Prayer Summary for July 29


Loosing and letting go of the control and handing it over to You, Father
Thank You, Father, for what You have and what You are doing for us
We are hungry for more of You, Lord
Continually calling for deeper and more control of the Spirit
Pushing out ahead in the Spirit
Yielding to more of You, Father
What a wonder You are, Lord Jesus
You, Jesus, are so pure, gentle, and kind
We need a touch from You, today
Declaring that You would be a wonder to us every moment of every day
You are our bright and morning star
That we would partake of Your gentleness and goodness today, Lord
Jesus, we just want You to be seen and to be glorified
We want You to be seen in and through us—the Church of the living God
That we would be so vitally united and connected with You, Father
It is only You, Lord, that is glorified
Thank You Holy Spirit—the great enabler and revealer
It is in the precious Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that we live, move, and have our being
Father, our desire is for fruit to abound in and through the Church
Continual transformations in the body of Christ
A transfusion now—transfused by You, Father
That abiding place with You, we are looking and waiting for it, Lord
Father, we are waiting expectantly for You
Our eyes are upon You, glory to the Lamb of God
We will be that light and do what You have called us to do
Giving You all of the glory, honor, and praise
We believe to bring worship and praise to please You, Lord


The following excerpt was taken from A Larger Christian Life by Rev. A.B. Simpson:

Filled With The Spirit

It is true there are periodical experiences of spiritual elevation which are part of God’s plan for our life in Christ, and are designed no doubt to lift us to a higher plane of abiding union with Him. There are the Pentecosts and second Pentecosts, the great freshets and flood-tides, all of which have their necessary place in the spiritual economy. But there is the continual receiving, breath by breath and moment by moment, between these long intervals and more marked experiences, which is even more needful to spiritual steadfastness and healthfulness. God would have us alive to all His approaches, and open to all the “precious things of heaven, the dew, and the deep that coucheth beneath, the precious fruits brought forth by the sun, the precious things put forth by the moon, the precious things of the earth and the fullness thereof.” Such lives will find that there is no moment of existence, and no part of our being which may not be some minister of God and draw some blessing from Him.

“Be filled with the Spirit;” “and of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace.” Let the heavenly water flow into every channel of irrigation and by every garden bed and plant, until all the graces of our Christian life shall be replenished by His grace, and bloom like the garden of the Lord. Only abide in Him and have His abiding, and you shall bring forth all the fruit of the Spirit.

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