Prayer Summary for September 30


The following excerpt is taken from The Triumphant Church by Kenneth E. Hagin:

The Visions of the “Frogs”
I had two very similar and unusual spiritual experiences, one in 1970 and the other in 1979, that showed me how real our responsibility is to pray for our nation and for the world. In both visions I saw three huge, black, frog-like creatures coming up out of the Atlantic Ocean. They looked like huge frogs except they were much larger—about the size of whales.

In the first vision in 1970, I saw these dark beings come up out of the Atlantic, and they seemed to leap all the way across the land. In the second vision in 1979, I again saw three frog-like creatures, and one of those creatures came up out of the water and looked like it was about to land on our shores.

You need to know how to interpret spiritual visions. Because these creatures came out of the ocean doesn’t mean they came up out of a literal ocean. From Genesis to Revelation, “seas” or “waters” often symbolizes a multitude of people.

In the first vision, I knew that the three frog-like creatures leaping across our country meant that three strategies of the devil would arise out of the multitude of peoples against our nation. The first strategy of Satan would be riots and disturbances. The second, would be political upheaval (Watergate, as it turned out). And the third, problems in the economic sector of our nation.

These evil strategies from the enemy don’t arise from the Christian population; they come from the masses of those walking in darkness because sinners are held bondage and dominated by the devil in the kingdom of darkness.

In the second vision in 1979, Jesus said to me, “If the Christians of this nation had done what I told them to do in My Word and had prayed for the leaders of their country, they could-have kept those evil spirits you saw in 1970 from operating in this nation. None of those upheavals would have occurred in your nation. You would not have had the political, social, and economic disturbances in this nation, and the President never would have made the mistakes he made. In fact, I’m holding the Church responsible for the President’s mistakes.”

When I heard Jesus say that, I cried out, “My God!” and began to weep. Jesus continued, “Yes, the Church is responsible before God Almighty. I know when you tell that to some Christians, they will laugh. But you wait until they stand before My Judgment Seat and see if they laugh when they are the ones who will receive the judgment.”

Jesus was saying that Christians could have stopped those evil strategies of the devil by taking their place in prayer based on the Word of God. Christians have authority on the earth in Jesus’ Name, and if Christians had prayed for those in authority, America would not have had the riots or the political and economic upheavals we experienced in our nation in the 1970s.

In this vision in 1979, I saw those other frogs about to land on our shores again, and Jesus said to me, ”You can see that three similar evil strategies of the devil are about to happen again in this nation. First, unless Christians pray, there will arise another time of riots and tumults and disturbances all across the nation, coming from different causes than the disturbances of the early 1970s.

“Second,” He said, “something is about to happen to your President that should not happen and will not happen if Christians will pray, and take authority over the devil’s strategies and bind his works in My Name. And third, unless Christians pray, there is something about to happen that will bring further trouble in the economic scene and in the financial structure of this nation.”

Jesus concluded, “Once again, Christians can stop all three of these strategies of the devil against this nation. They can stop the upheaval through riots, tumults, and disturbances in the social structure. They can stop the upheaval and the activity of the devil in the political scene of their nation. And they can stop the devil from disrupting the financial scene of their nation”

Many Christians did pray and the plan of the enemy was greatly averted and thwarted. Because Christians stood in their places of authority in Jesus’ Name and began to pray and exercise their authority over the devil, God intervened on our behalf.

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Thank You, Father, for giving us authority in Jesus’ name
We come by the blood lifting up those in authority over this nation
Our President, Congress, Senate and Judicial branch
We apply the blood over all our borders and waterways
Thank You, Father, for Your plan for this nation
Safety along our southern border in Jesus’ name
Uncover those plans right now!
We charge the angels to assist those who are securing those borders
We call for a cleansing in the media in this United States of America
Father, strengthen those who are heralding the truth—give them wisdom
We hold the blood against those that would try and shut down the truth in the media
Thank You, Father, for leaders who are strengthened to lead
We declare an anointing from heaven to clean it up!
Great doors of utterance to get it straightened out in the name of Jesus
It is clearly seen for what it is—an evil plot of the enemy
Calling those things out that must be found and must be exposed
Arrests that must be made!
Those that have presented a false front are exposed now
In the Spirit, by the Spirit, and through the Spirit—holding fast and going all the way!
There is an overcoming in the blood in these days!
Spiritual arresting in the name of Jesus Christ
It will not go away or be ignored until it is all made right!
Following that line all the way through
Watching things as they turn—standing firm in the position we have been called to
We roust them out of there right now by the blood
There is security, help, and strength in the blood—declaring it right now!
In every detail and position, we take our places
Walking as we pray in Jesus’ name
We believe that they will see and that they will move by the Spirit
Thank You, Father, for the position You have called us to
Continuing in it day by day by Your direction
Thank You, Lord, for the changes and turns in each of lives
Our families, our Churches, the positions of authority
Thank You, Father, that in You there is a continual change from one degree of glory to another
For a refueling of Your Spirit today—joy and strength!
Thank You for the answers, the revelation, and the prayers you would have us pray
To see and know what we are to lift up in prayer
We thank You for it in Jesus’ name.

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