Prayer Summary for September 19



Thank You for the manifestation of Your presence today
We desire for our hearts to be open to You
Our ears clearly hearing what You are saying
You get ALL glory, honor, and praise, Lord!
We receive everything that You have done for us
Thank You for the ministry of the Holy Spirit today!


The following excerpt is taken from True Stories of the Miracles of Azusa Street and Beyond by Tommy Welchel:

What God Has Joined Together

Brother Seymore asked the crowd, “Would you like to see God have a wonderful time here tonight? Some of you may remember the man’s leg that grew out about a year ago.”

Seymore then asked the one-armed man, “Can you work with just the one arm?”

The man answered, “I’m just given minimal paying jobs, and I barely make enough money to even eat.”

Seyomore shook his head and responded, “That’s not good. Are you married?”


“Got kids?”


Seymore declared, “This man needs to be able to make a living. This man needs to work, and he needs to be able to pay his tithe. Will you tithe if I pray for you and God gives you your arm back?” Seymour asked teasingly.

“Yes!” the man replied.

Seymour burst out laughing. “I’m just having fun.”

He then slapped his hand on the shoulder itself and commanded the arm to grow out. Almost instantly it grew out! The healed man stood in total shock, then started moving his new arm and inspecting it with his other hand, wonderstruck by the miracle.

A few weeks later the man came back, bringing about 200 people with him, telling many at the meeting that he had gotten his old job back. Many of those he brought with him needed healing and left that evening fully restored as people in the crowd prayed and laid hands on each of them.

Let the Children Come to Me

This next story surprised me even more. I still marvel when I think of it. One day Sister Dundee found a horribly disfigured child around five years old amongst the people at Azusa Street. He had scars all around on his head.

His family said that doctors literally had to piece his face back together after he fell from a staircase onto a concrete floor when he was about two-and-a-half years old. The side of his face that took the impact was about one-quarter of an inch lower than the rest of his head.

Sister Dundee could tell he wasn’t normal mentally either. Her reaction? “Oh, how marvelous! God gets glory when things like this happen.”

The father asked, “Things like what?”

“He’s going to be healed,” she declared.

See, by this time, they didn’t say “God’s will.” They said, “He is healed.” They had so much confidence that God was going to heal everyone and everything. “Let me hold the boy in my lap,” she said as she set him down and laid her hand on his head.

Sister Dundee said she could see and feel her hand moving and shifting as she was praying. Finally she took her hand away, and the boy’s face was perfectly normal! He was healed mentally as well.

Now, here’s the shocker. This disfigured child grew up to be a handsome Hollywood star. His name was Robert Montgomery. He became an actor, on stage and scene, as well as a director.

In 1937, he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for a thriller called Night Must Fall. His daughter, Elizabeth Montgomery, starred in the hit TV show Bewitched in the 1960s.

From grotesque disfigurement to a golden boy in Hollywood. How’s that for a miracle?

Sister Dundee was part of Azusa almost the entire time the revival lasted. She, too, loved the Shekinah Glory and the music that seemed to fall from heaven. She loved it all, but nothing compared to the love she felt and expressed for the children in need of their Father’s touch.

If you would like to purchase this book, please contact Living Word Bookstore online or call (763) 315-7015.

Continued Praying…

Holy Spirit, we give You honor!
We want to continually stay connected to You, Father!
Thank You that You saw fit for someone to pray for us that we might come into the body of Christ!
We pray for others that many may still come in!
Father, we know we are heading into watershed moments in this time
The Church must be gathered together in one accord!
Open our ears to hear what You are saying about this time
We take hold of the Spirit of seeing and knowing
Not just maintaining status quo but pressing into more
Leaning not on our own understanding
Lord, we run to You for we need You!
Our eyes are looking up
Some things we cleave to and some things we must leave
Continually drawing nearer to You
We must prefer one another!
Calling for obedience of and by Your Spirit
Walking carefully and more accurately with You
Father, we pray over the gathering!
Taking authority over separation and division
Centering in on Your will and plan—we call it forth!
Praying over the conditions of the atmosphere—instant change!
We declare for everything to be aligned!
Praying about the particulars and parts—operating in and through the Spirit
It is bringing us out of chaos and into order
Open the doors of change, Lord!
Seeing the giant rising up—getting away from those old situations and rising up in You!
We need more manifestations of Your presence
Holy Spirit filled men and women gathering together!
Father, we know it is Your will for everything to be changed and renewed
No more complacency or status quo!
Breaking out of the box
It is a beginning of a watershed time!

A Word of the Lord came forth:

“And so the new! The new—new days, new opportunities, new anointing’s, new revelation concerning the anointing that is within you. New opportunities that will take you to new destinies or destinations where I have called you to operate in that anointing which is within—believe, say, continually expect My presence to lead you in that way!

“And the new! The new! Every day is a new day. But new opportunities will begin to rise up and begin to take place—things, plans, My purpose, and My destiny for you. New doors, windows, pathways, revelations, understanding, interpretation. New! That Spirit of seeing and that Spirit of knowing which was prophesied over, and over, and over, and over is and will continually increase in My body in these days.

“Do not doubt what I have called you to see , do not doubt what I have called you to do, just receive and come unto Me, and My Spirit, as the Word says, will direct you in the things, in the places, into the opportunities that I’m calling you to. Don’t sweat it,” saith the Lord! “But be joyful in it and walk in My peace. My strength is in you to do what I have called you to do.”

Continued Praying…

We stand in awe of You!
Lord, thank You for the manifestation of Your presence
It is bringing change wherever we go!
This is a blessed day and Your favor is going before us to create new opportunities

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