Prayer Summary for March 17


Thank You, Father, for the blood which is our victory
We magnify it today
Over our future plans and decisions that must and will be made – we plead the blood

The following was taken from The Blood of the Cross by Andrew Murray:

The blood of Christ gives you a share in the love, the guidance, and the protection of God. Oh, if you only understand this – the God who has provided the blood of His son, who has received you because of that blood – He has become your God. He who has given His Son for you, how shalt He not with Him also freely give you all things? This is the blessing and power of the blood – it brings you into an eternal covenant with God; He become your leader and your portion.

III. The Blessings We May Obtain by the Blood

When the Israelite had sprinkled the blood he knew that he was safe. God had given him a promise of protection, and he was able trustfully to await the terrible visit of the destroying angel. He could listen peacefully to the great cry in the streets around him. His safety lay in God, who had said: “When I see the blood, I will pass over you.”

How much more may we, who now have not the blood of an earthly Iamb but that of the Lamb of God from heaven—how much more may we be assured of our redemption? You who read this, give, I pray you, an answer to the question I now ask: Have you this assurance? Are you truly sheltered from the day of wrath, under the protection of the blood? Have you the assurance that you also have been redeemed by that blood? If not, hasten, without delay, to receive this blessing. The danger is so terrible—the redemption is so glorious. The conditions are so full of grace. Let nothing keep you back from obtaining a share in it. You must be sure about it, or you will have no rest for your soul.

It is recorded that on the Passover night, there was an old grey-haired man who lived in the house of his firstborn son, and he himself was the firstborn son of his father. His son also had a firstborn son. Thus, there were three firstborn sons in the house who all must die if the destroying angel entered the house. The old man was lying on his bed sick, but he heard with interest everything his son told him about God’s command to Moses. Towards evening he was often restless, as he thought of their danger, and he said: “My son, are you sure that you have done everything that has been prescribed?” His answer was: “Yes, father, everything.” For a moment he was satisfied. Then he asked again: “Are you sure? Has the blood been sprinkled on the door?” Again the answer was: “Yes, father, everything has been done according to the command.” The nearer it came to midnight, the more restless he became. Finally, he cried out: “My son, carry me out if you please, that I may see it myself, and then I can rest.” The son took his father up and carried him to where he could see the blood on the side posts and the lintel. “Now I am satisfied,” he cried. “Thank God! Now I know that I am safe!”

My reader, can you say that, “Thank God, now I know that I am safe. I know that the blood was shed for me and has been sprinkled on me”? If not, I beseech you, by the terror and certainty of the judgment of God, make haste this day to hearken to God’s Word. Turn away from your sin and place your trust in the blood. Oh! I pray you, add not now to all your other sins that of despising, rejecting, treading upon the blood of the Son of God. I beseech you by the mercy of God, and the wondrous love of the Son of God, flee from the wrath to come and seek for shelter under the blood which alone can redeem. Believe, I beseech you, that no prayer, no worship, no works, no endeavor, will avail you anything. But God has said: “When I see the blood, I will pass over you.” Let that be your confidence. If He does see the blood on me, He will spare me. Come now, today, to this dear Saviour, who lives to cleanse you with His blood, and who never once has rejected anyone who came to Him.

Continued Praying…

Thank You, Father, that not one has been rejected by Your blood
That Your blood does a quick work when applied to our lives and others

Pastor Ray shared…

I have a picture that each one of our lives is like a book filled with different chapters and seasons. And many others around us know what our past was like. And it would have been, could have been written in differently in specific chapters and seasons of our past but because of the blood there has been alterations made and things have been edited and our life story has had chapters removed because of the cleansing power of the blood.

Did He not say I would remember not because of that precious blood? So, to me it is like a new story, a great story, an overcoming story because of the Son and what He did—that He went all the way on that cross and shed that blood. So every single believer has had things removed, changed, rearranged. But then out into the future… our future is bright and the story will turn out right because of the blood. We did not get down under and we were not turned around to go back but we continually pressed ahead under the authority and by that precious blood. For the righteousness of that blood cleanses us every day and makes that story turn out right. It makes victory always operate in our… we could say in our flight, our steps, our direction, the rest of the rest of the rest of our story. Ha, ha, ha, hallelujah!

So we have and we will always overcome by that precious holy blood. Amen. It’s a best seller; it’s a holy word. For it magnifies what the blood of Jesus has done. But how that blood has always , every day, 24/7, even when we’re asleep, the blood of the lamb is working on the sheep. Ha! Ha! Ha! Removing, revealing and changing in and through the power of the precious blood of the Lamb. Hallelujah! Thank You for it, Lord. We relax in You. We rest and take comfort in that precious blood for all of the new that You’ve predestined each one of us to walk out into. Not to walk back, not to go back, not the good old days or the bad old days but walking into the future holding that blood covering over us as we go forth.

Continued Praying…

Staying steady – we will never deny the power and authority in that blood
Father, it puts a smile on our faces and strength in our bodies
Great turns – we trust by the blood they will be made
Healing through the blood – from the top of our heads to tip of our toes
Words of love – walking in the Love of God
The blood causes us to come behind in no good thing
We overcome evil by the blood – warding off destruction
Causing the children of God to see and know and walk out their call
We apply the blood over the Church that they would rise in their authority
Enriched in Him in All utterance and All knowledge – because of the blood!
Thank You, Father, that the blood enforces Your will and plan
It’s because of the blood that we have a sure covenant that speaks better things than Able
We stand in Him because of the blood – nothing was accomplished until that blood was shed!
The blood has been shed – we come to the table You have prepared for us and receive!
The blood has aligned us on the King’s highway
Thank You, Father, that we are blessed with all spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ
By the blood, we go forth boldly in one accord
The plan of the adversary for each one of us has been aborted by the blood
Thank You, Father, for all the blood has done – we honor the blood!
There can no infirmity reside in our bodies were the blood has been applied!
Life and power are in the blood!

Pastor Paul shared…

So Father, as in the Old Testament, we saw when they were cleansing the leper, they put the blood on his earlobe that the hearing of his ears he shall hear the truth. They put the blood on his big thumb, that whatsoever he sets his hands to is no longer cursed. And they put the blood on his big toe so wherever he walks is no longer cursed. So Father, we translate, illiterate what that was done in the Old Testament and we say, “The blood of Jesus has opened our ears to hear as the learned and the blood of Jesus has been put upon our hands so whatsoever our hands sets to do shall prosper”. And the blood of Jesus is upon our feet so that every place the sole of our feet shall tread has been given unto us and we thank You for it.

For our Lord and Savior shed His blood seven ways. He shed His blood when they pieced Him with a crown of thorns. And so we say the memory of the just is blessed and blessing is upon our heads. He shed His blood when they pulled at His beard and they marred His face. So we say thank You for lifting up the light of Your continence upon our face and our face is radiant. And He shed His blood when they bruised His back… beaten with stripes. And so we say Lord, our labor is no more arduous but our labor is to labor into that rest and that rest is sweet. Father, He shed His blood when they pierced His hands and we have already made a recollection of what that does for us. That the labor of our hands, we profit by it. The stranger in the highlands shall not take our profit but the profit of the child of God shall come to them in the name of Jesus. When they pierced His feet with those nails, He took upon Himself our labor when we walk. For no longer shall we be bearing thorns and thistles but the land of the righteous shall be blessed. There is treasure in the land of the righteous! So we say O Lord, every place that the sole of our feet shall tread, we believe it’s a blessed land. When He was in the Garden and sweat great drops of blood… we say out of our body shall flow unto You rivers of living water. And we say there shall no infirmity dwell in our bodies. Infirmity cannot reside where the blood covers. Father, lastly, He shed His blood when they pierced Him… That soldier pieced His side and blood and water came out. We say O Lord of heaven, no one who is a child of God shall die of a heart attack. Every ones heart is strong! Every one’s heart is whole and the chambers of the heart are functioning right in the name of Jesus. And the blood shall purify the body. Thank You, Father, that the kidneys are whole.

You shed Your blood seven ways. We honor the blood, Father. And for each place they placed the blood they also placed the oil. When they placed the blood on the earlobe they also placed the oil there, anointing the head of the leper. So, we thank you for we are anointed. And we say boldly that the Spirit of the Lord is upon us because You have anointed us to preach the Gospel to the poor. You sent us to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound and to proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD. We decree we are anointed by the Spirit of the Lord to preach the Gospel on such a level that this world is unfamiliar with all to the glory of Your name, that You would get glory by our lives.

Continued praying…

Thank You, Father, for anointing everyone’s hands and feet that the body of Christ would realize their position in You
Thank You for the blood – thank You for the blood!

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