Prayer Summary for May 12

The following excerpt was taken from Herald of His Coming, May 2015 by Leonard Ravenhill

We Must Pray!

I am convinced that the Church (meaning the body of truly regenerated believers) has never faced a greater challenge from the powers of darkness than she does today. We need a baptism of honesty in the courts of the Lord. Honesty means truth, and truth can be painful. We must face the fact that (with all our mass evangelism; with all our compromised, theatrical presentation of the Gospel; with all the billions spent on radio and television preaching) we have not made a dent in the moral corruption of the nations. We are still a valley of dry bones. More than ever, we need to sing with Bessie Porter Head:

O Breath of Life, come sweeping through us,
Revive Thy church with life and pow’r,
O Breath of Life, come cleanse, renew us,
And fit Thy church to meet this hour.

Revive us, Lord! Is zeal abating
While harvest fields are vast and white?
Revive us, Lord—the world is waiting!
Equip Thy church to spread the Light.

Let the fires go out in the boiler room of the church, and the place will still look smart and clean, but it will be cold. The Prayer Room in the church is the boiler room for its spiritual life. When holy passion has ceased to move the intercessors in the Prayer Room, coldness ensues, power is lost, and mortification sets in. The place still looks viable, but it is no longer a birthplace of souls.

Many folks have admitted to me over the phone, “Our church is not as dead as some around here, but we are hardly alive, just lukewarm.” Even pastors write, saying the same thing.

God ignores the cold church.

He rejoices in the church hot with the Spirit’s presence.

He vomits the lukewarm church from His holy mouth.

Many preachers paint gruesome pictures with statistics on the porno trade, abortion, crime, murder, divorce, etc., but the time has come when judgment must begin at the house of the Lord. The painful fact is that “the salt has lost its savor.”

Why revival—God’s way? Because we have tried every other way.

I often am asked to pray for the healing of the nation. No! I am praying for the healing of the church. Then the healing of America, Britain, and other nations will follow. As the church goes, so goes the world!

Back to the sackcloth and ashes. With Isaiah we need to plead, “Oh that Thou wouldest rend the heavens, that Thou wouldest come down…” (Isa. 64:1) This much is sure, we cannot rend them, and there is no other source of life for us! We must pray.

Scripture focus…

(1) Oh, that You would rend the heavens and that You would come down, that the mountains might quake and flow down at Your presence— (2) As when fire kindles the brushwood and the fire causes the waters to boil—to make Your name known to Your adversaries, that the nations may tremble at Your presence! Isaiah 64:1–2


Rend the heavens, O Lord, this is our prayer
We are hungry for a great outpouring of Your presence
Saturate us today
Receiving words from heaven
Precious Father, we do honor and magnify You
We ask for the fire! We call for Your fire to burn!
Holy! Holy! Holy!
Such consuming fire!
King of kings, beginning and the end!
Orders from heaven
Ways to walk and places to occupy!
Expansion, revelation!
We reach ahead and prepare those ways—processing the words from heaven
More rooms, greater positions of occupancy
Moving it out and moving it forth
NEW devices and standards and positions of authority and sounds from heaven to take us through
Assignments revealed for the direction of the body!
Blessed is our GOD!
Steps and conditions for the fire

Pastor Paul prayed…

Father, You are precious to us. We don’t want to go from here. We ask for the fire. Not as a token of worship but Father as a purifying fire so that we would be done with lesser things. We would be done with the things that would be mundane, the things that are common, that have no eternal value, that have no power in it, the things that encroach and steal and corrupt and weaken, the things that are not necessarily sinful but have no edification or exhortation or comfort. The things, Lord of heaven, that seem to occupy our time from You.

We love Your presence, my Father. We love Your presence. We love how You visit with waves and winds and Your quiet storms and You bring answers and You quicken and You raise up and You raise the level of operation and You bring new heights and standards and revelations and we get to know and we get to understand. Like it’s written in the scriptures, “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed…” that kind of understanding. We ask, Lord of heaven, that we will not return to the things that weaken. Give each one of us a picture of who we are in You, what we are in You and what You are in us and where we are to operate for You. So that our pictures will compel us and propel us. Like Paul said, “I press for the prize.” You showed him something, Father, that everything else that came into his life could not compare to what You showed Him. He said I don’t want to know anything else but Jesus Christ and Him crucified. He had such a revelation of who You were in him that he could not allow himself to return to the things that were not expedient for him. So I am asking, Father, because this is such a solemn feast in Your presence and Lord we tremble to go back to the things that have no power.

So we ask of You to answer this prayer this morning by fire in the name of Jesus. Because You are known as the God that answers by fire. In the name of Jesus, quicken, strengthen, raise up, compel. We will be set ablaze and everyone we come in contact with… without even saying a word they become pregnant with a desire for You. They ache and quake for more of You! They tremble and cry and sob “I want You Lord” and they cry and You answer their cry. Oh, God, we’ve heard of men of God who enter into a room and the atmosphere changes. They know an ambassador of light has come in. They know… somebody that knows Your presence has been touched and branded by You has walked in. And things begin to move. The DNA of the air changes. The thought pattern of men and women changes. Some sob. Some cry. Some lift up their hands. Some repent. Some receive answers but the presence is there and the change comes.

The shadow of Peter, let it not be something we read about. Let it be something that is apparent in our generation. Father, we ask for that. We can come to Your throne and leave content. No one who visited with You left empty, Father. No one… No one came into Your presence and left empty. Even Jesus gave us an example. “They have been with Me now these three days. I cannot send them home.”

So everyone here visit, Father. Visit with visions. Visit with assignments. Assignments! Visit in the name of Jesus. Visit with Your power. Let no sickness have its dominion in the thinking of anyone. Let the enemy never be able to rent space in anybody’s mind henceforth but let us all be overcome by what we have met with You here today, even Your presence. Thank You for the answer. Thank You. We humble ourselves and say thank You.

Continued praying…

Thank You so much for Your enabling power in each one of us
For greater words to speak and sounds from heaven
Propelling us to move forward
Watching out ahead and preparing the way
Thank You for it today in Jesus’ name, Amen

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