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Scripture Focus…

A thief has only one thing in mind—he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness until you overflow!
(John 10:10 TPT)

So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love,  (18) may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, (19) and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.
(Ephesians 3:17–19 NIV)

Then on the most important day of the feast, the last day, Jesus stood and shouted out to the crowds—“All you thirsty ones, come to me! Come to me and drink! (38) Believe in me so that rivers of living water will burst out from within you, flowing from your innermost being, just like the Scripture says!”
(John 7:37 TPT)

And don’t live foolishly for then you will have discernment to fully understand God’s will. (18) And don’t get drunk with wine, which is rebellion; instead be filled continually with the Holy Spirit.  (19) And your hearts will overflow with a joyful song to the Lord. Keep speaking to each other with words of Scripture, singing the Psalms with praises and spontaneous songs given by the Spirit!
(Ephesians 5:17–19 TPT)


The following excerpt was taken from Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth:

Fullness of God’s Life

Many ministers today major on the “manner of life” and “behavior” rather than zoe, the “Life of God.” When received in sufficient measure zoe lives itself. Paul prayed for Christians, already filled with the Spirit, that they “might be filled with all the fullness of God.” This shows that zoe is God Himself, and all  we have of it is an unsevered part of the “Life of God.” The way to be “full of faith” is to be full of that kind of Life, which “believeth all things.” The way to be full of divine love is to be full of the “Life of God,” Who is love.

“All things are possible” to zoe. When it is received in sufficient measure, it can fulfill in us any promise or any requirement in the Bible. To fulfill in us all that the Bible requires or promises is precisely what the “Life of God” in us was to accomplish. By receiving enough of the “Life of God” we can be made “more than conquerors,” “spirit, soul and body.” God wants to do in us, all that He did in Christ for us.

Zoe received in sufficient measure transforms us “from glory to glory into the image of Christ.” It turns belief into knowledge. It is the source of all the divine graces. It gives us God’s wisdom, It overcomes “the world, the flesh and the devil.” It works in us “that which is well-pleasing in his sight.”

It is by filling us with His own Life that God Himself becomes our life, our peace, our righteousness, our purity, our strength, and our health. He becomes the Preserver of “our whole spirit, soul, and body,” our zeal, our joy, our faith. Through His Life, He is our Guide, our Teacher, our satisfaction, and our “everything that pertains to life and godliness.”

By filling us with more and more of His Life, God wants to manifest Himself in us in the form of every spiritual blessing He has promised. This is the miracle and the genius of Christianity. Romans 5:10 tells us, that we are “saved by his life.” This is true for both soul and body.

It is impossible to measure up to God’s purpose for our prayer life without being full of that Life that “ever liveth to make intercession.” In other words, it is when zoe inspires our prayer that we can ask what we will and receive it. Zoe, the “Life of God,” is the healer of soul and body. Divine healing, divine life, and divine strength are Christ Himself “made manifest in our mortal flesh.” The fullness of this new life is better than the healing it produces. David said, “the Lord is my portion”; “the Lord is my strength.” His blessings were God manifesting Himself in these various forms. God gives us each spiritual blessings by giving us Himself; our blessings are a part of God.

Jesus said, “I am the vine and ye are the branches.” The Vine’s life is in the branches. “The life of the branches is a part of the life of the vine.” It is Christ’s will that all the branches shall be full of His own Life. When we are full of zoe, we are one with God just as the bay is on with the ocean because the tides flow into the bay. Paul says, “They that are joined to the Lord are one spirit.” That is to say, our spirit and His Spirit are blended into one. The truth privies us with one of the answers to the question, Why am I not healed?

I have heard Christians express their reasons for wanting to be filled with the Spirit. It seems to me that every Christian in the world would pray until they were filled with the Spirit. Many do not know the many glorious reasons why the Holy Spirit wants them to be filled with Himself. One of His reasons is that He wants to be unhindered in His wonderful work of continually quickening our whole spirit, soul, and body. In John 6:63, Jesus said, “It is the spirit that quickeneth,” or giveth Life. He is spoken of in Romans as “the Spirit of life. “All life is due to the direct action of the Holy Spirit. It is His work to impart to us continually the actual Life of Jesus. Jesus is the true source of Life for both the souls and bodies of God’s children. His work of quickening or increasing the divine life in our spirit, soul and body is hindered or limited when we are anything less than full of the Spirit.

Jesus said that He came, not only that we might have Life, but that we might have it “more abundantly.” We cannot have His Life in the measure that He desires unless we are filled with the Spirit. The abiding, which Christ commanded, keeps us filled with the Spirit. This removes from us all hindrances to the Spirit’s constant quickening. In the 119th Psalm, David used the word quicken eleven times. He knew that more Life is the cure, the only cure, for all our aliments. It is good to know what we pray for. David desired quickening , more Life, increased Life. He therefore sought that blessing that is the root of all the rest. He prayed, “Quicken me after thy lovingkindness.” We need never fear anything that lovingkindness does. Nothing else is so good. Lovingkindness itself cannot do us a greater service than by making us to have “life more abundantly.”

Let this prayer be your first prayer every day; it is the condition of a thousand other blessings. It is God’s way of “fulfilling in you all the good pleasure of His goodness.” The Holy Spirit wants to quicken us to the extent that everything He has revealed concerning us in God’s Word shall be fulfilled in us.


Father, we thank You for Your Word
Your Word is truth, and it imparts life to us
Thank You for Your life, we open our hearts and simply turn our attention to You
Today is the day that You have made and we will rejoice and be glad in it
We turn our hearts to You and our affection to You, we welcome You, Holy Spirit
Fill this place, Lord, with Your presence
Holy Spirit, we invite You to quicken us and to impart fresh inspiration to us today!
We draw and receive from You, Holy Spirit, move among us and dwell in us
Rivers of living waters are flowing in and through us in Jesus’ name!
If we are feeling discouraged or oppressed, we speak to our soul and say soul be open, rivers flow!
We pray over the churches, and we declare that rivers of life are flowing now!
Calling for a river to flow through America, and it would flow through all the challenges and divisions
Praying for a river to emerge in the midst of this hour and in this time
Rivers sent from heaven, a river of Jesus in the church once again
Yes, a river of many colors, flowing out now
Opening it up today, we open up a river to our cities and into family members far from Jesus
The church is opening up and being renewed in the name of Jesus
There is a refreshing, a transforming, and a healing taking place in these last days
A river is  being poured out, the life of God is being imparted, and souls will be redeemed
Praying for a river to revive the church, and to supply and uplift the church in Jesus’ name!
Changes and revivals are taking place in the British Isles
Doors are being opened, and we pray for souls in the UK to come back to You, Lord
Praying for signs, wonders, and miracles once again
Opening, opening, opening!
We lift up those broken places, and nations, we send healing in Jesus’ name
Father, we send in help, light, and wholeness in the precious name of Jesus
Healing and restoration are flooding in, in these last days
We call the church back together, we send out a call of the spirit and we gather together
Calling for assignments to the church, that we would go higher, wider, and bigger
Yes, You are making a way where there seems to be no other way, Lord
We break down every barrier, and we come against every stronghold and hindrance of the enemy
Father, we apply the blood of Jesus over each and every believer
There is a building up of the church today, Lord
Yes, there is a reinforcing of the foundations of the nations
We plead the blood over the North to the South form the East to the West
Lifting up the broken places, and we pray for healing and restoration once again
Loosing angels and ministering spirits to go, to assist churches and pastors
Yes we will obey, Lord
Praying that You would energize the pastors and prayers, inject them with supernatural energy
We pray for a spirit of prayer to be revived and stirred up in leaders today
Open up, open up, open up!
You are making a way, where there seems to be no other way!
We come by the way of the blood of Jesus
Declaring that nothing will stand in our way
The Spirit of God is in this place, and He is imparting life and peace
You are showing us the way, Lord
Our eyes are being opened that we may see the newness of life and inspiration
We honor You and lift You up, You are right here with us
Yes, we drink of Your river, Father
Thank You for the wholeness and freedom we have in You

A Word of the Lord came forth…

I am speaking over you, I am breathing your way, let your heart simply receive even as you breath in and exhale out, the very atmosphere of heaven is here you see. It is here to resuscitate you to life and joy and abundance of peace so breathe in and breathe out words of My Spirit and, yes, in your known language and, yes, in your tongue language. And as you do, you will receive of My presence, and My thoughts and My ways and what I have and I intend for you today. So breathe in and breathe out with your words and your thoughts even let your imagination run with the inspiration of My Word, and you will begin to see oh my truly there are no limitations. There are no hindrances. And there is no longer any condemnation, no blockages, no stoppages, not even one thing to keep you from Me and to keep you from the fullness and the unlimitedness of My glory and My plan for you and for the church. And so each day, come to Me, walk with Me, journey with Me, know Me in the Word and know Me in the Spirit. And even let your breathings and your exhalations cause you to breathe the very atmosphere of life eternal of zoe of Jesus Himself that you might rise and go to glory and then the next level of glory, that you might rise out of the doldrums of this lower place of existence called the natural life and rise to a new place of the supernatural life, life eternal, life as I have it and experience it. For I have given it to you without limits and without hesitation it is yours. Just reach out and receive and walk with it today.

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