people here today, on the earth, Father, that are flowing with You, that You would bring forth a sound, Father, of the beautiful, beautiful knowledge of the Lord and those things You planned, what You purposed before the foundations of the earth would be brought into being – the eternal coming through the door, the door of our souls, Father, as we lift up our voice, as we make one sound together. I pray, Lord, that You make this to be such a year of fulfillment for Pastor Ray of all his desires and dreams and, Father, that He breaks forth into a new level, a new level of dominion and authority and freedom and open air and refreshment. And this is the glory that is never to cease! We are continuing to break free from all those barriers that hold us back. We thank You, Lord, for that coming forth today in Jesus’ name! That new level of glory in Jesus’ name!

Brother DJ shared…

What came to me right now is that we are to be good to all men but especially to the household of God. We bless outside people all the time but we forgot sometimes our own congregation. So, that’s where it started from. Thank You, Father.

Pastor Paul prayed…

Glory to God, Father, I thank You for putting in him the Spirit that makes one occupy until You come. In the name of Jesus the tenacious spirit that weens from the camp of the enemy, all that has been set up to dismay, set up to hinder, set up to delay, set up to upset, set up to destroy, set up to undermine, I thank You that the spirit that is tenacious in him undoes everything that has been set up to work against the body of Christ through this Spirit of Life that is in Christ Jesus that works mightily in him. Father, I thank You that he knows how to occupy! Glory to God!

And as he occupies, he’s assured victory. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. There is a verse in scripture that says the body of Christ is yet to see. It says, “Declare His glory among the heathen and His wonders among all people.” So, Father, the wonders of the prayer, let it be manifest through him in the name of Jesus. The wonders, signs, and mighty deeds that accompany those that know the secret place! God of glory, I am asking You to manifest it through him in the name of Jesus. That they would have respect unto you because they see You in him in the name of Jesus. Glory to God!

Father, when he opens his mouth to pray, there will be reversals from what conditions have been pronounced that are contrary to life in the name of Jesus. All glory belongs to You Father in the name of Jesus. Oh, Father, keep him pregnant! And, Father, as he delivers, deliver nations! Oh, glory! Father, You wanted to do so much by the life of Peter but him being one among many apostles, he could not be in many places at the same time. So, You used the shadow of Peter to bring deliverance to the captive. You healed the sick by his shadow. You changed conditions in families by his shadow. Father, I am saying everyplace where the sound of his voice shall go, cause there to be a mighty deliverance in the name of Jesus! Bring to life again those things that have been resigned to death. Produce life! Create life! In the name of Jesus, by the word of his mouth! Oh, glory to God. That, Father, You will uphold all things in him by the Word of Your power in him in the name of Jesus. Glory to God! And bring life even through his shadow, even through his shadow.

Glory to God! Who can stand in Your presence Father. Glory to God, hallelujah. Take off everything that does not belong to You, in the name of Jesus! [Pastor Ray goes down under the power].

Pastor Ray…

You know how it’s normally really cold in Chapel (ha, ha, ha)? It’s so hot in here right now. I began to smell smoke and it’s burning and it’s not just the natural smoke. It’s the Holy Ghost fire from heaven burning from within each and every one of us this day that will cause a greater thanksgiving to come our way and the power of the blood and the power of the name shall expose every evil way today! We overcome.

I am so thankful for every single one of you, every single one that has ever come into this chapel. Together, together as a company of believers, things have been stopped, doors have been opened, plans have been changed, and people have come in by the droves out of the darkness and into the light. Not because of who we are but because of Who He is in us and working through us. So, I am ever, ever, ever, forever, ever, ever thankful to God that He saw fit to even put my feet here on this soil. Thank you so much. God bless your thanksgiving. Thank you.

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