Prayer Summary for March 18


Thank You, Father, for wisdom and understanding in these days
Declaring the blood, the name, and the Word over the body of Christ
Sending encouragement to positions of authority in the body
The Church is waking up – Hallelujah!

The following prophecy was given by Kenneth E. Hagin on February 3, 1980:

And now concerning your finances, concerning your finances as an individual, concerning your finances as a group, concerning your finances as a school, concerning your finances as a church, concerning your finances as a minister, look not and think not like the world thinks, and like humans think but think in line with what God has said realizing that all you need is here in this realm, in this world. And there are hidden treasures even in the ground that men have not discovered as yet. And things are here, and God has put them here for your benefit, for the church’s benefit, for His people’s benefit individually.

And so there shall come revelation in these areas and there shall come guidance in these areas that will bless many. And use your faith in the area of your finances just like you did in the area of your New Birth, like you did in the area of healing—those same scriptural principles of faith and the money will flow.

Yea, speak to Satan and don’t be afraid of him. Don’t be afraid of the circumstances. Don’t magnify the circumstances. Don’t talk about and build up and magnify the lack but talk about the supply. Talk about the source. Talk about the Great One. Talk about the Good One. Talk about the Merciful One. Yea, for He is good and full of mercy. And you will see as you command Satan to take his hand off your finances and claim every need met that you will come to the place that you will go out beyond the needs and even unto your wants and they shall be met.

For it is written, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” I shall not want. And it is written, “The young lions do suffer hunger and lack but there is no want to them that fear the Lord.” And so He wants to move you beyond your needs into your wants. And so it shall surely come but command Satan to take his hand off your finances.

And though timidly at first, speak unto the angels. Oh, do not pray unto the angels. Speak unto the angels as you would speak unto one that was to serve you and say, “Go, Go, ministering spirits, and cause the money to come.”

And then when you are tempted to doubt, even in the nighttime when there seems nothing about which you could shout, just begin to laugh, just being to laugh! And say, “Satan, you know as well as I do that the angels are at work while I am sleeping. So you go on and I’m going to sleep while they work.” And so you’ll be rested and you will find that they will work in your behalf and the money will come.

Now concerning the money, now concerning the money concerning this ministry, there are three flows. (tongues) (Say that again, Lord. (Yea. Yea.) There are three sources from which money will come into this ministry. Not just a little trickle, not just a little bit but a flow of money, much money. But you need to be careful that it is used correctly for it will flow through three different sources and three different individuals. Not just a little bit of money, not just a little bit of money, not just a trickle, but much, much, much money, great money. And it will come flowing into the ministry and we will send men and women, too, around the world telling the story; bringing in the glory unto those that sit in darkness, bringing the light. Blessed be God. Hallelujah.

For the Lord is at work and the work that must be done, must be done quickly, must be done shortly. So stand and watch the money will come. The angels are at work. Amen.

It will flow like a river. It will flow like a river and you’ll be glad. Now when it comes to ministry, when it comes to ministry remember that it is written “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.” Rivers, not a river, but rivers of living water. The Spirit flows like a river. The Spirit falls like the rain. The Spirit in the New Birth is like a well of water in you springing up into everlasting life but the Spirit flows. Now find out which way He is flowing and flow with Him and go that direction and the flow shall be increased. The flow shall be increased.

And there be some who stand here that the flow of the Spirit is mighty in and you rejoice in it and you’re glad of it. But yea, saith the Lord, I’ll join another unto you that also has a mighty flow. And the two rivers flowing together will flow into one and there will be a mighty Mississippi of His power that will flow forth to bless humanity in this hour and in the next hour and in the next for not many hours are left.

And so, flow on, Spirit of God, flow on. Flow, oh man. Flow, oh woman. Flow with the Spirit. Flow with God for the Lord is moving in this hour. Move with the Lord. (applause) (praise)

But all cannot be told and all, at the moment, will not be told but whether it is told or untold, it will come to pass because God’s plan shall unfold. Hallelujah.

Continued praying…

Father, we will stay in the Holy Ghost flow
Thank you, Father, for Your direction
Not just our needs but over into our wants – thank You, Jesus
Trusting that our desires will be Your desires and the money will flow.
Thank You, Father, for the abundance to bring in the lost because the time is short
Watching how You work and move, Holy Spirt
Watching and praying over the body – we plead the blood
Applying the blood over all the connections in the body that they would bring increase
More of You and less of us, Lord
Calling that open and declaring this is the way by the name that is above every other name – Jesus!
Illuminate, reveal, and expose!
Signs and miracles – we watch and expect them in every gathering
Limits removed and steps shall be made for the plan has already been laid
It’s a march and you will know which way to go – the Master’s way
By faith, we receive it!
Demonstrations of great power expanding and spreading outward – the world shall see it
Pieces and parts must be connected again – restoration in Jesus’ name and by the blood
Moving, moving closer and closer to restoration now
Not in a small way but a maximum way – a great light!
Whole families restored suddenly in Jesus’ name
It could be one word but it will become more and more correct in its restoration
Churches and ministries that didn’t even know each other will connect and be surprised
Big and little ministries, positions of authority in the body joining together
One sound will go up – because it will be the Holy Ghost
Growing, moving, and expanding and others will join in – what a scene it will be!
It’s preparation for the harvest to come in!
Preplanned, preordained connections for the anointing to unfold and bring abundance
Men will say “Abundance!”
Thank You, Father, that the Word is working today
Fire increased, desire increased, momentum increased!
Thank You, Father, that our minds don’t have to understand
You made it so that we would just trust You
The Word, Your blood, and Your name we trust in
Not staying the same but moving and increasing in the new
Every second spent with You, we are transformed and changed from one degree of glory to another
Thank You, Lord, for what You are doing

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