Prayer Summary for March 18


We thank You, Lord, that You are in this place, today
You are honored and welcomed here


The following prophecy was given by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin on January 24, 1988:

Maintaining The Glow

For He is high, and He is holy, and you cannot worship Him with man’s means. Yea, you dare not come into His presence in your own holiness or righteousness. But you must come into His presence robed in His righteousness. Come into His presence clean and holy but thou canst not make thyself clean, neither can thou make thy-self holy. For man alone is an utter failure. But you can come into His presence because His blood cleanseth you from all sin. You can come into His presence because His blood has atoned for your sins and all are washed away. And you are made unto your God kings and priest. So, put on your robe of righteousness and enter into His presence with thanksgiving and allow the Holy Spirit, who dwells in your spirit to teach you to be reverent. Yea come not with the clamorings of the flesh. There shall come a time, in fact, the day has now arrived, that you will learn to worship me, saith the Lord of Hosts, on a different level in which you have worshiped. Even learn to praise me on a different level in which you have learned to praise. For so much of that which has been in that manifestation among you has only been in the flesh. But now you will come into the broad place of the Spirit. Come with a reverence. Come with a humility. Come with a desire to fellowship with me. Come not in arrogance. Come not in the energy of the flesh. But rather come with a humble spirit. Crucifying the flesh. Not letting it dominate you or even endeavor to worship me as such. But come in a spirit and oh that can only be as you respond unto to the Holy Spirit. For the Holy Spirit knoweth the mind of God and He will lead you in the way even in worship as the Father would have you to worship Him. For He is high and He is holy. And you come not unto Him as you would come unto man. And you give not Him applause as you would man. For you must not bring Him down on the level of man but you must come up on the level where He is in holiness and reverence. Worshiping Him and Him alone. And then shall the Spirit of God descend upon you like mighty rain from heaven. Mighty rivers shall flow out of you and ye shall be known as a reverent worshipful people. And ye shall be known as a supernatural people. For the supernatural will be ordinary with you. And it shall be said of you as it was said of those in days gone by they that have turned the world upside down and come hither also. Hallelujah.

Continued Praying…

Come have Your way Holy Spirit
We hunger and thirst for You, today
Oh, the destinies, Lord Jesus
Moving more and more in the right direction
Praying over the ambassadors, Father!
Precious Jesus, kindle our fire to burn brighter and brighter
We pray for a leveling of that wrong plan every day, Lord
Making a way, where there seems to be no way!
Knowing that the matters of the heart matter to You, Lord
Attending to Your Word and holding fast to them now!
We lift up the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
A voice, a voice, a voice
Send them, Father to do Your plan and Your will
Busting out of those things and shaking them off!
Holding onto the plan and purpose that He has called us to
Lifting up the Master’s plan-and praying over the details of that plan
We praise and honor You today
Glory to God!
Our eyes are fixed on You, Lord!
From glory to glory, You are leading and guiding us
Destinies hang in the balance and they must come in now!
We lift up the army of God, today
Lifting up all the commanders and leaders
The blood of Jesus is around them today
There is order in that plan
We lift up all the praisers, Father
The praisers in the front line, that they would be equipped and filled with You
We believe for a preparation, Father
Praying a hedge of protection over the borders
A supernatural motion, moving that in the right way!
Lifting up the assignments of each member of Your body
Avert that, now!
Praying over covert operations-they go and do what You have called them to do
They are protected by the blood and led by the Holy Ghost
Declaring that they would have clear eyes to see
That they would not lean on their own understanding but lean on You, Father
You will lead and guide our every step and take us all the way through!
Father, thank You for the blood of Jesus
We are so mindful of the price that was paid on the cross
You are our Savior and our Lord, our prince of peace
We love You, Lord-You are everything to us
Declaring that our prayers would go out and accomplish what You would have them accomplish today, Father
That we would be continuously preparing the way of the Lord
You make our paths straight, Father
Thank You, Lord Jesus for Your precious blood

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