Prayer Summary for January 9

Scripture Focus…

(18)“Do not remember the former things,
Or ponder the things of the past.

(19) “Listen carefully, I am about to do a new thing,
Now it will spring forth;
Will you not be aware of it?
I will even put a road in the wilderness,
Rivers in the desert

(Isaiah 43:18–19 Amp.)


Lord, we thank You for the opportunity to come and praise You this morning
Holy Spirit, You are welcome in this place
We anticipate Your presence, Father
Thank You that You have given us the Holy Spirit to work mighty things through us and in us
We lift up this time with You and we worship Your holy name!
Lord, we humble ourselves before You
We come to Your throne with anticipation and expectancy
Believing for a new and a fresh way, Father
You are the same yesterday, today, and forevermore!
No, we will never let go of the things You have spoken to our hearts, Lord
Thank You, Father, that You are always so gracious and good to us
We come to Your throne, and we open up our eyes and our hearts to You today
Father, You are continually revealing Yourself to us
We are so thankful that those seeds that were planted will bring forth a harvest!
Give us eyes to see the plans You have for us, Lord
You are a good, good Father, and we thank You that You always have more for us
Holy Spirit, You are welcome in this place
You are our comforter, our healer, and our deliverer!
Father, Your love is everlasting and we will never exhaust Your love for us!
You are providing us with everything we need to fulfill Your purpose and plan!
We rejoice in Your goodness, mercy, and kindness, Father!
You are so faithful, and You will never leave us or forsake us
Calling forth breakthroughs in the name of Jesus!
Keeping our eyes fixed and focused on You, Lord
Father, we ask that we would be at the right place at the right time!
We are a city on a hill, and we will arise and shine!
Father, we are confident that those seeds that were sown will bring forth fruit in season!
Right now things are happening; right now things are springing forth!
No, we don’t have to wait, but You are always working and producing!
There are so many seeds of prayer and declaration that have been planted in the spirit
We water those seeds with Your Word, Your Word is always in season!
You are a right now God, You will never leave us or forsake us!
Thank You, Father, that today is the day of salvation
We declare that nothing would be missing and nothing would be broken!
Calling forth complete restoration, Father!
You are so good; You are a never-changing God!
No, we will not look to the right or to the left, but we declare that You are good right now!
Give us an even deeper revelation of Your love, Father
Your goodness overflows out of us onto others, onto the world!
You are doing a new thing right now!
We are so thankful for the blood that was shed on the cross, Lord
Yes we receive it, yes we see it, and yes we perceive it!
Joy is arising; hope is arising on the inside of us!
We have a confident expectation of Your goodness, Father
Yes, the Lord is doing and has done great things for us
We declare our love for You, and we seek You first all the days of our lives
Give us eyes to see through the lens of Your love, Lord
You are so irresistible, beautiful, and stunning!
We are mesmerized by You; Your thoughts toward us are endless
Father, You have anointed us for such a time as this
You have provided us with everything we need to fulfill Your call and plan on our lives
Declaring that those things You have planted in us would spring forth in these last days
We receive those things right now!
Your Word never changes; it is the same today and forevermore
Father, You see the end from the beginning, and You have put us here for such a time as this
We call forth and declare that the Church would be united as one!
You see us complete and whole, that we would be lacking nothing
Father, You have paid the ultimate price and we will not take that for granted
Give us the strength and the peace to finish this race strong
Our minds are renewed each and every morning
We rise up for, behold, the winter is past!
Those things You have called forth are springing forth in the name of Jesus!
You are sending tremendous and amazing signs and wonders in these last days
Yes, Lord, we receive it!
You are increasing our capacity, Father!
We are preparing our hearts and our minds to receive more from You, Lord
Give us eyes to see and ears to hear the new things that You have for us
We partner with You, Holy Spirit
Calling forth resources of every kind!
You are our Father and our faithful friend
We hear Your voice and no other voice will we follow!
Everything that we set our hand unto shall and will prosper!
The blessing of the Lord is upon us
You make our ways straight, and You clear our paths
We rest in Your presence today
You are the answer; You are the way, the truth, and the light!
Casting down all fear and anxiety, You have given us a peace that surpasses all understanding
No, we will not negotiate with the enemy
We will look to You for the blessing, and we receive and believe for the fullness of God
Lifting up this day and giving You all the glory, honor, and praise for it!

A Word of the Lord came forth:

Arise My love, My fair one, for behold the winter is past, the rain is over and gone and the time of spring has come, the time of singing has come, it has come right now, it is upon us today, right now!

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