Prayer Summary for March 18


The following prophecy was given by Mark Brazee on March 23, 1996:

This is a forerunner church! It’s a forerunner church! But you mark my words that before long you’re going to turn the corner and forerunner into a next step. You just watch. You just watch. You just watch. A church that’ll obey… There’s some He’s called and they won’t listen. Concerned what it’ll do to their reputation in the city. Man, I lost my reputation when I got saved. Why develop a new one? Thank God. God’ll raise up forerunners, those that’ll listen, those that will obey. And I tell you, gone into the first step, but before long there’ll be a corner to turn.

Wonders and signs from His power divine. Wonders of His grace will fill even this place. My, my, my. Many will go out in the power of His might, taken to the world the move of God by what they can hear and what happens in their sight. There’ll come a mighty move of healings and gifts. A mighty move of the Spirit of God, reaching out to the lost in the realm where they live. For you see, the world can’t walk by faith. The natural man receives not the things of the Spirit for they are foolishness unto him. SO the God of harvest will step out and move in the realm of where they live. And He’ll move out in the realm of that which you can see with your eyes and hear with your ears. For even on the day of Pentecost when the original move started reaching out to the world, there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and it filled all the house where they were sitting. There appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire. Yeah, God, the God of the harvest will step out of the realm of faith where the just live, and for the lost He’ll move in the realm of what you can see with your eyes and hear with your ears. For you see, God is a God of show and tell. And as the early disciples said, we can’t speak anything but what we’ve seen and what we’ve heard. And as Philip the evangelist went to the city of Samaria and preached Christ, the multitudes gave heed to those things which he spake, both seeing and hearing the miracles which he did. For unclean spirits crying with a loud voice came out of many possessed with them. Many sick of the palsy and lame were healed and there is great joy in the city. And God all through the book of Acts was a God of show and tell. And the Church has come back now to the book of Acts. No, not the acts of the apostles, but the acts of the Holy Ghost through the Church. The acts of the Church going forth with the name. And the name will rise up. There’ll be a fresh, fresh, fresh revelation. Fresh faith, fresh confidence in the power of the blood. Fresh confidence in the power of the name, and the Church will not just stay in the four walls but they’ll go out and they’ll never be the same. Empowered by His Word. Empowered by His name.

And the complexion of the world will be changed by those that’ll rise up and be strong and go forth and be bold and go forth with the Word and the Spirit.

The best is yet to come. Yes, ’96, ’96, ’96 will be a year of great, GREAT increase. Great increase. And when increase comes from heaven, it touches every area of earth. Increase, increase in the flow, increase in the know. Spirit of knowing shall flow. Spirit of knowing shall come to a greater manifestation, a greater demonstration, a greater fruition. The Spirit of knowing… No, not just word of knowledge here and word of wisdom there, but a spirit of knowing where many will step into a place where suddenly they’ll come into a place in His Grace and the power of God will flow and things all over they’ll supernaturally know.

Know what happened, know what’s happening now and even know what’s yet to come. And it’ll be spoken forth and moved in by not just some or a few. Many shall rise up and step into that place. Many’ll now come into their place in His race. For the starting guns about to go up, about to go off. And many backing into the blocks, they’re stripping off all that would hold them back, the sins and the weights that would so easily beset, getting ready to run the last race. For the Church is now backing in for the last part of a race. That which the prophets of old looked to and inquired thereof and said, “Oh, I see it coming, but I don’t understand it.” They began to inquire and now the prophets of old are leaning over the balconies above, sitting in the grandstands going, “That’s it, that’s it, that’s what I saw. That’s what I saw. That’s it. I didn’t understand it then, but I see it now.”

Then there shall come even a spirit of seeing. Discerning of spirits shall flow copiously, it’ll flow strongly, it’ll flow accurately. Many that have been bound and oppressed for years will be set free in an instant. And demonic forces will fear the kingdom of God, they’ll fear the sons of God, they’ll fear the family of God. For there is coming forth a manifestation of the Spirit of God not just a spirit of knowing but a spirit of seeing. And there are those that’ll be crying out to God saying, “God what do I do, God where do I go, God what do we do next. Oh, God we’ve just run up against a wall. God, what do we do from here. Dear Lord, what do we do from here” and suddenly a spirit of knowing and a spirit of seeing will come into manifestation and they’ll see out, not only 6 months ahead but sometimes 2 and 3 years ahead. And know the plan of God and they’ll go, “That’s it, that’s it, that’s the key, that’s the direction, that’ll cause us to run free.”

Then a spirit of doing. Where those who’ll take what they know and take what they see and with boldness go out and set the captives free. Yes, spirit of doing shall come upon the Church. With the power gifts in full manifestation. Not only gifts of healings, not only special faith, but even working of miracles. Even divine intervention in the ordinary course of nature. Working of miracles will flow freely. There are those even that’ll stand in front of leaders of entire nations and work and the miracles shall flow. And the fear of God they shall know. And it’ll open doors, yeah, even for just a short period of time. Nations, nations, nations that have been locked up by the enemy for oh so long, and people have said “He’s got that one, he’s oh so strong.” But his power will be broken by the power of the name, miracles will be wrought in front of leaders of nations and doors shall swing open in a moment of time and the Gospel shall run gloriously through. And national leaders shall be trained. Material shall be distributed, much shall be printed, much shall be brought in in mass. Much deposited. And then when the door slams back shut, the church won’t have to wonder what’s happening. They can just continue to pray over the seed that’s in there. And it won’t be like before, where those were locked up and kept in prison for years and years and years. For the days of the book of Acts have come upon the Church again. And it’ll be commonly told and even the prison guards, they’ll be scared at times because it’ll be a common occurrence for those to be locked up and the Spirit of God will move. For the Church will go to instant and earnest prayer. Yeah, tired of losing those gifts, tired of losing access to those gifts. And suddenly there shall be a great light that shall shine into the prison and an angel will walk in and cause the bands to fall off. The chains to fall off, the doors to swing open and there are those that’ll walk on out, back into the city of square and begin to preach again. And the leaders for awhile will be afraid to put them away. Oh yes, it’ll not be like before. No, no, it’s a new day. It’s a day of increase, increase, increase, increase, increase. Increase in power, increase in know, increase in the Holy Ghost and the way He does flow. Yes, yes, yes, and even in this place where there’s been a mighty move and a mighty momentum, there shall come a great increase in the days to come. Yes, where it’s increased 20, 30 40 % it’ll jump that much again. Spirit of God will have His way. And far and wide people will say, “I’m going to that place, they’ve got a move and I know for me it would behoove to go and get a taste.” And there are those that’ll come from other places. There are those that’ll even come from other nations that’ll even find themselves coming into this place and as a man would walk over to a campfire and pick up a stick with fire on it and take it off to another place and light his own fire, there are many that’ll come to this place and just be here for a season. Many will come in and their woods so dry but don’t let that bother you, because dry wood always burns faster. They get close to the fire and they’ll jump right on it. And many will come to this place and pick up a log off the fire and take it back to their own location. And it will spread. It’ll spread. Somebody says, “How’s the wind gonna blow.” It’ll blow them in and it’ll blow them out. And this fire that’s in this place as a forerunner, will be taken here and it’ll be taken there and it’ll be taken here and it’ll be taken there and over there and over there. And it’ll be brought into this place and it’ll go to that place and it’ll go across that body of water and it’ll go across that body of water and it’ll go to that nation. Ad it’ll go to that continent and this move will be duplicated and that’s why it must increase in the days to come. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Hallelujah, thank You, Father.

You know a church has a call on it just like an individual. Church has to answer a call just as much as an individual has to answer a call. And this church is answering its call. Fulfilling its purpose. Glory to God.

This isn’t the revival, it’s the warm up for it. Wait and see what comes next.


Lord, we thank You for the peace that passes all understanding
Holy Spirit, we reverence Your presence in this place; we yield to You today
Father, we are here to be Your divine representation, to do what Jesus did
We stand in agreement that not one word of Your Spirit would fall to the ground
Lord, we are looking for certain alignments
There are rivers that must be joined by Your Spirit!
There must be greater capacity in the hearts of the churches to fulfill their destinies
Give us clear understanding and clarification
Holy Ghost, touch the hearts of the pastors and ministry leaders; there must be a refreshing
We cannot operate from head knowledge, but we must be led by Your Spirit
Father, we are looking for the manifestation and the operation of the Spiritual gifts, that the world may know that it is You!
Lord, we are lifting up the set apart one, those who are marked by Your Spirit
We are looking for supernatural aid and assistance
The Church must operate in the power of Your Spirit
We receive the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit—moving, talking, and flowing with You!
Receiving internal strength within the Church
Moving and increasing day by day!
Calling for angelic assistance
There are giftings and anointings that must be released in this hour; we need each one!
For some, there must come a revelation of their call
There are some who are called to the forerunner place
Seeing them take their place for the anointing is upon and within them!
Leaders leading with boldness and courage
Moving along definite lines and parameters
Lord, we are holding fast to Your plan and way
We are looking for the full range of the effect
It is time to get out of our four walls, to get out of our natural thinking
Some things must be rained in now
We are not looking any other way, but only to You, Father!
There must be a turning now, Your call is calling us upward
Applying the blood over the watchers who have been shot down
We are not willing that even one part be missing or broken
Calling for soundness and wholeness in every way!
It is ALL about Your call and plan, Lord!
Father, we refuse to hold anyone in the place we think they need to be in
We release them to move to the place You have called them to!
Moving through this day with Your power!
Lord, we want Your very best, so we must lay some things down now
We must go into the highways and byways for the harvest is ready
Father, we lift up the nations!
We lift those who are called to the harvest fields
Help them to articulate and speak Your truth
We go to those who are already planted
Let them know the time and hour that they must go
Seeing great companies of believers going out and reaching the nations
Lifting up the hubs of ministries, give them a fresh supply of the Spirit
Applying the blood over the transition and transformation
Some things must be opened up and peeled back by Your Spirit
Receiving help from heaven
Thank You, Father!

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