Prayer Summary for Friday, October 30, 2015

Dave shared…

This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. I’m going to be glad in it today. We make a choice every day to receive of His abundance of grace. And it’s wonderful to have that ability to receive that way. It’s exciting and the Holy Spirit helps us and leads us into all truth, for we know the scripture tells us that He doesn’t speak of Himself but He hears from heaven, what the Father speaks and He shows us things to come. Isn’t that great? To know that the Spirit of grace can communicate to us and prepare us for the days ahead and prepare our hearts in prayer to allow us to get ahead and not be behind, to allow us to see things in the spirit and pray them out so that when we get to that day, it’s already prepared.

I really believe that it’s more us communicating and working with the Lord is more about us getting in agreement with Him than Him getting in agreement with us. Yet in our lives, we tend to operate as Him getting in agreement with us. Cuz we tend to pray that way. We pray, “Lord, I got this problem and I need help and Lord, I need you to do this…” We’re trying to get Him in on our thing. He doesn’t need to be in on our thing. We need to be in on His thing.


Lord, we thank You for Your grace and wonderful plan and purpose in the earth in this hour and day. Thank You that You have given us this time. You preordained us to be in this time, to be born and to live in this hour in some of the greatest times of the moves of the Spirit in this earth today, that You’ve prepared a move for this time. You’ve prepared humanity to receive of Your abounding grace in this hour that we live in today. That this time has been prepared for us and we’ve been prepared for this time. And we thank You for that, Father. We thank You that we have been prepared for this time. We’re not here by accident. There’s a reason we’re here and we thank You for it, in Jesus’ name.

Continued sharing…

As I was getting ready for today, I thought to myself what the Lord has been actually working with me in regard to preparation. God does not make mistakes. We’re here for a reason. And He’s called us for this time. And I think sometimes the way we think about things can be a little bit disorienting for us in how we relate to God. We relate to Him based on our knowledge of the truth and whether we even have truth because you can have a part of the truth and not have all of it. The Bible talks about the spirit of truth, right? We have the Holy Spirit, which is the spirit of truth and whatever He speaks to you is going to be truth. You can forget about everything else and just go by what He says and as long as it agrees with the scripture and it always does. It usually does and the reason I say that is what we think the scripture says may be different than what He says. Cuz some people believe in the world that healing is not for today. They believe that that went away when the apostles died and so it’s not for us. They believe that. There are some people in our camp that believe that. They hold more fast to natural things than the scripture. If the Bible says that Himself bore my sicknesses and carried my diseases, is that true or is that not true? Is it absolutely true? Or is it just sometimes? Is it when I feel like it’s that way or is it?

It has nothing to do with how I feel! God’s Word is God’s Word. It’s absolute. Period! Done! Finished! There is no changing it. The Bible is very clear about how He is not one that changes. If anything changes, it’s going to be us or the way our surroundings are or the things around us change. But He never changes. The immutability of God is absolute. And it’s very clear in the scripture that He is not one that changes. And that’s very, very, very important. Because if we have a God that changes, that changes everything. That changes how we see life. That changes how our faith works. Really, to be honest with you, faith in God is impossible if immutability is non-existent in our Father. We cannot trust in somebody that can change from one day to the next.

That is why the truth is always important. That is why it’s important to teach our children to tell the truth all the time. We think, “Well, it’s just a little white lie.” Absolute truth is very important in our lives because it changes our perspective of our Creator and our belief system. We can’t live one way and say that we believe this but we don’t believe that. We believe this scripture but we don’t believe that scripture. Really, the bottom line is that if you don’t believe part of the Word then you don’t believe God. That’s really the truth. And that is what changes in your life and keeps us in a place of being ineffective. And yet we want to be effective and we want to receive of the bounty and the blessing of the Lord. We want that all the time.

How many here wants to be blessed? I want to be blessed every single day, 24 hours a day, non-stop. I’m a blessing glutton. When we were unfaithful, the Lord remained faithful. That’s what the scripture says. We can be inconsistent and He’ll never be inconsistent. How good and merciful is He? How many here has ever made a mistake? I’m an avid football fan and when I’m watching football I watch these quarterbacks throw passes and then they throw interceptions and if you’re familiar with football, that’s a bad thing. And every one of them will say, “If only I could take that back.” But how many know that we can get it back. If we make a mistake, we can be covered by the blood of Jesus, cleansed by the blood of Jesus and be done and move on as if it never happened again.

So if you were not faithful in one situation where you didn’t believe God or trust Him with something, you can repent from that, turn away from that method and do it another way and God will still meet you. As if that never happened. Isn’t that great? That’s the good news. That’s why I got into this. When I heard about that, I thought that’s a good deal. We got a good deal when the Lord gave us Jesus. Get in while the getting is good. Here’s the good thing about that. When we got that deal, I don’t know about you but I got excited about getting that deal and I wanted to tell everybody about it. And that is the difference between witnessing… See we witness all the time. When you get a good deal, you tell all your friends about it. That’s the way we are and should be about the things of God. I don’t need to tell you to get excited about God. If you’re not excited about God, then you need to get God. If you’re not excited, then you don’t have what it is that you think you have.

I say that to say this. The last several weeks, the Lord has been working with me on this. He gave me a scripture this morning. It’s Psalms 139:13, “Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out; you formed me in my mother’s womb. I thank you, High God—you’re breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvelously made! I worship in adoration—what a creation! You know me inside and out, you know every bone in my body; you know exactly how I was made, bit by bit, how I was sculpted from nothing into something. Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; all the stages of my life were spread out before you, the days of my life all prepared before I’d even lived one day.” (Message)

Verse 16 is absolutely amazing that God in His infinite wisdom and us in our little finite minds can try to understand and comprehend a God so great that He can see us when we were not born yet. The Bible says that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. He died for us in our lowest place. When there was nothing excellent, there was nothing in us that was of value. He died for us. He saw ahead. He saw from His place what we could not see. And He wants us to see the way He sees. And that’s where we’re going today. He wants us to see what we cannot see. And I started out with that today about how the Holy Spirit does not speak of Himself but that which He hears from heaven. He speaks what He hears from the Father. He shows us things to come. He wants us to live in a place where we see as He sees.

The scripture talks about that in regard to when we see Him as He is, then we will become like Him because we see Him that way. And it talks about seeing but it’s not natural seeing. It’s spiritual sight. It is within us and our spirit will help our minds understand God. But in order for us to do that, we have to do some things and one of them is praying in the Holy Ghost. The other is reading the Word and getting it inside of you, meditating on the Word. And it’s not just reading the Bible. It could be the Lord just give you a scripture and you just kind of roll it over and it gets bigger and bigger and then BOOM! Something comes out of it and it’s like a popcorn seed. It’s getting ready to release and that seed of the Word gets in us and then He gives us another scripture and it takes you to another one and then it unfolds and it’s like a kernel popping. There’s this amazing thing that happens. It’s a rhema of the Word—a divine revelation of the truth, which is a reflection of His immutability.

His immutability—which is unchanging and absolute. And for us to get to unchanging and absolute, it requires faith. But most of all it requires us to see. And that’s why Paul the apostle always prayed in regard to sight for the saints. That was his emphasis. It wasn’t that the Lord would bless them financially. It wasn’t that the Lord would do all these great things for them and pray for sister so and so. He prayed for the eyes of their understanding to be enlightened and to know the hope to which they had been called to and that is that glorious inheritance made available for us through the blood of Jesus. That is that inheritance, that thing that God had prepared through the blood of Jesus, that He prepared through the Son. That thing which is the ability to see the way God sees. And we have the Holy Spirit that helps us see the way God sees. And if you can see the way God sees, you’ll pray differently. You pray from a place of victory. You pray from a different position of authority. You’re not afraid.

The other day I was in my office and I had a situation turn up. I had been working with the Holy Ghost on this, seeing the way He sees. Something happened. We just had a big meeting. Lots of preparation and finally had the meeting. Everything went well and then I got a call from somebody that just wanted to … it was the devil is what it was. He just wanted to “poop” all over it. I got that call, hung up the phone, and the first thing the Holy Spirit said was “You have a choice.” As soon as He said that, I knew exactly what He was talking about. I can either get freaked out about that call or I could allow God’s grace to take over. And guess what I chose? I chose the grace. The grace is the easy thing.

When it comes to God’s grace, I heard somebody say, “If it’s not easy, you’re not doing it right.” God says in the Word that His burden is easy. His yoke is light. We just have to get in agreement with Him and get in the spirit and then it’s no problem. Let me say this last thing. I read this scripture about in our mother’s womb how He saw us and He saw every day before we even lived one day. Life is not about us trying to achieve God’s will. That is not what life is about. Yet that’s what everybody strives to do. They try to please God. They try to be what God has made them. They try to do what God has told them to do. They make every effort to do that. I’m not saying that morality and good works are bad. What I’m saying is that’s not what it’s about. It’s like… you’re not asking the right question. Ever hear somebody in conversation and they’re talking back and forth and somebody stops and says, “You’re not asking the right question.” They’re going round and round and nobody is getting anything done. If you ask the right question, I’ll give you the answer you’re looking for.

Really, with the Lord, that’s really what it’s about. You have to ask the right question. So if you’re praying and you’re asking the Lord, “Heal me. Lord, why is it that I have this problem?” You’re not asking the right question. Your frame of reference is wrong. If your frame of reference is wrong, then your understanding is wrong. Then when He communicates to you, you don’t get it. Because the answer isn’t what you’re looking for. You’re looking for an answer relative to something that you understand. God says, “You know what? You’re talking about the wrong thing. You’re talking about this over here and I say over here in the Word that Himself bore my sicknesses and carried my diseases and by His stripes I am healed. The scripture says this and you’re talking about this.” You can get to what you want from that position. You have to be over here to get there. That is 99% of our problem in life. Our perspective. And if we can adjust that… and that’s what praying in the Holy Ghost does for us. It orients us in a place to start seeing beyond our limitation. We’re limited in our sight. We need to not be limited and the Holy Spirit helps us not be limited. There is something I’m not getting. Because you don’t have something in your life does not mean the scripture is wrong or a lie. That’s not the case and yet most people are like, “That doesn’t work so I don’t do that.”

If people believed prayer worked, this room would be full right now. People use prayer as a last ditch effort and that’s not what it is. This is our opportunity to commune with the Father to get in agreement with Him! That we can be effective and shine in this world that we live in. That’s all it is. But if we’re thinking that prayer is about “If I pray long enough and read the Word long enough and do all these things… ahhh, I’ll just never make it,” then everybody just stops and say, “Forget it. I’m not spiritual like that.” Most people that don’t pray it’s because they have this intimidation about it. They either don’t feel spiritual enough. They feel like, “What can I say to God? Who am I? I did this yesterday.” They focus on things that are wrong and they don’t realize that it’s not about that at all. It’s about Him. So if we could get our perspective correct, then we’re recognizing there is nothing I can bring something to God that would get Him to like us anymore. Is there anything we can do to save our souls? Is there enough prayer I can pray to get my sister saved or get my kids in line? No. Absolutely not.

If that’s the case then what is the purpose of prayer? I’m trying to tell you what the purpose of prayer is all about. It’s about getting in agreement with Him. It’s about seeing things the way He sees them and working it the way He says to work it. You’re working with the Holy Spirit, being motivated by the Spirit. And sometimes it isn’t a long prayer.

The time we live in, our perspective toward God… our position in God is not about what we bring to Him, but it’s what He brought to us. And I’ve heard that and I’ve said it before, but I recognized the other day when I had that test when I got the phone call, after that happened, it was within a half an hour, I had the answer and all that didn’t matter. Here’s the thing about that. When the Lord told me, “You have a choice” I made the right choice. And the outcome was positive. The thing about that is this: I recognized that, “Lord, if you created me for this time, then I’m in my time and I’m in my place and I’m confident. And there is no fear I need to fear. I don’t have to fear man because You’re with me. The scripture tells us that. There is no reason for us to fear.”

I was watching a series about Martin Luther. He was a reformer in the days of reformation during the dark ages. They said he had a hard time with depression. He grew up in a religious environment. It’s much different than the one we have now. Back then the church had a vice on the people. It was like a prison. They had control of the people. And anytime you have an organization that controls the people, that’s a bad thing. And he grew up in that environment where everything was “you had to do this and that.” And he was a monk. They said he actually used to whip himself to punish himself for his sins. What kind of goofy thing is that? We recognize now that, that’s goofy. But that’s where they were at during that time. So he’s doing all these different things. He used to get into these bouts of depression. One day he came home and his wife was crying and weeping. He said, “What is going on?” She said, “Well the Lord has fallen off His throne.” He said, “That’s not true. The Lord would never fall off His throne.” He got all stirred up and talking about how good God is. Then she said, “Well, then why are you acting like you’re acting?” Because he was depressed. “You’re acting like Jesus isn’t alive.” That was the point. You’re not seeing it the right way. That’s how come he got in those places.


Thank You, Lord. We will see things the way You see them. We will do as You do because we know that You love us and You have a plan for us. There is a purpose for every one of our lives. We live in these places, Lord, and recognize “I can’t go here except You’re with me.” There is nothing I need to fear. No weapon formed against me can prosper and any tongue that rises up against me You shall condemn. I don’t have to think about those things. All I have to do is think about Your goodness and mercy and love and all the provision You’ve made for me and praise You and commune with You and recognize that You are the supreme absolute authority in my life. And the more absolute I become with Your Word, the more I see You as You are. The more I can be and put my foot on the ground and say, “This is what I believe” the more I will see Your uncompromising love for me. And miracles will be every single day. Blessed every single day. We thank You for the grace abounding toward us in this hour. We know that You’re with us and You’ll never leave us and this we are confident in that. So we can also by faith rejoice and know that today is that day. Today is my day, the day when I see Your ability in me perform the things I need to perform. Today is the day when I see Your manifested grace do to my body what it needs to do today.

Continued praying…

Moving, stepping into the place
Coming into perfect alignment
Every adjustment
Eyes to see and ears to hear
Let the light shine, shine, shine
Drive away the darkness
Remove the blinders
Those hindrances that the enemy has placed, be removed in Jesus’ name
Darkness, be lifted!
Eyes, be opened
All of that pressure, in the name of Jesus, be released
Yes, by the power of the Holy Ghost you turn on that pressure valve
You release that pressure in the name of Jesus, that the anointing would flow
That Your people would move and flow in the anointing, walking in that place
Coming up and out, allowing those things of the world to fall off, to fall way, to be loosed from those bondages
Free, free in Jesus’ name—freedom in mind, freedom in body, being led by the Spirit
Let the rivers flow, from deep on the inside let the river flow
Let the rivers erupt, a mighty, mighty moving force
That nothing can stand in the way
Mountains are removed, every high thing is brought down for the river of God flowing and moving and changing things
Right now, Your body, Father, is coming up in You, coming into revelation
Seeing who they are in You
Yes, Father, embracing Your purpose
Walking in the blessing, standing strong in Your Word
All over the earth, Your people are coming up
Shaking off those things
We plead the blood of Jesus over every member of the body
Come into Your place and be joined now in the name of Jesus
It’s time to walk in the fullness of God, to walk in His power, time to take hold
Grace, grace, we lean into the grace of God
We come into agreement for the treasure, Lord

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