Prayer Summary for Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Following excerpt was taken from Daily Fire Devotional By Reinhart Bonnke:

About eight centuries after Abraham, God said that He had not forgotten His covenant with Abraham, the father of all who believe. He spoke to Moses, telling him what He was doing. Look at these action words:

The LORD said … “See what I will do …. I appeared … I have also established My covenant… I have also heard… I have remembered… I have surely seen… I have come down… I will send you … I will certainly be with you … I will stretch out My hand…. I will rescue you from their bondage, and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm…. I will take you as My people and I will be your God…. I swore to give… and I will give.” (Exodus 6:1, 3-5; 3:7-8, 10, 12, 20; 6:6-8)

That is a swift pen-sketch of the God of the past. One could build on that picture through the Scriptures when God became the God of Israel. .. Samuel…David … Isaiah … and then “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Ephesians 1:3). That is the God that used to be. However, for some people, God stays as a used-to-be God. Millions get no further, and God for them is perhaps around, somewhere, but He generally seems to have gone into retirement. Or they say, “Jesus did wonderful things, was crucified, raised, and taken to heaven, end of the episode.” Full stop. Their God is firmly anchored in history, Christ beyond the blue, never to be active again.

There is a book that claims God withdrew from the Bible. But since Jesus came, God becomes more and more vivid in the Bible, and in the world to this very day. It took 348 pages for this writer to put his theory together, but just one miracle demolishes the idea! If anybody thinks that God has dwindled away, or done the vanishing trick, let them come to Africa. I have seen Him there, manifested in greater power than anywhere in the Old Testament, expelling demons, restoring the sick, healing the blind, the cripples and the deaf. God is shaking cities and nations. Perhaps that is where God disappeared to, among people who believe Him! This is a fact of your Christian faith: your God is alive and real today, as much as He ever was, or ever will be!


Thank You, Father, that We have Your Holy Spirit
He is our enabler, our strengthener, continually empowering us
Keeping ourselves filled and on fire!
Never shrinking back, never turning back
God is alive and active today Tuesday, September 6
We lift up Your name, magnifying and honoring You
We serve a live and powerful God!
Who sent His Son to die on the Cross for us
Father, every hair on our head is numbered
Each one of us having a destiny to walk out
We choose to walk it out all the way through
Not in lack but in the victory You provided us
All our needs are met, staying above all attacks
Uncovering mysteries needing to be revealed in this month of September
Lifting up the month of October for a supernatural change
something that would be rearranged
We believe it Father, watering the month of October
Whatever You have planned to do, we set ourselves in agreement with it
Thank You Father

Ms. Annie led us in worship…

Pastor Ray shared…

In lifting up our voices, worshipping Him and knowing that He reigns, a couple things came to my remembrance. One was something that brother Hagin had said about a younger man who had a call on his life but for one reason or another he was in fear that if he actually gave it all, yielded to the Lord and said yes, whatever it is You want me to do… He had a fear in his heart that he would be sent to China and so he would never totally yield to the Lord. And it took him off into another road, another path for years. Until at one point in a service the Holy Spirit began to move and this younger man was in that service and he just gave up and gave in and came to the front and said, “Yes Lord, I will do whatever it is that You want me to do. I give up and I give in.” And what he heard from the Lord was, “You are not called to China. I have never called you to China. I just wanted you to be willing to go.” So from that point he had made that adjustment, he had yielded to the Holy Spirit… I don’t know what he was called to do but that part just sticks out in me this morning while we were worshipping.

And then something that Pastor Mac said on Sunday. One of the points that he made about you know the lusts of the flesh. He had five points. One of them was just take a step, do something concerning your call, the plan. In the message it was to get away from the lusts of the flesh but I am just reminded of it right now because of the call that each one of us have. We have all been called. We all have a plan. We don’t need to know all of the steps. We don’t need to know all of the how’s or the when’s, we need to say yes to the Lord. Whatever it is, if He calls us in a faraway place, the provision would already have been made. The point I am making right now… I just saw this. For each one of us no matter how young or no matter how old, that by faith, if we take that step this morning, there are new opportunities right out in front of us. If we would just yield, keep ourselves as much as we can over into the presence of the powerful Holy Spirit and yield and yield and yield, we will see ourselves at some point doing something what we could absolutely never, never have done. But today there is a call to just take that one step of faith. Do something that you know is in your heart. Do something that aligns yourself with that call. I have it by the Spirit to remind ourselves. Don’t let fear about the future or what He will call you to do hold you back. For the King of kings is drawing us up and drawing us in to new days. It’s by the power of the Holy Spirit that brings forth change in our hearts enabling us to do the things that we cannot do, dreams we have never walked out or fulfilled, plans that we know that are in there but we don’t know how necessary what we should do. We know we have a call, we have specific things in our heart that we have been called to serve Him by the blood and power of the Holy Spirit to actively by faith… Just like Pastor Mac had said. You can do it for a minute, you can do it for an hour, you can do it for a half a day, you could do it for a day. And he was talking about freedom from the lusts of the flesh, whatever that might have been but we are talking this morning about stepping in by faith into the plan or the call or the purpose He has called us to.

Continued praying…

The anointing that is in us when we were born again
Filled with the power from heaven at our baptism
We are equipped to do what You have called us to do
It is You working through us!
Just yielding to You Father
There is strength in knowing You have equipped us
Comfort and peace that passes all understanding
Thank You, Father, for the direction You have given and keep giving
You said that You would lead us into all truth
Thank You for Your written word and the word that has been declared through prophets, ministers
For us individually and corporately
For the call, for the plan, for the purpose – thank You
Our desire is never to say never, never say no to You
We just say yes

Ms. Annie led us singing “We Yield to You”

Ms. Florence shared…

On Thursday, Pastor Folu came up and he called for people who wanted the fire of God. I just went forward. Who doesn’t want the fire of God? I came forward and I went down and after about three minutes I started shaking. I had fire all over. But I tell you this time it was different. It was very different. Yes, there was the fire of God within me. I felt His presence come over me like a blanket but what I felt was a displeasure and I felt it so strong that I started petitioning for my soul, for me. I didn’t know what I was saying but I was crying. In my spirit I felt like I was cowering. I didn’t know what I was petitioning until the Lord told me. He said when I called you to do this, why are you not taking it seriously? And I said “Lord, what do you mean I don’t take it seriously? I am doing everything that I know to do, right?” But He asked me three times “Why are you not taking it seriously?” And so by then I did not know what I was supposed to take seriously. But I just wanted to share this because I have followed up, I have been before Him and now know what it was. But I want to tell you when the Lord has a call on you, when the Lord has called you into something… and you know sometimes we think we are doing everything right. We are coming to prayer, we are reading the Word, and we are fellowshipping with the right people and saying the right things but there is just so much more. There is just so much more than that. When He calls you to do something, He is preparing you for something and there is no one on earth that can do what the Lord has called you to do.

So this morning when we were saying “Yes” I just started crying.” I didn’t want to share this but maybe it will help somebody. I mean I am still in the process. You think that I have the whole picture? I don’t have the whole picture. But like Pastor Ray says you take one step at a time. And there is one step you have to take at a time. If it is saying yes today, just say yes. And when you say yes, He will order your steps. Believe me. It has taken me years to be where I am. I am so slow. I don’t know … the fog that is on my head, in my mind and my spirit. God is so gracious with me. He is ever so gracious with me every single day because every time He brings something I put my own personal things… I will say “I am a mother” and “I am a wife” and “I am working.” He has been very patient with me. But in this I felt His displeasure. I knew, I knew this time I have to take a step. I do. But I cannot take it in my own strength. Because everybody He calls, He equips. Everywhere He has called you, He gives you the grace and the favor to do it.

Continued praying…

Father, today we say “Yes”
It’s not our life, we have been bought with a price
You have called and You will equip
You will open our eyes and give the strength we need
The seeing and the knowing
We hold up those steps Father
They have been ordained
We believe to cooperate as we consecrate our lives
Taking it one word at a time – continually saying “Yes” until we get it
Proceeding ahead – stretching out forward
Even calling the things that are not as though they were
And seeing them come to pass!
Watching out to those places we have never been before
Preparing in ways we have never prepared for before
It’s a spiritual “Yes!”
Speaking to our bodies and minds and saying “Yes!” to the fullness of the plan
“Yes!” to boldness, courage, wellness, peace, resources, and finances
Lining up some other things too
Days turning into weeks, months, years
Steadfast in the call – individually and corporately
All the way through “Yes Lord, yes!”
Never, not ever saying no!
Not ever questioning the yes
Those are divine ordained steps, new revelation, and new operations
Opening up those plans, opening up those days
Numbers, every detail – holding them up before the Father
These are standards, the standards of heaven
Lifted up as we are lifted up
Pursuit of the divinely ordained plan of God
Holding fast to every detail, declaring “Wisdom, courage, steadfastness”
Not ever giving up!
Different addresses, locations in Jesus’ name
It worldwide, men and women rising up
Lifting up voices in one accord – igniting the cause
Setting each one on Holy Ghost alert – to fulfill the call
Nothing broken and everything working right, every internal part
Eyes and ears – declaring wholeness, wellness
Supernatural days, great revelation concerning the assignments
The Holy Ghost will take You were you need to go before you know you need to go
That’s preparation!
It is okay, it is all right!
For the ways to go, plans to carry out, places to go, turns to be made
Always in Your flow – bright with the fire from heaven
Great delight and changes – the glorious good new Gospel light
It’s Your glory, Your presence
Thank You Father

Ms. Annie led us in worship….

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