Prayer Summary for September 23


The following prophecy was given by Kenneth E. Hagin on February 20, 1997:

Speaking by the Spirit; not just speaking words out of your own mind or thinking, but speaking by the Spirit. Words that are inspired by the Spirit of God. Words that well up from within you out of your spirit; given to you by the Holy Spirit. Those words spoken boldly bring forth great happenings. Speaking by the Spirit, and so the glory of God shall come into manifestation. And some will see it like a cloud that hangs over the heads of the people. Others may not see anything but they sense the mighty move of His Spirit. Speaking by His Spirit, yielding your tongue unto the Holy Ghost. But you see, taking time to pray in the Spirit. Taking time to pray in other tongues will get you tuned up; will edify you and get your tongue hooked up to your spirit so that when He who dwells in your spirit can give you utterance, then He takes over. And you speak out what He says, not what you think. Speak out what He wants. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. And so the Spirit of Seeing and the Spirit of Knowing into a greater manifestation shall come. But all of these. All nine of these manifestations, all of these worketh that one in the self-same Spirit. And at the same time, the inspirational gifts. Men, women, speaking by the Spirit. By prophecy-inspired utterance. By tongues and interpretations; shall bring forth marvelous statements and bring to pass and bring into being in this sense realm where men can see and know the operation of the Spirit of God and the manifestation of the Spirit of God and the demonstration of the Spirit of God. So rejoice ye and be ye glad. (Ha, Ha, laughter) Hallelujah.


Calling for the Holy Ghost to flood cities, towns, and villages
Flooding them with Your Spirit, Lord
Penetrate those places and hover over them
Declaring that Your Spirit would fill every crevice and every crack
Churches-rise up!
There are ripples that are going out and bringing transformation and change
A change of thinking, a change of heart, and a change of mind
That is the paradigm of the Holy Ghost
Floodwaters we call you in, in the name of Jesus!
We will continually step through those doors of opportunity
Doors of darkness be closed!
Entering into a new way, by Your Spirit, Lord
The enabling anointing of the Holy Ghost will carry it forth
Breaking every chain of the enemy today!
We number greater than those that would oppose us
It is the move of Your spirit, Lord, that is setting those captives free
Bridges are being made to bring You from the place you are, to the place you need to be
Ministries who have come to the end of their way-that bridge is there to carry you to your destination
We are seated in heavenly places today
There is power in the name of Jesus
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
There is wisdom, healing, and overcoming in that name-Jesus!
Every hindrance, every doubt, and all strife is broken through that name!
We break those chains under the authority and the power of Jesus Christ
When we declare it by faith, those chains have to drop!
Strongholds be broken and moved out!
It is the day and hour for Holy Ghost power to move and keep on moving
We need the fire of God to burn
There is a fire burning bright-breaking chains, breaking bondages, and opening doors
Once those chains are broken, we will NEVER be the same again!
Changed in an instant!
Calling for greater understanding and revelation, Lord
The Holy Ghost army is equipped for this time and this hour
Every war will be touched by the hand of God
Declaring that every town, country, school, and work place will be touched by You, Father
Pleading the blood of Jesus over each and every chain that has been broken
Continually staying and standing in Your presence, Lord
Holding the blood against every plan of the enemy
There is protection by the blood, today
It will not be stolen, but it will rise up and increase
In Jesus name there are new days, steps, and opportunities
We will continue to burn with that fire, Lord
Calling for what You have said to come to pass
Men, women, and children would become so hungry for You
There would be a breakout, here and now!
Declaring that You would accomplish that which You have placed on the inside of us

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