Prayer Summary for March 13


Lord, You are worthy of glory, honor, and praise
You are to be exalted above ALL other gods!
Thank You that You are here in our midst
You are a big and mighty God!
Calling for order in this day
Ascending to a greater place
Lifting up all the pastors
The voice of God speaking a word in season
Adjustments are to be made
Hearing the voice of the Good Shepherd!
Single-minded to Your purpose, Father!
Thank You for signs and wonders revealing Your glory
The enemy being stilled in Jesus’ name!
Operations of Your Spirit flowing freely
Seeing people healed of every sickness and infirmity
That everyone would be fixed on You only!
Each step covered in Your blood!
Father, give strength to each member
Leaders being touched and changed
Calling for supernatural and lasting connections
Connecting one to another!
Many souls coming into the kingdom
Doors are opening!
Multiplication and increase
Father, we lift up Easter to You
Show us who we can bring
Let people see the love that is in the price that You paid
Draw men unto Yourself
We ask that Your anointing would fall upon all of the services
You are the answer!
Amplify Your voice in the ears of Your people
That we would see and hear clearer!
Lifting up the senders!
Thank You that Your blood is changing, healing, and restoring things

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