Morning Prayer Notes for Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Word came forth…

My precious children. Did you not hear with your ears the song that was sung—“Breathe On Us.” That is My heart’s desire for you today, that the wind of My Holy Spirit might breathe on you and through you in a new, fresh way and in a mighty way. My disciples of old were filled with the wind of the Holy Spirit. They were filled with might and energy and power and ability to be My witness.

And so are you! Do not wait, do not forget, but seek Me and receive by faith because the wind of My Spirit is in this place, this day. I have chosen to release the wind to blow on you and through you to strengthen you. The wind of My Spirit is the power of My glory and My presence. It is the power of My might and My healing. It is the power of My wisdom and truth. It is the power of My revelation. It is the power of My strength and healing. The wind of My Spirit is the power to empower you to be all that I have meant and called and designed you to be. My Church, My people representing Me to this world. So this day, at this moment and this time, I invite you to open your hearts by faith and receive the wind of My Spirit, the breath of your God, breathing on you in a new, fresh way, filling you to overflowing with a new anointing, a fresh encouragement, a fresh truth, a fresh wisdom, a fresh joy, and a fresh peace, and even a fresh new restoration and healing to your minds and your bodies. There is nothing that can hinder from accomplishing the wind and the breath of My Holy Spirit. It is here today. Now is the time. So I invite you to open your heart by faith, receive all that I have and let the breadth of your mighty God breathe in you and through you for My glory and for all your benefits, saith the Lord.

Group continues to worship…

Pastor Ken led prayer…

For those going through a tough time, for those at their wit’s end, so to speak, for those struggling with symptoms emotionally, mentally, physically, we pray for a ministry of the Spirit in their hearts and in their physicality and in their lives to transform, to restore, to resurrect, to revive, to refresh… each and every one of us in each and every part of your Church, Lord…

Have your way in us today. Change us today. Change the Church today. Change our nation today, Lord.

Lord, we ask that you would do just what you want to do here right now in us and through us… in the nation in which we reside and have citizenship.

We pray for Holy Ghost interruptions, Holy Ghost interventions.

And so we just pray that you would help assist to be and receive and absorb all that you have and all that you want to give, all that you want to say and all that you want to orchestrate …

Help us to see, Lord… anoint our eyes to see … shake us. Even the whole world, that there would come a heavenly and a holy shaking now …to shake nations and cities and regions and political regimes in Jesus’ name … a Holy Spirit ordained shaking now coming, coming, coming…

Lord, that there would come a response and an obedience in the masses of people… responding now to God…

Word came forth…

So while My wind and breath is blowing on you, I say now is the time to open up the doors and the gates and let the King of glory in. Let Him fully and gratefully in. Because I am the Lord almighty, who fights your battles for you. But you must yield. You must surrender and open up the doors and the gates and make room for the breath of God to flow through you and in you. That I, the Lord mighty in battle, will fight your battles for you. I am your victory. I am your strength and your might and your power. I have your anointing. I am the Lord of hosts. I am the commander and leader of all the angelic armies of heaven. And I am here for you. So trust Me, saith the Lord, open up, open up and let the breath of My sphere flow in you and let the King of glory come in and bring revolution. Bring revival, bring restoration. I am all that you need. I am all that you’re searching for. But you must search and seek Me and you will find Me and you receive all that I am and all that I have. And you will go forth in victory. You will go forth as strength and might and power through Me. But I say this day, open up the doors and gates now. It’s time to let your King of glory in. The Lord who is strong and mighty in battle on your behalf, says God.

Pastor Ken shared…

So receive that where you’re at. Open up the door, welcome Him in. Let the King of glory come in.

And maybe that’s not salvation. Or maybe that is salvation. Maybe you’re streaming this, this morning from another part of the world and you’re not sure what it means to be saved or to be a Christian. That simply is or means to respond to the offer that the God of heaven extends to every human being breathing on planet earth, which is to invite you to receive Jesus and the work that He performed on our behalf. So perhaps that’s you for the first time. Perhaps that’s you where you’re at today. You feel disconnected from God. You feel like you’ve gotten away from God. Just know that He loves you. He’s not mad at you. He’s not upset with you. He dearly and profoundly and beyond comprehension with the human intellect loves you and cares about you and is merciful and forgiving toward you.

So wherever you’re at, if you feel condemnation or shame or regret or you’re far from God or you’ve been disconnected, then just reconnect with Him today. Just open your heart and say, “Jesus, I welcome you afresh into my life. I accept and I receive your full sacrifice on the cross and in the grave and in the resurrection for me that I might be totally completely forever and for all time forgiven, made whole, and set apart for your purposes.”

And maybe that’s not salvation for us, but maybe that’s some aspect of our hearts and our lives. How many of you know that walking with Jesus is just that, it’s a walk? It’s a journey. It’s not just a one-time event. It’s a daily getting up and looking to Him and looking to His Word and looking to your heart with the Spirit abides and saying, “Lord, what’s next? What do you want from me? What are you saying? What do you want me to do?”

And sometimes some of the most profound moments in God are those moments when we simply surrender a part of us that maybe we’ve held on to. Maybe it’s a worry or a fear. Maybe it’s a past pain or regret or trauma or devastating loss in your life. It could be any number of things. We have as much of God as we want. And I believe I’m looking to and I see online a community that wants more of God each day, that we hunger and thirst, not just for enough to barely make it into heaven, but for more and more of Him, to go as the scripture reads from glory to glory, from strength to strength, from likeness of Jesus to greater likeness and transformation to be like Jesus.

Because we live in the hour where the Church is called to glow, to shine with the brightness. Not unlike Moses, who came down from the mountain where he met face to face with Jehovah. And when he came down, his visage shown with beauty and glory and the shininess of the spirit dimension. That’s what God is doing now. That’s what He wants to do. He wants to reap the harvest and He wants to transform every son and every daughter, every man, every woman, every child. And as we walk with Him and we host His presence, He wants to transform us. So not only do we make it out of the “heat of hell” and into the glory of heaven one day, but so that we could reflect all that He is, supernaturally even. So that even as the days grow darker and the enemy is about his business, because out of fear, he knows his time is short. The Church begins to glow. The Church begins to shine. The operations of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit begin to function and flow, not just from the pulpit, but in our everyday lives where you and me as pray-ers and believers come up daily to a higher place where we no longer live exclusively out of our human intellect or past experience or religious indoctrination. But more and more, we function out of the wisdom and the fullness and the unlimitedness of God.

Don’t you know that that’s one of the amazing and beautiful aspects of prayer… is that as you pray, the Spirit of God begins to move in your known language, but also in your prayer language, in the Spirit… in tongues in other words. The Bible says supernaturally you are built up. Supernaturally you begin to… I feel it when I’m up here. And when I’m praying in my prayer closet, I sense the heat of God and heaven begin to fill me and pulsate through my hands. I sense His vibrations, if you will, in the spirit dimension. Hallelujah.

And He wants to do that in each of our lives each and every day. So that as we go, as we pray, as we worship, the operation of the Spirit becomes more and more prevalent and prominent. You see, if we’re going to do what God has called us to do individually and collectively, we must be equipped. We must be endowed with Him. That’s why Jesus took the time and the intentionality to spend hours in some instances before He ever stepped foot into Galilee or wherever He was going to raise the dead or heal the sick or preach a message on a hillside overlooking the great sea. He took much time so that He would be filled. Because the spiritual truth is, what flows out of you is first determined by what first fills you. Glory to God.

What fills you?

And so I challenge you with that today. In your prayer life, just know that not only are you speaking out divinely, orchestrated and inspired sentences and paragraphs in the spirit in your tongue language, but also God is inspiring you with interpretation. Like the apostle Paul said, when you pray in the spirit, pray that you may interpret. When you have your journal open, pray that you may interpret. Heaven is streaming creativity and answers and support and supply and strength and fire and healing and divinely orchestrated events and purposes. They’re streaming. The signal that comes to your phone is not the only signal or stream that’s happening in this realm so that you can talk to your friend. But there is a heavenly stream every moment of every day. And as you begin to pray, you’re able to interpret that stream and translate that stream and step in cadence with that stream or those instructions, or that supply of God.

You could call it also the “spirit of seeing and knowing.” I have been sensing that, this week in particular, how God is sending us, He’s giving us an upgrade, a promotion, if you will, in our lives. And I’m taking time to intentionally highlight this and to tell you this, and you’re probably picking it up yourself already, but I’m articulating it because I see so much in the Church where people brush off these offers that the Spirit gives us each day. They ignore and they just press forward in their natural pursuits, almost ignoring the Spirit of God. And the Holy Spirit is a gentleman. Scripture teaches us that He’s easily grieved. So we have to be purposeful to recognize Him. Give Him attention and respond and obey Him when He comes knocking and saying something to you. He’s saying, have expectation that in the monotonous moments, in the quiet almost insignificant moments of each and every day, know that He’s there speaking, working, prompting, healing.

Even if it’s symptoms in your body, you don’t have to wait for the prayer line at church on Saturday or Sunday morning. Healing is always available. If you’ll learn to yield to it and yield to Him, the healer. When it comes to emotional health and mental wellbeing, that was something that was on my heart in particular last night. And let me just interject this. For those that are online in particular, if you have prayer requests, if there is something we can stand and agree with you wherever you are in the world, take a moment and post those in our chat because our host “songstress” and Cynthia and Janice and Jim and others who are online chatting with you, they’re going to pray with you online. But as well, our prayer team is going to go and grab those requests. And we’re going to pray over those intentionally later today. So if you’re online, let us know, even as some of this that I’m sharing with these resonating, let us know what’s going on with you and how we can pray and stand with you. We’re a community. Amen? We’re a family.

Last night I was thinking about this. Some people call it epidemic of mental unhealth, emotional, trauma that’s going on. Some people call it the pandemic after the COVID pandemic, pandemic of mental health and emotional issues and whatnot. And I was thinking about this truth regarding prayer. There’s something about the economy of God that there’s a link between answered prayer, a link between co-laboring with Him and access to fullness of joy. I like to say that to complain is to remain. But to pray and give God praise is to receive a raise in your quality and status of life. Your quality emotionally and mentally and in every other aspect of your life. And so, I guess I just have it on my heart, especially for those that are going through difficulties emotionally, mentally soullessly. It was prophesied as well. God wants to heal. He wants to restore. He wants to work in that part of our lives.

I wrote this down last night, as I was praying. Here’s an example of me seeing and knowing by the spirit as I was praying. It’s simply this. He said, “Prayer is God’s prescription for a mental and emotional wellness, wholeness, and restoration.” And I’m highlighting this in particular. I feel like one of the reasons I’ve known this for a while, because in the church, we have the tendency to separate or isolate spirituality with the emotional components of our lives. And how many of you know that God created our emotional and mental state, just as much as He created our spiritual being. And He desires both to be transformed, both to be healed. Both to grow up and to mature and to be integrated with each other. But far too often in the Church, we focus just on the spiritual side of that, which is a side of us, to the exclusion of the emotional and mental part of us. And so there’s this disconnect and there’s this… we go to church and we go to prayer and we’re doing our thing and we’re looking like a Christian, but yet we’re hurting and we’re broken on the inside. Year after year after year in our emotional state, in our mental state, in some aspect of our interior. And I’m here to tell you this morning, if you’re struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, if you just carry around a low grade level… I call it a low grade level of just like dread, worry, fear. That is not from heaven.

Yes, I know there are times when we pray, when we sense a burden on us to pray or the heart of God about something. But as pray-ers, we’re not called to be inflicted with depression. My Bible says that there’s a connection between answered prayer and extreme joy. We read it yesterday, right? John 16:24, Up until now, Jesus said you’ve asked nothing in My name. Ask that you may receive that your joy may be full. Come on now! Right? Joy unspeakable and full of glory is our destination and to be our experience in life. And pray-ers especially should be filled with joy. So I just feel like God is just like putting His finger on that issue right now. Emotional and mental wellness in this moment for us to pray about here in a little bit. But also for us personally. Psalm 23:1–3. It says “The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters.” Now here’s the punchline I’m trying to get to this morning. “He restores my soul.” Isn’t that good?

I’m going to take a couple moments here and just read an excerpt from a book that I go to from time to time. It talks about emotionally healthy spirituality. You’re like, “What, Ken? What are you talking about?” Exactly, we need to hear about this.

God is working and He’s wanting in particular to work in our souls. We’re only able to thrive and prosper and do the will of God to the degree that our interior is prospering, thriving, and being changed on a daily basis. The Bible says we’re of those who believe to the saving, transforming, reviving, and restoring of the soul. Hebrews 10:39, the soul. But this particular author and pastor in his book, “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” said, “Being productive and getting things done are high priorities in our Western culture. Praying and enjoying God’s presence for no other reason than to delight in Him was a luxury, I was told. That we could take pleasure in once we got to heaven. For now there was too much to be done. People were lost. The world was deep in trouble, and God had entrusted us with the good news of the Gospel. For most of my Christian life, I wondered if monks were truly Christian. Their lifestyle seemed escapist. Surely they were not in the will of God. What were they doing to spread the Gospel in the world dying without Christ? What about all the sheep that were lost without direction? Didn’t they know the laborers are few? The messages were clear. Doing lots of work for God is a sure sign of a growing spirituality. It’s all up to you and you’ll never finish while you’re alive on earth. You are responsible to share Christ around you at all times or people will go to hell. Things will fall apart if you don’t persevere and hold things together.”

It’s true. We have these beliefs.

“Are all these things wrong? No, but work for God that is not in the prayer place, the pulpit, your home, the marketplace, on the streets with evangelism, whatever the case is, he says, but work for God that is not nourished by a deep interior life with God will eventually be contaminated by other things such as ego, power, needing approval of and from others, and buying into the wrong ideas of success, and the mistaken belief that we can’t fail. When we work for God because of those things, our experience of the Gospel often falls off center.”

Because we’re trying to fill the void with Christian works. We’re praying, we’re praying. We’re praying because that’s what we need to do.

“No! We’re called to just be with Him. And just know this: God cares more about doing something in you than doing something through you. The what that He does through you, whether it’s in the spirit through prayer or in the natural through your ministry or calling, will come forth automatically and organically as you let Him do in you what He wants to do. He is our divine psychologist and counselor, and comforter and helper. He sees our pains and our hurts. The last time I checked, Jesus still is our great intercessor in the heavenly realm. The one who came to this earth for one reason anyway, so that He could experience what we go through in this earth realm as human beings. The pains, the hurts, He knows what it’s like to be betrayed, to be talked behind His back by people that He thought loved Him. He knows what it’s like to experience all those human emotions and feelings so that He could be an effective and powerful and anointed high priest and intercessor in our hearts and in our souls and in our minds and in the interior parts of us. First and foremost, you’re a spirit and connected to your spirit is a soul, a.k.a. your mind, will, and emotions. This physical realm and this physical body of flesh is temporary. In other words, it’s dying each day and will go away in the future. But your spirit and your soul will go on forever. And God sees and knows what you’re going through today. He knows what you’ve been through intimately. And He hurts for what you hurt for. And the reason why He’s prophesying, and the reason why He’s saying today, ‘let Me in, come to Me, respond to Me, welcome Me, consecrate your life to Me’ because He’s our answer. He’s our everything. And the work He wants to do begins inside.

“When we work for God because of these things, our experience of the Gospel often falls off center.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a lot of Christians in my day. They’re anointed. They’re beautiful people, but they struggle day in and day out in different areas of their lives. And they substitute in many ways, spiritual works for what is hurting them. They try to cover it up. They try to overlook it. Many don’t even recognize this part of their being, their emotional state, their soul. Pastor Mac did a series years ago, essentially summed up, says as your soul goes, so goes your life. So let’s not overlook this. Let’s recognize the Holy Spirit is there each day.

There’ve been moments in my life where I have gone into my prayer closet laid down and said, “Lord, I don’t even know what I need. I just hurt on the inside, or I’m frustrated, I’m struggling or something’s going on in me. “And I don’t even know. I just lay down. And I’ve had moments where I’ve not even been able to open my mouth and He was there and I just began to weep. And like King David, I poured out my soul through weeping and crying and calling out to God. I didn’t know what happened, but a few minutes later, half hour later, hour later, two hours later, I got up and like, “Whew.” It’s like the world’s been lifted off of me. Something changed. I’m a different person.

He’ll meet you. There have been moments of my life when I was younger where my heart cry, “Lord, I want to be whole, I want to be healthy in my soul. I need change in my life. And I invited Him to come in. And He began to work supernaturally in my heart. But then He began to bring people into my life. Books into my life. He began to prompt me through the spirit of seeing and knowing. In other words, as I prayed in the spirit especially, I got ideas, like “I need to reach out to this person and have a conversation with them.” And lo and behold, it ended up being divine appointment that not only impacted them, but allowed me to be healed on another level because I’d stepped out and I obeyed what the Spirit of God…

See, He will interpret what’s going on, on the inside of you. The Bible says that your soul is very hard to understand, very complex, mysterious in a way. But the Holy Spirit is the divine counselor and comforter, and He will interpret to you what’s going on inside of you as you pray. And He will prompt you with steps. And He will lead you to people. And He will highlight things as you read, books that have truth in them. And He will do a work so that day by day, your soul is changed. It’s a lifelong process. And it’s as your soul is transformed and it’s as you become like Him that you are set up to step into the new places and the next steps He’s ordained for you. And you’re prepared to handle the answer that He wants to give you to steward it and receive it. Where maybe before you would have gotten in trouble, because you didn’t have the character to carry the plan of God to the next level. You didn’t have the character developed within you to answer the call. And that’s oftentimes while we remain stuck, even though we’re doing lots and lots of simultaneous Christian works and serving here and serving there. Yet, we remain in the same emotional state. And we wonder why we don’t progress more in our relationships and our finances and in our callings. It is this before God wants to do something through you, He’s passionate and determined and wants to do something within you. Because the truth is that great work that He does in you emotionally and mentally and in the interior of who you are actually becomes the platform and the springboard and the fuel that propels you into your calling, that He uses. The ministry does to you He uses then for you to minister to others, or you’ve administered to. That’s right. Let me finish this in this passage. He goes on to say…

When we work for God because of these things, our experience of the Gospel often falls off center. We become human doings, not human beings. Get that now: our highest and first calling is to be who we are with Him. Our highest calling is to receive from Him. You can only minister, scripture reads, to the degree that you’ve first been ministered to. Jesus is energized when He gets to minister to you and speak to you and move upon you. We become human doings, not human beings. Our experiential sense of worth and validation gradually shifts from God’s unconditional love for us in Christ to our works and performance.

I don’t know about you, but I know that my particular temperament, I need lots of experience in receiving of God’s love and peace. I need daily doses of it. It keeps my heart soft. It ministers to me. It helps me. God knows exactly what you need online today. Those of you in the chat, He knows what you need today. Oh my gosh. He knows specifics. Exactly what you need in your soul and in your heart and in your journey. Look to Him. Expect Him to deliver that. Expect that He’s ministering that to you right now.

He goes on to say the joy of Christ gradually disappears. Our activity for God can only properly flow… That includes prayer. Our activity for God can only properly flow from a life with God. We cannot give what we do not possess, doing for God in a way that is proportionate to our being with God is the only pathway to a pure heart and seeing God.


Thank you, Father. So receive that where you’re at today. Thank you, Lord. Help us just to receive that today, Lord. It’s a lot maybe to take in, but we just receive it today. Lord help us Father help us to receive from you. Help us to be just doused in your love.

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