Prayer Summary for June 26


Thank You, Father, thank You, Lord Jesus
Over, over, over, over!
He wants us to get over it, so we can get over into the new that He has prepared for us
You are so good, and You are bringing us into a fuller place and into some new things
Yes, we are just getting started
You are working in and through us
We turn our hearts to You, Lord; today is a new day, a day that You have made
Your mercies are new every morning, Father
Thank You for supernatural release in our lives
Release now, speaking release from symptoms, release from sin
Casting down every care and all anxieties
Release over families, released from difficulties, hopelessness, and struggles
Declaring release in marriages today
Calling for a fresh anointing to fall afresh on each and every believer
Speaking light and encouragement over Your children, Lord
Yes, we call for a furtherance over understanding and relationships
Calling for doors to be opened, and those doors that need to be shut, would be shut
Openings, breakthroughs, and opportunities would become available to us, Father
Hearts are being opened up, declaring up of the mess, Lord
Minds, relationships, and homes are being cleaned up
Calling for order to chaos, calling for healing to our soul
We command nervous systems to come in line
Father, we pray for wholeness and restoration in these days
Declaring for angels to be sent on assignment
Yes, we receive healing in every area—spirit, soul, and body
Thank You that You are our hope and our courage
We pray for hope to be poured out from heaven to earth
Orders, orders, thank You for the orders
Heaven-sent orders; we will step out, we will step out into the place You have called us to
We are stepping out of darkness and into the light
No, we will not stay there, but we will move ahead into the things You have for us
Father, we are engaged now, we are plugging into those things You have prepared for us
We will not be discouraged, but we will  come up higher
Declaring that we would come out of the darkness and move into the light
Moving out of the past and into the things that You have for us, Lord
Thank You for Your mercy over America today
Mercy over turmoil and chaos!
Praying for supernatural guidance over our leaders, Lord
You are guiding us in the way of righteousness
Thank You for preparations and for a breakout of glory
Yes, there is a multiplying in these last days
Praying for an elevation in the things of God
Calling in a harvest of souls in these days
We are standing with You in Europe and in Asia
Father, You are invading these regions in the name of Jesus
You have called us for such a time as this
The Spirit of the Lord is being released in our hearts today
Thank You for clarity, Father
You are opening our hearts, and we thank You for a breaking off of religion
Yes, we pick up our cross and follow You, Lord
We desire more of You, more of Your presence, more of Your glory, and more of Your Spirit
Thank You for Your abiding presence in our lives
Fill us with more of You, we give You all the glory, honor, and praise
We bless You today, we plead the blood of Jesus over each and every believer
Thank You that Your favor is going before us and preparing a way

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