Prayer Summary for March 19


Lord, we want to follow close behind You to wherever You lead us
Every step, we will magnify You because You alone are worthy!
We bless and exalt Your name, Lord!


The following excerpt is taken from Mighty Prevailing Prayer by Wesley L. Duewel:

The Dynamic of Praise

God has predestined that our Christian lives bring praise and glory to Him (Eph. 1:5-6). We are to be to His praise now and eternally (v. 14). Therefore, our lips and our lifestyle should constantly praise God. God rejoices in our praise. We are to begin His worship with praise (Ps. 100:4; Isa. 60:18). We are to praise Him with our voice (Ps. 34:1), with song (147:1), and with music (150:3). We are to be clothed with praise (Isa. 61:3), and our very lives are to be a praise to God (1 Peter 2:9).

What does praise have to do with prevailing prayer? Praise both prepares for prevailing prayer and is itself a holy means of prevailing during our prayer.

1. Praise focuses our hearts on God. Praise lifts our hearts to God in adoration, worship, and love. The most important fact of prevailing prayer is that it is made to God. To pray worthily, we must be supremely conscious of God. The problem or need about which we pray may seem overwhelming, but we must see God infinitely greater than our problem, able to meet all our need. Praise focuses our whole being on God.

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Continued Praying…

More and more, we are moving and flowing in the Spirit
We sing Your praises, Lord!
Matching the pitch
The operation of the Holy Ghost to flow and move
All of the elements working together
Calling for an atmosphere conducive for gifts and callings to operate
We pray and press toward that
A great overflow
Seeing a difference now
The orders from headquarters!
Lord, Your honor is at stake!
Kindle the fire-supernaturally ablaze!
We do not lean on our own understanding, but keep pressing into You, Lord!
Death cannot be, for the blood is against it!
Freedom in the name of Jesus!
We lift up the pastors in the last days
Give them strength from heaven to obey!
Walking submissively and yielding to the Holy Ghost!
Arising and ascending now
You are perfecting that which concerns us!
Clothed in new clothes
Reaching and accessing the deep wells of the Word!
Supernatural order!
Jesus, shine in our families, churches, and work places


The following blessing was taken from the Hope for Today Bible by Joel and Victoria Osteen:

A blessing is not a blessing until it is declared. So today I bless you by declaring that in the name of Jesus you are blessed with God’s supernatural wisdom and you have clear direction for your life.

I declare you are blessed with creativity, courage, ability, and abundance.

I declare you are blessed with a strong will, self-control, and self-discipline.

I declare you are blessed with a great family, good friends, good health, faith, favor, and fulfillment.

I declare that you are blessed with success, supernatural strength, promotion, and divine protection.

I declare that you are blessed with an obedient heart and a positive outlook on life.

I declare that any curse or negative word that’s ever been spoken over you, in the name of Jesus, that curse is broken right now.

I declare you are blessed in the city! You are blessed in the country! You are blessed when you go in! You are blessed when you come out!

I declare that everything you put your hand to is going to prosper and succeed! I declare you are blessed!

If you would like to purchase this book, please contact Living Word Bookstore online or call (763) 315-7015.

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