Prayer Summary for May 2


We welcome Your presence in this place, Lord
Father, we trust and need You every moment of every day
If we ask for anything by faith, we believe that we receive it
Holy Spirit, fill this place, fall fresh upon us today
Thank You for Your precious Holy Spirit, Lord


The following excerpt is taken from The Best of E.M. Bounds on Prayer:

The Necessity of Prayer

Prayer is absolutely dependent upon faith. Virtually, it has no existence apart from it, and accomplishes nothing unless it be its inseparable companion. Faith makes prayer effectual and in a certain important sense must precede it.

…for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him (Heb. 11:6).

Before prayer ever starts toward God; before its petition is preferred, before its requests are made known—faith must have gone on ahead; must have asserted its belief in the existence of God; must have given its assent to the gracious truth that “God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek His face.” This is the primary step in praying. In this regard, while faith does not bring the blessing, yet it puts prayer in a position to ask for it, and leads to another step toward realization, by aiding the petitioner to believe that God is able and willing to bless.

Faith starts prayer to work—clears the way to the mercy seat. It gives assurance, first of all, that there is a mercy seat, and that there the High Priest awaits the pray-ers and the prayers. Faith opens the way for prayer to approach God. But it does take more. It accompanies prayer at every step she takes. It is her inseparable companion, and when requests are made unto God, it is faith which turns the asking into obtaining. And faith follows prayer, since the spiritual life into which a believer is led by prayer is a life of faith. The one prominent characteristic of the experience into which believers are brought through prayer is not a life of works, but of faith.

Faith makes prayer strong and gives it patience to wait on God. Faith believes that God is a rewarder. No truth is more clearly revealed in the Scriptures than this, while none is more encouraging.

Continued Praying…

Thank You, Father, that the blood of Jesus has made a way for us
We call those things not as though they were
Declaring those things by faith, and calling them forth in Jesus’ name!
Our eyes are being opened to the truth of Your Word
We seek and we wait on You, Father, with great expectancy
You, Father, are so faithful and true!
We trust in You to do those things You said You would do, Lord
Yield our hearts to more of Your presence, Father
Thank You for the blood of Jesus that is covering us today
We want more of You, every second, of every minute of every day
It’s a seeing and a knowing, and it’s a revelation about the goodness of God!
The Holy Spirit is actively working on the inside of each and every one of us
Taste and see that the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every detail of the month of May
Lifting the month of May up to You, Lord
What has been planned in Heaven, it shall come to pass
Rolling off every care and anxiety!
We yield to the plans that You have for the month of May, Father
Covering each and every day with the blood of Jesus
Walking boldly by the precious blood of Jesus!
Breaking and busting through areas and arenas that we have not been to before
Stepping over by faith into some new territories that we have never stepped into before
We step out of status quo, and we call those things forth by faith in Jesus’ name!
No, Devil, you will not have your plan, you will not have your way!
Pleading the blood of Jesus over every detail, it will unfold the way God preplanned it to unfold!
Restart and restore in Jesus’ name!
It is time now, some are in the hospitals, but they need to be loosed and set free today!
We call them healed by the blood of the Lamb!
Holding up the body, there are details that have to be laid out, so we call them forth by faith!
Looking for that shift and that change now, Father
We will cooperate with Your way and Your plan, Lord
Moving into the higher way, preparing a highway for our God
Calling for aid and assistance and help from heaven, today!
Open up those avenues that have been locked down!
You are distributing those things, and we call them forth in Jesus’ name!
Shaking off the old patterns and the old plans!
We hold on to You, we hold on to Your Word, and we hold on to the blood of Jesus!
It is a new day, and it is a new way!
Reveal and unveil the plan You have for us, all across the land, Lord
Calling for the body of Christ to rise up in a new way!
A great awakening is on the horizon, Father
The light, the light, the light will shine in the darkness!
Your Spirit is moving from one corner of the earth to the other
We declare it, we speak it and we see it, a new day has dawned, Father
This is the time and this is the hour, the timing of God is upon us
Not sitting down, not laying down but the Church is standing and the Church is ready!
It is just about time for the Father to tell Jesus “Go and get Your bride”!
The timing of things are now! It’s time! It’s time! It’s time!
No, no, no Devil, you will not take him out, you will not take her out!
The Father has a divine purpose and plan for each and every believer!
Calling for supernatural unity in the body of Christ today!
It is the gathering of the Church; it is the gathering of the saints of God
His plan and purpose is coming to pass in these last days!
There are multitudes standing in the valley of decision
There is a coming together now, nothing can stop it, it is growing in strength
It is growing in the spirit!
We are not moved by what we see, but we are moved by what we know!
Loosing angels and ministering spirits to go and work on behalf of the multitudes
Calling for advancement in the body of Christ in Jesus’ name!
Speaking increase to every believer!
Words are being spoken to bring momentum to the body!
Your presence is surrounding us, Lord
Pleading the blood over each and every step we are to take, Father
The prayers have made a way, for the furtherance of Your plan
Holy are You, Lord
Covering each and every step in the blood of Jesus
We plead the blood of Jesus over every word that must be spoken
Applying the blood over every leader in a position of authority
Blessing their hands and their feet, bless their mouths and their eyes to see
Worthy, worthy, worthy are You, Lord

A Word of the Lord came forth:

I’ve already set you up, I’ve set some things up that the enemy has no clue about, there are set up’s out front, for I have set you up in positions of authority, to use My Word, to use the name of My Son, to use the name of Jesus and destroy those Devil set up’s that have, that will try to derail you and take you out away from My plan and perfect will. But watch as you lift up your voices, as you lift up worship, as you welcome My presence in you. Begin to believe that you see things before they come, you see things before they take place, you hear things that other people do not even hear. So stand strong in that position of absolute faith in Me, I will do, I did do, and I will continue to do the things that will keep you all the way through to victory. Victory, victory, after victory, that is how I see you, that is how I created you, and that is how My words will work through you. Opening those opportunities for greater and greater from glory, to glory to glory, increase is for My body. So receive, receive, receive!

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