Prayer Summary for October 27

The following excerpt was taken The Art of Intersession by Kenneth E. Hagin:

Now, one of the things I appreciate most about being filled with the Holy Spirit is praying with tongues. From that day in 1937 when I was first Spirit-filled to this, I have worshiped and communicated with God, praying and singing in tongues, every single day. And I never have left that place of prayer feeling that I didn’t say what I wanted to say because my spirit was enabled by the Holy Spirit who indwells me to say what it wanted to say.

If you are not doing so already, I invite you to come on in and communicate with God supernaturally. God wants to do so much more for you. He wants to communicate with you in a better way. Know the joy of fellowshiping with the Lord in the spirit.

Speaking in tongues is a continual experience to assist us in the worship of God. It is a flowing stream that should never dry up. It will enrich your life spiritually. And it will enable you to help others and to work with God Himself in the consummation of His work in the earth through the ministry of intercessory prayer. (The Art of Intersession, pages 67, 69 – Kenneth E. Hagin)

The following quotes were taken from Dr. Caroline Leaf on October 24 at Living Word Christian Center:

1. When we sing and worship together, all our hearts beat as one
2. When we thank God, He listens and we receive an increase of neurotransmitters like BDNF. The brain gets prepared for change, new thinking, healing takes place.
3. When we praise, He inhabits, we feel His presence, new brain cells literally grow, neuroplasticity.
4. When we worship, He acts on our behalf… we activate our miracles.

Every morning when we wake up, we have 300 million new brain cells.

Praying in Tongues

1. Decrease in activity in the frontal lobe… because God is taking over.
2. Parietal – occipital says the same.
3. Linguistic area decreases in activity… because it is an unknown tongue.
4. Amygdala activity increases because discernment increases… We become like a watchdog.
5. Hypothalamus activity increases because we’re responding to peace.
6. Increases emotional stability by 86%

Pastor Ray shared…

I once watched a minister preach a sermon on forgiveness and fear. His point was if we focus on the cross totally the things that come against us on either side, we don’t even see them. He had a young boy take a tube and close one eye and look through the tube with his other eye. He was directed to look straight at the cross. In the meantime, there were all kinds of evil characters that came out on either side of him. As long as he was looking from the tube, he wasn’t even aware of them.

In our thoughts when we are renewed, our minds control our brain, so it’s so critical what we are thinking on. We are to focus on Jesus and not on ourselves. We are nothing without Him.

If we would only spend seven minutes a day worshiping Him, things would change internally. In lifting up and sowing to Him, He brings back to us more than we even know. It’s like we are in a hospital and being restored when we worship Him.


You are Holy and You said we can be Holy even as You are Holy, Lord
We receive Your blood and righteousness
All that You did for us
We receive Your victories – You are Lord!
There is a way by Your blood
Pastors! Pastors! Pastors!
Upward, encouragement, wholeness, empowered
Lifting up our pastors
Lifting up their arms and their hands
The Spirit of Seeing and Knowing
Mysteries uncovered and revealed – new territories
Utterance by Your Spirit for them
Calling them up and forward in Jesus’ name
Eye to see and ears to hear – be open
A sustaining and strengthening
Divine answers by Your Spirit
Touched, filled, and refilled
Praying over their feet, hands, eyes and ears in Jesus’ name
All of the new! Greater increase by the power of the Holy Spirit
That’s prepared but out further than that we lift those things up
That is the way! There are clear ways to go
Prosperity – spirit, soul, and body
Resources of every kind, come forth
Thank You, Father, for entering into the greater and greater and greater
Daily momentum – strengthening, perseverance
Every good work and every good plan shall be in operation
Thank You, Father, for the things to come
For the accomplished work of the cross

Pastor Paul shared…

I felt that this is something that we should avail ourselves to regularly to pray for our pastors. I just heard the Spirit say to us to pray; to lift up the burden the enemy is trying to put on them. The Lord has said to us to come unto Him all ye who are burdened and heavy ladened and take of Me and learn of Me because I am meek and lowly of heart and My yoke is easy and My burden is light. The adversary wants to change that so that the work of our hands is arduous and hard and the yoke is too heavy to bear. But God’s yoke is easy. So that is one indication of what is of the Lord and what is not of the Lord. You can just measure it by whether the yoke is easy or it is too difficult to bear. This is something that not only today that we are going to have to do but every time we come together we should focus by lifting up the arms or the hands of our leaders.

Paul said in Philippians 2 concerning Timothy, for I have no man who will naturally care for my estate, for all seek their own and none that thinks of Jesus Christ. So what we are going to do is pray that the Lord of Hosts will rearrange things concerning the ministry to remove the undue burden the enemy wants to bring into the body of Christ.

Father, I am asking whatever You have not planted, whatever you have not fashioned that resulted in being a burden that the adversary wants to place upon our pastors, Father, we refuse that burden. We reject that that burden be put upon them as a mantle. We say that burden falls off them. That burden does not stay upon them. Whatever it is that is being ministered to them to weigh them down, Father, we say that burden be removed in the name of Jesus. We lift up the arms and the hands of our Moses, our pastors and we keep their arms lifted up that the war against the ministry will fail. We say that burden cannot stick! We say that burden cannot take a foothold or cannot be established as part of their call. We refuse that burden! We refuse it in the name of Jesus! We refuse the burden of finances. We refuse the burden of membership. We refuse the burden that is not part of the call for their ministry.

We say, Father, that we receive the easy burden, the light burden, the easy yoke. We receive it in the name of Jesus. Every burden that steals communion, that causes us to think otherwise to what we are called to do or called to be, the burden that is “do to be” instead of “be to do” we refuse you in the name of Jesus. We will not “do to be” who we are! We will “be to do” what we are called to do. We are human beings not human doings! So that burden that forces us to get doing something that is not part of the call, we condemn it in the name of Jesus. Get off our Pastors! Get off their minds! Get off their ministry! Get off their call! You are undue weight. We reject you in the name of Jesus. Satan you have been exposed. Thank You, Father. Hallelujah!

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