Prayer Summary for July 30


We focus on and lift up the four corners of this nation!
For Your fire to touch them!
Lord, we thank You that there is an awakening coming among the leaders
Where there is a need, the wind will blow and bring change
Believing for every denomination to be touched today!


The following excerpt is taken from Ablaze for God by Wesley L. Duewel:

God’s Power in the Ministry of John Wesley

For fifty-three years of a tireless ministry, Wesley called himself “a man of one book” – the Bible. Yet he wrote over 200 books, edited a magazine, compiled dictionaries in four languages – all in his own handwriting. He crisscrossed England on horseback for a total of some 250,000 miles. For years he averaged twenty miles a day and often rode fifty to sixty and even more miles in a day, stopping to preach along the way. He preached 40,000 sermons – rarely less than two a day and often seven, eight, or even more.

When he was eighty-three, he complained that he could no longer read or write more than fifteen hours a day without his eyes hurting. He regretted that he could no longer preach more than twice a day, and confessed his increasing tendency to lie in bed until 5:30 a.m. At eighty-six, he was still rising at that hour each morning for prayer.

You Need Repeated Empowerings

The more you experience God’s power working in your life and through your ministry, the more you will sense your repeated need of the Spirit’s new touch. The Holy Spirit is leading you into this deep awareness of your need and your joy in the Spirit’s availability to you.

When He fills us, that is, takes complete lordship in our lives, He cleanses and gives us power to be victorious in our Christian living. As the gospel song states, “His power can make you what you ought to be.” But in the service of God, indeed, in dynamic Christian living of the Spirit-filled life, you need new infillings, new empowerings, new anointings, new outpourings of the Spirit from time to time.

In the book of Acts, the 120 born again disciples who gathered in the Upper Room were all filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (Acts 2:4). Later God used Peter and John to heal a man crippled from birth who had begged each day at the temple gate. Such a crowd gathered that Peter preached to them and another 2,000 new believers were added to their number. The Sanhedrin threatened Peter and John and commanded them not to speak again in the name of Jesus.

The Christian leadership group went to prayer. The Holy Spirit came upon them. The place where they met was shaken as by a mighty earthquake, and we read, “they were all filled with the Holy Spirit” (Acts 4:31). Many of these, if not all, had been present at Pentecost and had all been filled then. Thank God, once one has totally surrendered to the lordship of Christ through the Spirit, one can be refilled again and again as often as one needs it.

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Continued Praying…

Father, as a company of believers, we ask for more of Your fire
We pray for the stirring of Your Spirit to come upon our leaders
We must have momentum and revelation about the coming days and plans
More strength, empowerment, encouragement, and joy
No more delays in Jesus’ name!
There must be a moving out into the new—breaking through into uncharted territories
We hold the blood of Jesus over the right ways!
Calling for a greater cooperation today than ever before
Lifting up every step
Taking that out and opening that way even wider
Illumination and inspiration of and by Your Spirit, Father!
That must be unlocked by the Spirit
We watch over that in prayer and cover it in the blood of Jesus!
Moving in the higher way—it shall not go any other way!
That must be defined by Your Word and Spirit
Lord, not one part of Your plan can be dysfunctional
Calling for alignments in the Spirit!
There will be suddenlies!
Lord, we wait on You and we watch!
Every negative plan, get out in Jesus’ name!
There is a push in the spirit where the body of Christ will begin to move out into the new territories
Under the covering of the blood the body of Christ shall go in the right way
Lord, You have said to pray for the positions of authority
Sensing an encouragement from those who have gone on before us
Father, thank You for Your mercy and grace toward us
All of Your plans are coming together, and we thank You for Your Holy Ghost!
You get ALL the glory!

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