Prayer Summary for June 11


Father, we reflect on Your goodness and mercy You have given us!
You so loved us that You gave us Your Son!
We are thankful to be called sons of God!
There is a deep within us that calls for more of You!
We know there is so much more
Father, let each part of the body of Christ walk circumspectly before You!


The following excerpt is taken from John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith by John G. Lake:

Ministry of the Spirit

Isn’t it a marvelous, wonderful thing that God has ordained an arrangement whereby man becomes God’s own co-partner and co-laborer in the ministry of the Spirit, “the Church, which is His body” [Ephesians 1:22–23]. Just as Jesus Christ was the human body through which the living Spirit was ministered to mankind, so God has arranged that the living Church, not the dead members, but the living Church, alive with the Spirit of the living God, should minister that quickening life to another and thereby become a co-partner, a co-laborer together with God…

Men have mystified and philosophized the Gospel of Jesus, but the Gospel is as simple as can be.

Just as God lived and operated through the body of the man, Jesus, so Jesus, the Man on the throne, operated in and through the Christian, also through His Body, the Church, in the world. Just as Jesus was the representative of God the Father, so the Church is the representative of Christ.

And as Jesus yielded Himself unto ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS, so the Church should yield herself to do all the will of God.

The secret of Christianity is in BEING. It is in being a possessor of the nature of Jesus Christ. In other words, it is being Christ in character, Christ in demonstration, Christ in agency of transmission. When a person gives himself to the Lord and becomes a child of God, a Christian, he is a Christ man. All that he does and all that he says from that time forth should be the will and the words and the doing of Jesus, just as absolutely and entirely as He spoke and did the will of the Father.

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Continued Praying…

Father, we pray that each one would say, “I will go and I will do!”
We know there is much activity in the last days
Lord, we are not looking to stay in the same place until Jesus comes, but to advance and move forward
Let the wind of Your Spirit blow through the body of Christ!
We are looking for advancement, acceleration, and progress
The spirit of selfishness must be removed from the body of Christ!
Eyes to see and ears to hear ALL of the will of God!
Father, there must be a deeper connection between the parts of the body of Christ
Men and women are to hear Your Word and be changed!
We stand in awe of You, Lord!
We must be more secure in Your love for us
Believing for the atmospheric conditions to be changed now
Strengthen the leaders and pastors
Words of healing and wholeness going to the people
Not looking for status quo, but for an encounter with You, Father!
We are moving with the determined purpose to know You more!
You must speak Your will to us through Your Spirit!
In mercy and grace, we ask that You would touch us once again
For the sight of the whole Church to be changed—every member, generation, and part!
There must be an overflow of the rivers of living water
It is never too late to make adjustments and changes!
Father, let us be aware of every opportunity so that we would seize it!
Every member filled with Your Spirit and plan
Not wondering if You will meet us, but knowing that You go with us ALWAYS!
Grant boldness and courage to step into the plan
Lord, give us revelation and inspiration
Calling for gifts to be revealed, uncovered, and dusted off again
Some things must go in sequence
Our heart is to go and do Your will—to operate in a new way and day!
Calling for fullness in every part of the body of Christ
Each one giving freely of that which they have received!
Our eyes are upon You and Your Word!
There must be a great demonstration of Your glory and power
Father, we trust You for supernatural aid and assistance
We lift up those who have backslidden and call them to come back into the Father’s house!
Lord, we make an adjustment in our hearts and welcome them with open arms!
Angels and ministering spirits, go get our brothers and sisters and bring them back
Father, thank You for the divine communion we have with You!
Lifting up the pray-ers—continually faithful to their call!
Calling for a move of Your Spirit in prisons
Supernatural resources supplying every good work You call us to do!
Lord, we honor, respect, and worship You!
Thank You for Your faithfulness and goodness

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