Prayer Summary for September 24


The following excerpt is taken from The Revival Study Bible:

The Time is Now!

Everyone should sense the urgency of the days in which we live. While there is a mighty move of God sweeping the world, there is also an ominous fear gripping the hearts of millions. You can read about it in the headlines and hear about it on the evening news. Throughout the world, there is a deep concern about the future. The Bible says, “Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near” (Isa 55:6).

We are living in a season of grace. God has chosen to bless, not curse. He has chosen mercy, not judgment. But, my friend, this could change at any moment. God wants to send revival to you and your household now. There is no promise of tomorrow.

Now is the time to allow the light of the gospel of Christ to shine into the deep, dark, inner recesses of your heart.

Now is the time to break up the topsoil of your heart and allow the precious Word of God to enter like a seed falling on a freshly tilled garden.

Now is the time to cast all your cares upon Jesus, because He cares for you.

Many of us spend so much time musing over past mistakes that we miss the opportunity right before us. Many of us are so preoccupied with taking care of our tomorrows, that we bypass our opportunity today. Remember, the opportunity of a lifetime must be seized during the lifetime of the opportunity.

When God comes near in His great mercy, do not miss your opportunity. We have no promise of tomorrow. Tomorrow is a date that can only be found in a fool’s calendar. Now is the day of salvation. Do not put it off. Do after God. Pursue Him for revival in your own life and in the lives of those around you.

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Lord, we know now is the time for us to rise up as a Body
Jesus, Your name is holy!
You are mighty and worthy of all glory and honor
We bow our hearts, lives, and plans before You
Lord, we lay it all on the altar
Thank You, Father, that we can enter into the place of Your presence
We thank You for Your Spirit, Word, and presence
Thank You that You are continually leading us into new truths
Calling and yearning for greater change and transformation!
Seeing a Church without spot or wrinkle
That she sees and knows where to go
People melted by Your presence
Every factor plays a part
We cannot go any other way!
Father, we must walk carefully before You!
By Your mercy and grace let us finish our race without stumbling
Let us discern and understand these times
Hearing Your voice amplified in our ears
Impaired ears, you begin hearing
Seeing a gathering of a great harvest on the horizon
We lift them up!
Your fire must hit our feet and cause us to go out!
Each one casting aside the stumbling blocks
We must put some old things behind us and transition into the new
There must be a great lifting!
Help us to hear, obey, and operate in the Spirit
We call for mercy, Father!
You alone get all glory and praise
We are thankful for living in these days
Thank You for the protection of Your blood!
Declaring we will not miss even one moment of spending time in Your presence today!

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