Prayer Summary for Friday, October 13, 2017

Dave shared…

Take a deep breath. He’s in this place. There’s a tangible anointing. When I walked in this morning, it hit me as soon as I came into the door. My spirit leaped inside. One time in prayer, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Just sit down and take a deep breath and relax.” He told me to do it again. I was focused on the Holy Spirit and nothing else. His ability, power and anointing and taking it all into me and that process of just taking in that air, in my mind’s eye, I was taking the Spirit of grace inside of me so that I was cognizant of Him and nothing else.

At the time when He spoke this to me, I was thinking about a lot of things. I needed to get focused on Him. I was caught up in these things. When I’m working, I’m pretty intense at work. I’ve got this ability to concentrate. Sometimes I get too focused and lose sight of the Holy Spirit. He said, “Sometimes you just need to sit there and just do that.” Get focused on Him because you’re too focused on everything else. You can’t see the possibilities. You just look at the impossibilities.

Father, we focus on the possibilities. Upon You and we let You determine our possibilities. I don’t have to concern myself with things around me. I can just focus on You. You are with me wherever I go. Everything will be just fine. I have confidence in this. I take that confidence in my day and wherever I’m at, knowing that no weapon formed against me can prosper. I can take a deep breath and just relax. Thank You, Lord.

That’s how we enter into grace. The Bible says enter into rest. But really that is the grace. When you have the grace of God, you can relax. I hear the Holy Spirit saying, “Don’t worry about this. I’ve got this.” I have several employees that work for me and the thing a boss wants to hear from his employees is “Don’t worry about this. I’ve got this.” I know that to be true. When I hear somebody stand up, take responsibility, take the bull by the horns… “Don’t worry about it, boss. I got this. You go do what you do. I’ll take care of this.” That instills a confidence inside me that I don’t have to rely on me to achieve that goal. I can let go of that thing and let that other person do it. And I don’t have to think about it at all. I know it’s going to get done.

But even so much more when the Holy Spirit says that. It gives you confidence that everything is going to be okay. I gave a testimony a few weeks ago about my young daughter having to go to the hospital after breaking her hand. That’s what He told me when I got in the truck driving to the hospital. “Don’t worry about this. I got it. Just sing in the Spirit and relax.”

When I was in the hospital five years ago, I had a physical problem and I was in the hospital. They did a procedure and the next day I couldn’t get out of bed. I could barely move. I had to have my wife help me get out of bed. Right away, I knew something was wrong. I was passing blood. Things weren’t right. Everything in my body was shutting down. In my mind, this is not good. I can’t move. We went to the emergency room. They did tests and as I was sitting there in my bed after all the tests, and the Lord said, “Don’t worry about this. Just relax. Sit back. I’ve got this.” So when He told me that, I turned on the TV and watched football. Why would I watch football when my whole life is falling down around my ears? I don’t know what’s going on with me. The doctor came in and said, “This is not good. This test says this and this test says this.” She’s giving me all the results and saying, “You can’t leave. We don’t know what’s going on. We’re going to have to do an emergency surgery to open you up to see what is going on.” The Holy Spirit told me to “relax and not to worry about it. I got this.” I said, “I think I’m feeling better.” She said, “No, you’re not feeling better.” I said, “Nope. I’m feeling better.” She says, “Well, I’m going to go and I still have a couple other tests but we can talk about this after that.”

I kept watching football, just relaxing. As I’m relaxing, the peace of God was all over me. Even though I feel these symptoms in my body, I had peace in my heart. So the symptoms didn’t have an effect on me because I was in that place of connection. I was “plugged in.” I’m watching the football game plugged in. Did you know you can watch a football game and be plugged in? God doesn’t mind you watching football. “Can I join you?” So I started moving my arms. I started sitting up, trying to get up out of bed. I wasn’t able to do that. But I was starting to move things. I get to the side of the bed and put my legs over just sitting there. Things are changing.

The doctor came back in and sat down. “We need to do this surgery because of this and that.” I said, “I don’t think we need to do the surgery.” She said, “You don’t understand. If you leave, you could die.” I said, “I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m feeling much better now.” She’s got all the paperwork. She knows one thing and I know another thing. What should we believe? Whose report are we going to believe? We’re going to believe the Lord’s report.

The thing to see here is it wasn’t about my faith. It was about His grace. He came in. I was weak, bound, and had all these problems. I couldn’t fix myself. He’s the one that spoke to me and I just leaned into Him. That’s all I did. I just leaned into Him. I don’t think of myself as some great man of faith. I think He presented His opportunity and I grabbed His hand and it’s all it took. That’s how simple it is.

I didn’t have to “By Your stripes I am healed. You bore my sicknesses and carried my diseases.” Quoting all these scriptures and making confessions. I didn’t have to do any of that. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember if I even quoted a scripture. Why would that happen to me? Because communion is so much different than just “religion.” Communion is about making a connection with Him when He’s right there. When He walks in a room and says “Sit down and take a deep breath.” There is something about just getting in agreement with Him. It’s not so much about… “Lord, I believe you.” It’s just getting in agreement with Him. It’s not a hard thing.

I know the difference because I’ve been in this for a long time. I remember at 11 years old, my mom used to take us to the Hagin meetings and Copeland meetings. Since then I’ve been listening to Word of faith and I know what the difference is by doing this and doing this… relaxing. I know that you get results when you relax. And it’s not that I walked away from that and I don’t want you to take that as something … I can tell you about mistakes I’ve made. It’s only been in the last seven or eight years that I’ve actually come into the truth of this thing. Where I’ve come to a place and able to receive on a regular basis. I’ve been to Rhema. And still out of there, I was not able to get it. But maybe you’ve heard the expression, “Some things are caught, not taught.” That’s kind of this thing.

Last night I was youtubing. I saw an interview with a pastor. Bill Mahr interviewed him. He’s like the liberal’s liberal. Godless. He’s the opposite of Christianity. He’s interviewing this pastor. He asked him, “You believe in God.” He asked a couple questions, the said, “Are you one of those people that take the Bible literally?” He said, “Yes.” He said, “Good” and then he pulls out a big list of things he wants to ask, ready to attack him. I loved the outcome of this. The pastor didn’t freak out. He just answered the questions and maybe not in the way that Bill wanted him to answer them. Because the bottom line was this. Bill Mahr said, “What about Christians. If your religion is real, then you’ll do this and that. I see people that aren’t Christians that do this and help. You don’t need to have religion to be a good person.” This pastor said something unique. He said, “I wake up every day and I have peace in my heart. There are people in this world that are looking for that. I don’t know any other place where you can have faith in God and peace in your heart. You can strive after things and accumulate things and help others and do whatever you want to do but at the end of the day, that doesn’t necessarily give you peace in your heart. To know that your future is in His hands.”

When he said that, I thought, “That’s it.” What he is talking about is connection. He’s not talking about religion, what the other guy wanted to talk about was “What are you doing and I know 20 people that are like this.” They’re always looking for natural things and focus on natural things. God’s not natural. He’s a spirit. And He connects to us in our spirits. Naturally, we can get caught up in natural things but we can miss the forest for the trees. We’re right in the middle of the forest and we can’t even recognize what’s going on because we’re too captivated by the trees.

It’s like to me I look at that and think, why is it so difficult for people to receive from Heaven? Why is it so difficult to walk in light? Why do Christians struggle? It really comes down to this one thing. Just relaxing and making a connection. It isn’t about all the scriptures you quote. I’m not telling you not to quote scriptures or read your Bible. But I’ve seen a rank sinner with stage 4 cancer in his body get completely healed of his cancer and not even quoting a scripture. He didn’t even know a scripture. God healing him and him knowing it was God. All he did was simply say a simple prayer, “Lord, help me. If You’re real, help me.” By himself. He came to my door in tears trying to explain how God healed him. Trying to explain it with every other word a cuss word. Some Christians might get offended by the cuss words and miss the healing testimony.

I think people sometimes just don’t get God sometimes. Sin is not necessarily what you think it is. Sin is “no faith.” Me just saying that statement, dear God, if sin is just no faith then I’m a sinner. Doesn’t that all put us in that category? So then what about all this other junk? What are we fussing over this other junk for? “I’m not worthy to go out and share my faith because I did this and …” The only reason you do what you do is not because you don’t love God. It’s because you’re missing something. You don’t know something. I know not to sin and yet I do it. But didn’t Paul say that? He said I know to do right but… he didn’t. So it’s not about that. It’s just a symptom of something else. It’s like a cobweb. There’s a spider somewhere. It’s better to get rid of the spider. In the believer’s life, a spider is not sin. It’s communion. If you get this, all the other stuff comes with it.

Patsy said this once. We were in prayer and she said, “The Lord just spoke to me and said ‘I can get rid of your sin, I can get rid of your sickness, I can get rid of your lack, I can get rid of all your problems and all I need is one thing. Your time.” He wasn’t even asking about the sin. Yet most of us try to figure we need to try to be good and somehow feel better about it and we have a better connection with God. You do not have a better connection with God if you do better things. Why am I saying this? I’m saying it for this reason. If I can get you to understand the importance of this connection, just a little bit more so that you could get a little more grace, so that you could start seeing God happen more and more in your life, you’ll be focused more about the things He’s doing in your life than the things He’s not doing in your life. Because that’s what you need to be focusing on, the things that He is doing. You’re alive and well today. We can thank the Lord for that. We can start right there.

What I’m trying to bring around here is this. How so absolutely important it is to just be able to just take a deep breath and know He is God without effort. Effortless. Healing and deliverance comes effortlessly. I’ve had the best miracles in my life happen when I was not involved. I’ve had several of them. Physical ones. Financial ones. All kinds of miracles. Every one of them I can trace back to me just getting in a place where I’m just relaxing and letting Him take the wheel. This might be a sacrilegious thing that somebody might not get right, but try to get the spirit of this. He doesn’t need you to bless you. When Jesus died on the cross for you, did He need you? He didn’t need you. Thank God because if He needed you, you’d have been right there with everybody else putting Him on the cross. That’s what we do when we sin. We strap Him back on the cross. But those things, I know the heart. We all make mistakes but we don’t think of God like putting Him on the cross. We’d never do that. But you’re focusing on the cobwebs. And God is saying it’s not about the cobwebs. I am your everything. That’s what the Lord is saying. I am your morning, your noon, and your night. I’m each breath you take. I am your substance. I am the food that you eat. I am the finances you need to pay your bills. I am that I am. And before you even have a need, I am. If we can connect with that “I am,” then you just sit back and let Him be who He is because He’s really good at what He does because He is who He is. He’s the alpha and omega. The beginning and the end. He’s all sufficient in all things.

When I was younger, like 20s, you’re bulletproof. You can do crazy things. Kids go on wild rides, do bungee jumping. It’s like their lives are never going to end. That’s the way they live. Guess what? That’s the way we should be living. Why? They don’t think about dying. They don’t think about being sick.


This connection, Father, to relax and take a break and rest in You is made available for us all
Father, we look for those connections concerning these things
Connections with You…

I hear the words “I’m too busy.” This is the Lord’s response. Take the time. Take the time. Take the time. By faith, take the time. You need to take the time to relax, to just sit and be with Him. Take the time to do it. You can’t afford not to take the time even if you’re too busy. Because “I am the master of time. I control time. I could make your busyness go away.” Just take the time. And for some, it’s just getting up from that situation, taking the day off and going out and enjoying the day. For others, it’s take a time on your knees and meditating on the Lord and His goodness. For others, it’s not focusing on the things that have kept you occupied. It’s turning your mind to the things that are just, pure, and praiseworthy. If there be any virtue, think on those things. Entering into the grace. Then you’ll finish your race. Enter into the rest and peace. Follow peace.

Let’s thank Him for that now. Thank You, Father…

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