Prayer Summary for July 31




Lord, we praise and magnify You today
Thank You for the truth of Your unchanging Word
You are still the same!
We thank You for the Holy Spirit, that we can continually stay filled with Your presence
Jesus, be Jesus in and through us
We know it is not about us!
Lord, we ask for more instruction to walk out Your will


The following commentary to Juke 2:6–18 was taken from The Revival Study Bible:

A Word From Heaven
Luke 2:6–18

Ever wonder what shepherds talk about while watching their flocks by night? Maybe the shepherds in this story had just finished counting the sheep and were discussing plans to search for one that was missing. Perhaps one of them was sharing with the others that his dinner had not sat well with him. Or possibly the latest news of the day, the new tax census that Caesar Augustus had initiated, may have been the focus of conversation.

Little has changed since then, as our conversation is essentially the same today. Man spends much of his brief, earthly sojourn choking on the smog of senseless speculations—when what he needs to take in is a fresh word from heaven’s throne. Being consumed with breaking news and current events can lead us to become so engrossed in earthly things that when God does come on the scene with a fresh word, He often frightens or angers us.

Be it a word of instruction, a prophetic word, or a rebuking word—our reaction is usually the same as those mentioned in the Bible. We are often startled and afraid, as the shepherds in Luke chapter two. Many become religious and offended as those of the synagogue in Nazareth (Luke 4:28). Some even shake with conviction as did Felix at the words of Paul in Acts 24:25.

Those shepherds stopped their idle chit-chat long enough to hear a fresh word from heaven—and it changed their lives for eternity. Robert Murray McCheyne said, “A clam hour with God is worth a whole lifetime with man.” We must shake off the deluge of worldly words and seek the fresh breath of heaven for our lives and the lives of others.

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Continued Praying…

Lord, we want to please You!
Thank You for Your Word of healing, strength, joy, and peace
We set our eyes heavenward
You get ALL the honor and praise
Without You, we are nothing!
Today, we receive a new revelation from You
Each one of us rising up in the call to which You have called us
In Jesus’ name, we clear out the debris and clear a straight path
Thank You for Your sacrifice, Jesus
We receive strength in our hearts to step up to a higher place
Jesus, is our strengthener and way maker!
Devil, you have been once and for all defeated in Jesus’ name!
All power and authority is found in that name—JESUS!
We set aside questions of doubt

A word of the Lord came forth:

“More and more and more is on the way. And more and more and more is available this day!  And more and more and more overcoming power is right there at the door, so go through,” saith the Lord, “and use what you know to use, and do what you know to do, and confess My Word, and declare My name above every other name on the face of the earth.”

Continued Praying…

There is NO other name!
Lord, we are looking for the going in that name
Help us to represent Jesus everywhere we go
Jesus, we want You to shine through us like a bright morning star!
We pray the blood of Jesus over the body of Christ
Every pastor is under the protection of the blood!
Declaring that everything will turn out right!

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